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Commandos 2 HD remaster announced - 11 Jun 2019

Well hello there! Long time no see! Time for an exciting update!

Today Kalypso Media announced at E3 they are releasing an HD remaster of Commandos 2, scheduled for a Q4 2019 release! If you're wondering, Kalypso Media acquired the rights for Commandos, Imperial Glory and Praetorians from Pyro Studios a while back.

For all the details see their blog and product page (links below).

Kalypso Media blog
Commandos 2 HD product page

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Kalypso Media aqcuires rights to Commandos series - 13 Jul 2018
The Kalypso Media Group is thrilled to announce that it has secured all rights to the highly-acclaimed fan-favourite gaming IP, Commandos. With this latest acquisition, the entire Commandos brand is completely owned by Kalypso Media, which not only covers future releases but also all distribution rights to the entire series thus far, including Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Commandos 2: Men of Courage, Commandos 3: Destination Berlin and Commandos: Strike Force, as well as Pyro Studios€™ other titles, such as Imperial Glory and Praetorians. €œWe are very proud and extremely honored to be able to add such large and successful brands as Commandos, Praetorians and Imperial Glory to the Kalypso Media portfolio€ commented Simon Hellwig, founder and Global Managing Director of the Kalypso Media Group, €œThe opportunities that arise from this acquisition will help create the best possible conditions for the further growth of the Kalypso Media Group.€ Ignacio P©rez, founder of Pyro Studios, adds: €œWe have been looking for a suitable partner for the continuation of our products and brands for a long time. Kalypso has great expertise and experience with rebooting well-known titles, and we are delighted to have our IP in such good hands.€ Simon Hellwig continues, €œWe have great respect for what the Pyro Studios team have accomplished and created throughout the history of the studio. Therefore, we see it as our responsibility to want to revive and further develop these beloved games for the fans around the world. Of course, this will include the development of a completely new games for all platforms, but also an extensive adaptation of the existing titles for contemporary technologies and platforms. We€™re incredibly excited about the opportunities, and will begin speaking to potential development studios in the near future.€ Since its initial launch in 1998 the Commandos IP is one of the most popular and well-known real-time tactics series in gaming history, focusing on careful and strategic action with finely-tuned stealth gameplay. The series revolutionized the genre with its groundbreaking game mechanics, and its influence can still be felt in strategy games today.
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Shadow Tactics Demo released - 22 Nov 2016
Mimimi Productions have released a demo of their Commandos inspired RTT game. It is available on STEAM and GOG.

It has two missions. The first one you are able to completely play, the second one is time limited unfortunately.

The game is set to release on steam, GOG on december 6.
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Shadow Tactics - a Commandos inspired game arises - 16 Sep 2016
After years since  the last Commandos game it looks like we may finally enjoy a similar experience soon.

It's called Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun.

Mimimi Productions released a developer narrated trailer back at E3 which we missed but now saw linked on Bluesnews.

The trailer shows gameplay that looks familiair to fans of the Commandos series.

For more info check out the developers site.

This is certainly a title to keep an eye on.
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Commandos Mobile minisite - 26 May 2015
Today marks the launch of our Commandos Mobile minsite, dedicated to keep you updated on the upcoming Commandos Mobile game, which is currently in development at Pyro Mobile headquarters.

To visit, remove the "content" part and everything thereafter from the url. Or click here if you're lazy like everyone else. Oh and you might need to clear your cache too for it to work!
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Commandos 4 conceptual artwork - 20 Jul 2014
It's been about 5 years since rumours first started to emerge about the possibility of Commandos 4 being in the making. Unfortunately these rumours never solidified and there's no sign that Pyro Studios will indeed revive the Commandos series anytime soon. We did however come across some older Commandos 4 artwork (dating at least 4 years back) which shows that Pyro Studios was in fact working on the game (with the emphasis on was based on our current intel).

commandos 4 artwork

We found the pictures on former Pyro Studios employee Angel Roman (visit website), who worked there as a Sr. Character Artist from 2007 until 2010 based on his rsum. As Commandos Strike Force, the last in the line of Commandos games, was released in 2006, this seems to be enough proof that Pyro Studios was doing more than just toying with the idea of making another Commandos game.

Interestingly the characters seem to have aged considerably. The pictures include the Green Beret, Sapper, Driver and Diver. Pyro Studios possibly planned a setting in the Vietnam war, which took place years after WW2 ended. This is nothing but a guess though, but it might explain the notable aging of the dirty half dozen.

The full set of pictures can be found in our image gallery. Please realise that these pictures are quite old and that there's no indication that Commandos 4 will see the light of day any time soon.

Visit image gallery
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Petition to bring back Commandos - 14 Dec 2013
sp00kythekiller on the Eidos forums has creates a petition. Maybe you wonder about the positive outcome of a petition, but if you are a fan and you're still interested in a new Commandos game I say sign it and show that we still care about this wonderful series!

There's no harm in trying so let's spread the word!
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Commandos series - Steam sale - 13 Jul 2013
If for some reason you're missing a title in the Commandos series, you can now purchase a bundle that contains: Commandos BEL, BTCOD, Commandos 2 and Commandos 3 for € 3 on steam.
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