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Interview with Ignacio Pérez; Lead Designer C3 (1/2)
TAFN - Your last game, Praetorians worked on low-end machines, what are the system requirements for Commandos 3? Will Commandos 3 support higher resolutions such as 1280x1024?

Ignacio - Commandos will work on a PIII at around 1000Mhz. We have tried higher resolutions but we were not happy with them so they havenít been included.

TAFN - What is the expected playtime for each of the campaigns?

Ignacio - That will depend very much on the way the player decides to play the mission. We have built the game in such a way that allows to play it at different modes with more action or stealth depending players appetite. I would estimate that as an average each of the campaigns is going to last from 6 to 10 hours with a very high replayability.

TAFN - The fan site kit was a great resource for the fan pages around the net, do you intend to release similar downloads?

Ignacio - That is more something for the marketing department, but I would say yes.

TAFN - Is an in game multiplayer games browser implemented in the game? Will Gamespy be the only way to create online games?

Ignacio - For the time being the only way will be through Gamespy or obiously playing on a LAN.

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
TAFN - When will the multiplayer demo be out? Are the different release dates set and how is it you decide upon them?

Ignacio - Right now we are working on the localized versions and the multiplayer demo is plan to be released by the end of September. The game will be released simultaneously on 13 different languages at the beginning of October.

TAFN - Will Commandos 3 be developed for any console, such as the PS2 or the Xbox?

Ignacio - We do not have any plans to have Commandos 3 developed for any consoles although we are working on games for this platforms which we will announce in a few months but not Commandos 3.

TAFN - Why did you choose to relocate the interface? What are the advantages? Are there any changes to it?

Ignacio - There is a number of changes to the interface. The one on screen is a very different one while all keys and functions have changed a lot. The idea was making an interface which was easier and faster to use. We have tried to reduce the number of keys the player has to use making the game more accessible at the same time. You will be able to judge the results by yourself but we are very happy with all the tests we have made with it.

TAFN - Will the game be more open to modding than the previous titles? Will there for instance be some kind of mapping tools for people to make single and multiplayer missions? A mission editor to be precise.

Ignacio - Unfortunately not. That is, as we have explained in the past, not because we do not want to do it but because of the complexity of creating the maps. We do not make time with a mission editor as every single piece of atrwork is unique and done specifically for a map.

TAFN - Will there be any secrets or extras for the player to find in the various levels?

Ignacio - There will be several ways to complete the missions, and some hidden surprises that will facilitate our life. For example in one of the maps there will be a group of members of the french ressistance and if we find them they will help us through the map.

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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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