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Interview with Gonzo Suarez (C2) (1/3)
TAF - What does the red line, in the sight cone of enemy soldiers indicate?

G. Suarez - It indicates that one of our commandos is seen by the enemy.

TAF - Are the chances of escaping the enemy sight, once spotted better in C2? How will this help, and can you describe, what changes would happen if this is enabled in C2. Will the game be easier to play?

G. Suarez - Definitively, yes. In Commandos 2 the player will have many chances of escaping from the enemy. This allows the player to make a mistake and still escape alive. The easy level will be a lot easier than the original Commandos. The difficult level matches in difficulty the original Commandos, although the dynamics of the game will be a lot different.

TAF - How do interface changes affect the player?

G. Suarez - The interface changes were necessary due to the significant increase of available possibilities in Commandos 2. The aim was to create an easy to handle and comfortable interface.

TAF - How is the new Inventory Interface different from the Knapsack of C1? And does it include any interaction with enemy soldiers (Dead or Alive)?

G. Suarez - The interface is very different as the game is very different too. The player will be able to manage in their inventory the several weapons and items they will collect during a mission. Yes, it is possible to interact with the enemy soldiers stealing items from them with the thief if they are alive, or collecting weapons and items from the dead bodies.

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
TAF - Now, that all commandos have been given generic actions, such as everyone can handle cars etc, do you think the Commandos 2 missions will be easier to play?

G. Suarez - They will be easier to play, but the main feature is that the game is a lot more open. The player will be able to face a mission through different paths and ways of playing. The main thing is the player will be able to adapt the game to suit their tastes.

TAF - What are the new extras in the the Gestapo Officers in C1?

G. Suarez - There are so many extras that it would be difficult to list them all, and anyway, we want them to be a surprise. There are more extras in a single mission of Commandos 2 than in the whole original Commandos.

TAF - How is the briefing process in the game different, or is it the same as Commandos 1?

G. Suarez - The outline is very similar, but here the briefings inside a mission will be a lot more important due to the dialogues between the characters or with secondary characters.

TAF - Who is your favourite commando,(Your Pick) or set of commandos we should look forward to use such that we can combine their skills for the missions?

G. Suarez - Maybe the thief for being new. There isn't a pre-set team more powerful than others. They will vary depending on the objectives and the aspects of a particular mission.

TAF - Can you tell us something more about Lupin, is he the mascot for the game ?

G. Suarez - Not really. The mascot of the group is whiskey the dog. The thief is a very useful character in Commandos 2 and that will be able to get players out of sticky situations.

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Participants : Gonzo Suarez, Jon Beltran.
Interviewers : TAFN Staff + Community Questions & MI6

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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