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To kick off, please first introduce yourself.

Michael: Hi there, my name is Michael Souto and I’m the Executive Producer on Commandos Strike Force. I also worked on Commandos BTCOD, Men of Courage (also on console) and Destination Berlin. You can call me Mike.

Alright then, Mike, second question; the Commandos game has undergone a tremendous change by going FPS. What do you think / hope the reaction of the veterans will be?

Mike: I’m hoping that veterans will like what they see and play. They should hopefully recognise many of the cool things from the original games, just in first person. What we want to make sure is that people are aware that there are lots of stealth type missions that require a little more planning than many other shooters. We do however have lots of big action missions that were never part of the old Commandos games that we are sure people will love. The environments are also very open so the player can choose to play mission is their own way. We want to make sure that veterans enjoy Commandos Strike Force but also want to introduce the Commandos to a whole new group too.



Quite a lot of people think 3 playable characters is not enough. What is the reason for cutting down the number of Commandos? And are there any guest appearances?

Mike: We didn’t really want to make it “Squad based” but more of a “directly use the special skills of your team” Gameplay. We chose Green Beret, Sniper and Spy characters as we felt they would be the most fun to play. The Green Beret is your all action guy, using Panzerfausts, dual wielding weapons, he can also stab the enemy in the back (Just like O’Hara). Then the Sniper has his precision rifle which will allow him to take people out from distance, he can also hold his breath which will slow down time. He also has throwing knives if he needs to get in somewhere quietly. The Spy has abilities which will be easily recognisable from old Commandos games. He can use uniforms to infiltrate enemy lines and distract guards. He can alternatively grab a machine gun or garrotte the enemy. [Not mentioned by Mike, but Natasha will be in the game. ~TAFN]

What are the (nick) names, ranks and nationalities of the Commandos?

Mike: They don’t have Nicknames but the Spy is the boss (Colonel George Brown) and is English. The GB is American (Frank O’Brien from New York) and is a Captain. The Sniper (Bill Hawkins) is a Lieutenant and from London.

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Why is it that you have limited the number of playable characters to two per mission?

Mike: We did many tests using all three characters but found that most people found it confusing. When you want a particular character (the Sniper for instance) you want to be confident that when you press a button you will go directly to him. If you had three you would very often find that you had the wrong character and get killed. Pretty frustrating!!

Is it possible to control two Commandos at once? If not for attacking with a weapon they both have (like original Commandos), to search for cover when under heavy fire.

Mike: When you have swapped out of a Commando that commando will not move from his position. He will use the weapon in his possession and will fire on the enemy if they move into range. Again we tested movement but this AI movement meant that when you swapped back he could be somewhere you didn’t want him to be, so we removed it.

Is there an auto-fire mode, so one Commando can still defend himself when you’re controlling another.

Mike: When not controlling one commando he will open fire if in the correct situation. We want to make sure however that people don't use the other Commando as a turret.

Is there a storyline in the game? If yes, does the game tell one big story, or is each campaign (France, Norway, Russia) a story by itself?

Mike: They are linked but only by a main theme. Someone is leaking secrets to the enemy and you won’t find out who till the end. Their travels take them to France, Norway and then end up in Stalingrad.



How many missions will our Commandos be sent on?

Mike: There are 14 missions but many of these have a number of sections. It’ll be pretty big!

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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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