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Tips & Tactics (Where all the wise men is ! :) (page 1/3)
This document takes a look at many tips, some of which are missed out in the manual.

Be aware that the manual does not explain all of the tricks to be successful in C2. In fact it contradicts itself sometimes. Many of the written commands in it are no good!! The commando equipment is not all useful to all players and you will find yourself not using certain items by habit. But do experiment with them all to see what you like. Certain things have dubious value and cannot be used when and where you imagine they should.


All commandos can fire the pistols, rifles, and sub-machine gun with the exception of the sniper rifles that only Duke and Natasha can fire. LMB- left mouse button- make guns and all equipment function once the proper key is pressed. The RMB- right mouse button- will deselect a function. HINT- use the RMB when climbing a ladder to stop. LMB to continue.

Punching is accomplished using the “Q” key. Only Spooky and Natasha can’t hit an enemy. Continued punching will keep an enemy knocked out longer.

The commando backpacks will hold a certain amount of weapons and items. By skillful re-arranging it and you can make space for additional items.


Grappling Hook- This is useful in rare locations and one must attempt to get a little black square shown after pressing “S” to assure that it will grasp.

Knife- Fins can throw the knife a good distance. This is useful when you can’t get too close for fear of being seen. He starts a mission with one knife but on certain missions you can find more in boxes and in cabinets. Once the knife is thrown it must be retrieved again. If your dead enemy is discovered and the bad guys find him while you are hidden his body will disappear but the knife will remain to be picked up by Fins or Spooky if more convenient.

Scuba tank- Fins can stay underwater indefinitely using the scuba gear. “D” toggles it on or off.

Spear gun- this item is useful to kill sharks and large underwater animals but is slow to between shots so be careful. Range, like all weapons, is shown with the red circle for out of range and clear for in range. Only Fins can use the spear gun. Use the “L” key.


The spy can wear all uniforms without time restrictions. All other commandos have a count down when wearing enemy uniforms. If worn too long they will disappear. 10 is the maximum number that can be taken but clicking in the tiny green uniform icon and dragging it to your backpack will increase it to a 1000 maximum.

Spooky can use any non-officer uniform by pressing the “U” key and the “J” like all commandos can to wear and not wear uniforms. He can use Lieutenants’ uniforms by pressing the “P” key. Officer uniforms use the “D” key again with “J” for normal clothes in which he can be recognized as an enemy. He uses a syringe to disable enemies via the “A” key. 1 shot staggers them and 2 knocks them out. A 3rd kills. While knocked out all commandos, with exception of Lupin and Natasha, can tie and gag enemies by using the “Shift”’ key while clicking on the enemy with the LMB. Do not follow the instructions in the manual. They do not work!

All commandos can use sleeping pills to taint wine. The pill bottle shows an amount of pills but all have 1 less that shown. A bottle showing 3 doses really has 2 and so on. The bottle and the wine must both be in a commando backpack before clicking and moving the bottle over the wine that then turns green. This works to knock out dogs by turning it green. Both doped items can be thrown for discovery by enemies.

Us the “S” key to make any non-officer come to attention. Position Spooky so that another commando can sneak up or pass by unseen. Once at attention Spooky can make enemies look a certain direction with the “Z” key and they will go to a close-by location with use of the “E” key. Spooky must remain there controlling them or they’ll return to their regular position or activity.


Molotov cocktail. When thrown it bursts near enemies and incinerates them. Note that once burned up no item on the enemy is usable by any commando. They are good as they do not explode with noise like a grenade and often you can eliminate enemies quietly since if they scream or run before dying with no comrades near you are safe. The “S” key gets the Molotov ready.

Trap- also called the Man Trap it can be set for patrolling enemies to step on and instantly die. Any enemy running to you that steps on it will die. “P” is the key to use it. HINT- Tread can use the trap as a personal weapon by snaking up behind one and setting it right behind them. It snaps immediately and they die.

Trip wire- can be set to trip enemies and knock them out. They can then be killed in any way or tied and gagged for quietness. “D” to start the position to begin the wire as you click then click on the place where you want it to end,

Gas bomb- this green bomb will knock out multiple enemies who are near it when thrown. Like all knocked out enemies they will eventually regain consciousness in time so they must be dispatched quickly. Commandos are immune to its effects. “O” readies it to be thrown

Smoke grenade- will mask you and enemies will be unable to see through it for a brief time when thrown. It often does not help that much and you may not use it much. “K” is the key to use.

Shovel- Tread has a shovel to dig holes in which enemies that pass over fall in. Use the “A” key and click on the dirt where you want to dig. Once an enemy has fallen in nothing can be taken from him.

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios


He is the sniper using the 1903A3 .30 caliber Springfield bolt action, scoped rifle. It is silenced though the manual doesn’t say so. He can take shots far out of range of regular rifles. Press “A” to see the crosshair sight. If it is clear it is in range. If red it is not. The enemy targeted will have a red silhouette. LMB fires the weapon. HINT- A useful feature not told in the manual allows Duke to shoot into windows. When you aim the sight at a window use the LMB to see inside. A window icon appears. You can shoot any enemy outlined in red as the room is shown in the upper left of the screen as in peeking through windows and doors with the commandos’ eyes.

