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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos inventory
Tools to give the nazi's a hard time
Used by all Commandos.
You can use these to lure soldiers away and eliminate them.
bottle of wine (poisoned)
Used by all Commandos.
Additonally you can try to get the soldiers away with a bottle of wine. Doesn't work for all though!
Used by all Commandos.
This piece of meat can be used to distract the dogs. When used in conjunction with sleeping pills it can put the dogs a sleep.
sleeping pills
Used by all Commandos.
You can combine these with the wine and meat. To do so you'll need to drag the bottle over the meat/wine in your inventory. If succesful the meat/wine will get a green color. When used on a soldier/dog they will sleep sweet dreams.
Used by all Commandos.
Most of the time you will be able to find the keys to a locked door in the inventory of an officer.
leicas lo 6x56 binoculars
Used by all Commandos.
Binoculars can be used to see what weapon a soldier is carrying and or he leaves his position or not.
Used by all Commandos.
Need Whiskey, blow the whistle.
Used by all Commandos.
Use these to cut the wires stopping you from reaching a place. Be careful though, there might be mines laying there too.
Used by the Sapper.
The sapper uses this to find mines. Once he finds them he can make them harmless.
Used by all Commandos.
If you're a stealthy player your probably not gonna use this. Just aim and shoot, though when pressing x your men are in agressive mode and shoot on sight. You can also select all the Commandos carrying this gun and combine there firepower.
Karabiner 98K
Used by all Commandos.
When you steal this of an enemy soldier, you can use it against them. One shot is enough to take a soldier out.
sniper rifle
Used by the Sniper.
Duke's favourite weapon. Take out enemies from a distance, without them being able to see you.
Used by all Commandos.
This can come in handy in an emergency situation, when you have to face loads of enemies. Put your men defenisve postion and they'll take care of it.
commando knife
Used by Fins & GB.
The GB uses this to stab an enemy or slit their throat. The Diver can throw the knive to an enemy from a reasonable distance. Depending on the mission you can more than one knife in your inventory.
Used by the GB.
When the GB turns this machine on, enemies will come and look to find the source of the noise.
first aid kit
Used by all Commandos.
If you haven't been careful, you can use this to heal your Commandos.
soldier uniform
Used by all Commandos.
When your Commandos were these, they can walk into the dark view cone of the enemy without being discovered.
Used by all Commandos.
These clothes protect your Commandos from the cold and eventually from dieing.
rope ladder
Used by the Thief.
The Thief can reach many places where the Commandos can't get. If he drops this ladder the other Commandos can reach that spot as well.
anti tank mine
Used by the Sapper.
The Sapper can place these on the road, when an enemy tank drives over it'll be destroyed.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Used by the Sapper.
Place these when your expecting an invasion. Spread them around, they'll be triggered, enemies nearby will explode. The sapper can collect mines that he disabled and put them in his backpack.
Used by the Sapper.
The bazooka can be used to blow up tanks, cars or just some enemies :D
Used by the sapper.
American version of Kubelwagen. Same stats.
Used by the Sapper.
For all you sadistic people out there, it can be quite fun to put you enemies on fire with this handy weapon.
remote bomb
Used by the Sapper.
This bomb can be placed by the sapper and can be set off to explode from a distance. A nice way to take out tanks or fulfill objectives.
time bomb
Used by the Sapper.
After placing this bomb you have about 20 sec. time to run away from the explosion.
molotov cocktail
Used by the Driver (C2), Sapper (C3).
Use this to keep enemies at a distance if the situation requires it. The fire burns the bodies to ashes, making their possesions useless.
Used by Driver(C2), Sapper (C3).
The smokebomb requires some practice to master but once you get the hang of it the smoke curtain can get you passed the soldiers.
Used by Driver (C2), Sapper (C3).
American version of Kubelwagen. Same stats.
Used by Sapper, (all in C3).
The grenade can be used to eliminate patrols or certain types of tanks.
Used by the Spy.
Used by the Spy to neutralise the enemy. Two doses temporary disables the enemy, three doses are lethal.
Used by the Sapper.
This trap can be used to kill an enemy in a silent way. You can throw a pack of cigarettes just after the trap and the enemy will make his last step.
shovel trap
Used by the Driver.
The driver uses the shovel to dig a covered up hole. If the enemy steps over it they'll dissappear for ever.
wire trap
Used by Driver (C2), Sapper (C3).
The wire traps can be spanned between two walls. If the enemy walks over it he will be unconscious. Additionally you hang a mine, molotov or handgrenade on the wire. If the enemy trips the wire, an explosion will follow.
grapling hook
Used by the Diver.
The hook can be used in a similair way as the trap wire with the difference that it only needs one access point. The diver is holding the other end. Contrary to the wire trap it can be used on multiple enemies as long as the diver has enough strenght or isn't shot to dead by enemies.
Used by the Thief.
The lockpicks are used by the thief to open locked boxes, doors or safes with documents.
Used by the Thief.
The sheets can be used in a similair way as the rope ladder, but make sure you collect a large enough amount of them or you won't be able to get all the way down.
Used by all Commandos.
The can of food is an alternative to the med kit and can be found in mainy cabinets.
lieutenant uniform
Used by the Spy.
This uniform can only distract people of a similair rank or lower.
officer uniform
Used by the Spy.
All enemies except gestapo and officers will follow orders given by the spy.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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