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Having said on the old abilities, can you tell us about some cool new ones?

Mike: The Sniper can hold his breath when aiming with the sniper rifle. This will cause time to slow down for him allowing the perfect shot (he can shoot two enemies with one bullet). The Green Beret can dual wield certain weapons. There is an ordinance launcher which will fire grenades long distances. We have introduced Gasmasks which allow you to go into gas filled areas and take the enemy out. There are also sticky bombs and very powerful (usually mounted) machine guns that the GB can move with.

Can you swim trough water? Are there any dangers in the waters as well?

Mike: Yes, you can swim although the Sniper will be better than the others at swimming underwater. No, the only danger in the water is staying under for too long or the wrong character jumping into near freezing rivers in Norway!


Weve seen medics in some screenshots. Can they give you assistance and patch you up, or can you heal yourself only by using med kits found throughout the area?

Mike: Yes, they will patch you up and also supply you with Medikits.

Can you call for air support / artillery to bomb a certain area using radios or binoculars for example?

Mike: No, Binoculars are in the game but are used to provide you with more information about enemies from a distance (Patrol routes, enemy rank and number of hostiles in the area).

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Is there mission briefings as well, like, the conversation between the Commandos about your objectives and about interesting areas on the map?

Mike: Of course. Montague Smith has also come back to give the mission briefings and help during tutorial missions.

What are the consequences of raising the alarm in CSF? Do all soldiers on the map get alerted, and how long do the soldiers stay extra alert after an alarm has been set off?

Mike: It all depends on the mission. Alarms raised will result in the enemy looking for you. On certain maps this may result in an enemy patrol appearing and then continuing to move in formation in the area (like old Commandos games). In some missions you will fail the mission as raising the alarm will result in your target escaping from the area. There are of course lots more examples.

We heard something about switching to 3rd person view. Whats up with that? Is Commandos not only going First Person, but Third Person as well?

Mike: This only happens in certain instances. The 3rd person view occurs when you perform a Stealth Kill and when the Spy puts on an enemy uniform. Each character has a number of stealth kills they can perform when they sneak up behind the enemy and are armed with an appropriate weapon (it doesn’t work with a Panzerfaust). You can also choose to switch to a 3rd person view to survey the area. This will allow you to see over and around boxes, corners, etc…

In Commandos 3, we missed the statistics screen after finishing a mission. Is it featured in CSF, and if so, what information does it give?

Mike: Yes there is and it features pretty much anything you’ll realistically need to know about how you played the mission.


How does the points system work, for killing enemies?

Mike: The higher the rank the more you score. You also receive a bonus for stealth kills and headshots. There are also accuracy statistics and then a star ranking.

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