Even though enemy snipers use a different rifle the ammo will work.


Can climb most walls. “Shift” + LMB the wall and if he can he will begin his climb. Shift + LMB again and if it is possible he will climb to the top of the wall. He can reverse and climb down from walls too. Lupin can be told to look through a window as he climbs or go through it. Look 1st!! Once atop a wall or inside a window “L” will make him drop the bed sheets, if he has them, allowing others to climb up or down. He can retrieve the sheet rope to reuse by passing the mouse arrow over it then use the Shift + LMB. The rope ladder can be used by any commando using the “E” key and pick up is the same as the sheet ropes.

Locked boxed and doors and be picked open Lupin has his lock picks. Some doors can only be unlocked from one side. HINT- Boxes and doors can be much more quickly opened if you LMB click again once he begins his pick work. It doesn’t work on safes.

He acquires a pet rat named Spike on the Burma mission. It is of dubious use but can be sent to distract soldiers by squeaking. The dog, Whiskey, is obtained on the night sub base mission. He can carry items in a smaller backpack to distribute the load. He can be put into any commandos backpack by picking him up. He must be put down with the “H” key to get at items in his backpack. He can bark to distract enemies but it’s not too useful. Press “B” to make him bark. When available, commandos can use the dog whistle via the “H” key to call him. In this way he can deliver anything held in his pack to anyone calling him.

Lupin is pretty weak and can’t take many injuries but is the fastest runner and can often out run shots at him. He kicks to knock out enemies but can’t tie them up. Any commando that repeatedly hits an enemy will prolong his unconscious period. So Lupin can beat the hell out of an enemy goon until another arrives to dispatch him. He can climb poles and move along wire. He is unseen there but can be while going up the pole. He can walk behind enemies and see what they have in their packs- useless.


She uses her charisma to distract enemies. She uses the “D” to toggle on/off her disguise. It is permanent though and if she wears any other uniform she will be recognized by enemies. When she lays down she changes to her regular clothes.

The Lipstick icon uses the “S” key. HINT- Once she distracts a guy she can move her position to adjust for a better block of his view and she can even move pretty far away with him still staring at her. When enemies are under Spooky’s or Natasha’s control you can make noise by running or even shooting and they’ll not move.

Natasha uses sniper rifles too with all ammo found being usable. But Natasha must be in regular clothes- “J” key- in order to shoot the sniper rifle. She is handy to move around in disguise but this is the drawback. If she shoots any other weapon unseen she can stay in her disguise. But like Spooky, and any commando, if she shoots at an enemy and he sees her with a gun her disguise is seen through and “D” must be pressed to re-disguise. NOTE- all high-ranking officers recognize her and Spooky as spies immediately even in disguise. Only Lieutenants and soldiers are fooled.

She can knock out enemies with a wine bottle using the “P” key. She can’t tie and gag, a drawback she shares with Lupin, however they both can carry tied up or dead enemies.


He is the strongest and 2nd fastest runner to Lupin. All other commandos run the same speed. Tiny can take lots of wounds before his health bar is dangerously low.

Knife- Tiny uses his knife to quietly kill. He can’t throw it like Fins but he can slash several enemies very quickly. “A” gets the knife ready.

Shovel- is not shown in the backpack but using the “S” key Tiny can bury himself to hide from enemies if no one saw him dig in. HINT- He can take hold of dead or tied enemies and bury them this way too so they can’t be found.

Decoy- is a sound-producing device of little use often. Tiny must place the receiver and be in a certain range with the transmitter to make it emit sounds that sometime make enemies come looking for what it is. HINT- the other commandos can use this device also.

He can jump from great heights with little damage and can jump out of windows but can’t climb in them. Tiny can climb poles and move along wires like Lupin and both can enter windows this way. HINT- While all the commandos can swim underwater, Tiny can do so longer by more than twice a much. Lupin can hold his breath the shortest time.


He is the demolition man. Even though the manual says he can’t swim, he can.

Grenades- Use “A” to get it ready and click to where you want to throw it. It has a delay so practice to blow up all intended targets.

Mine detector- Use the “D” key to sweep for mines but take tiny steps. When a mine is shown a pliers appears with which you can deactivate the mine with the LMB. Right click- RMB to put away the detector. HINT- click LMB again as soon as Inferno bends to clip and deactivate the mine as it speeds it up a lot. Inferno can run with the mine detector out if you hold Shift down and point to where he should go.

Time bomb- this device is placed very near what is to be blown up. Inferno and other commandos have 20 seconds to move away.

Remote bomb- the blue bomb can be placed near the target and detonated with the plunger icon at any future time.

Bazooka- Inferno is the only commando able to use it. “K” get it ready and if target is in range a clear sight circle appears like with guns. Press LMB to fire. 1 shot will destroy any vehicle or any soldiers.

Flame thrower- this thing has very short range as to be almost useless. “Z” key gets it ready with a crosshair sight- clear if in range. It burns up any soldiers but nothing found on them is useable.

Blow torch- at times it is necessary to cut open metal doors and only Inferno can do it using the “L” key.

Inferno can fire all of the larger guns in the game. If he is in a tank use the “CTRL” key to get the firing sights up and use LMB to fire. All other canon use the simple Shift to work a big guns.

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Written by: Twitch

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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