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Commandos 3 Vehicles
Things which help you move, and more!
German car which is probably used by officers. Unfortunately you can't drive it in C3.
Officers Car
German high ranking officers use this car! Don't even dream about riding in one until you earn it soldier!
Similar to above, but used by Russian Officers.
Abandoned Car
That's what happens when you don't take care of cars!
Common German motorcycle with sidecar. Personally, I would be ashamed to ride in one!
German Lorry. Some are good for hiding, some for riding and some are not good at all.
Sdkfz Halftrack
Beware of this baby! It has a mounted machine-gun, so unless you're quick there's no chance of escape.
German Cannon, but once tiny gets a hold of it-Nazis beware!
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
SDKFZ with Cannon
This vehicle is not to be toyed with!
Panzer III
German Tank. Unfortunately there are no missions where you could drive it.
Panzer IV
You think Panzer 3 is scary? This baby is way more dangerous! Just look at it.
Divers deployable raft. Used only in 1 mission.
Kriegsmarine Ships
D-day Landing craft.
That's what landed our chaps onto the French beaches on D-Day.
Not really a vehicle, but its a mode of transportation. How else do you think paratroopers can get down from planes? Falling without parachutes ;)
Escape plane from Stalingrad.
Double Decker bus in London. Don't worry though, you wont use it to get behind the enemy lines.
Or what's left of it ;)
Prime of German Engineering! What are those V2 rockets compared to the tractor!
Train Car
Is this what Germans used to surrender in WW 1? Neah I think not, but it's useful!
Armored train car
Defense car with a surprise inside ;)
Train Car
Passengers Car.
Train Car
Defense Car.
Train Car
Supply Car.
Train Car
Officers' Car.
Train Car
Defense car.
No Description.
Fuel Tank
Even though it has no use in C3, Some people will remember it from previous commandos games. Nostalgia.
Fuel Tank
Another stationary object.
Sapper truck
Vehicle to sweep beaches and disarm mines. Too bad you can't use it.
Nazi War Machine
Name speaks for itself!
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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