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Commandos 2 Hints & Tips (page 2/3)
This document takes a look at many tips, some of which are missed out in the manual.



Only Spooky can wear officers’ uniforms and all others. All other commandos can wear only soldier, sailor, and mechanics’ uniforms. As mentioned 10 is the maximum but wear time can be added to by clicking on dead enemies’ uniform’s green uniform icon and dragging it to the backpack.
HINT- you can cycle through all you uniforms by right click- RMB. If you hit the “U” key you now wear that different uniform.


All scavenged weapons from enemies’ can be used by all commandos. Add ammo as you make kills by clicking the LMB and then click in your backpack. HINT- weapons and all items can be split by clicking LMB, holding it and dragging it to the desired backpack. Example-If you find 3 Molotovs and you have 8 just do this twice to get only 2 to max out with 10. Works with everything.

The commando Colt .45 has limitless ammo. On Normal it take 3 shot to kill a facing enemy and 2 if his back is turned. On all higher levels it take 3 no matter what. On higher levels time between shots lengthens so it is much more difficult to shoot and kill 2 goons before they wound you. All pistols us the “G” key with LMB to shoot.

Mauser and Type 38 rifles are taken from enemies. Ammo found on enemies is never more than 3 rounds except with snipers, which is 5. Maximum you can take is 15 rounds with rifles, 102 rounds with enemy pistols and 15 with sniper rifles. Rifles all kill with one shot but are slower between shots on higher levels. “F” is the rifle key with LMB to shoot

MP-40 sub-machine guns are found with 30 rounds for a maximum of 150 possible. On higher levels MP-40 actually fire more rounds so ammo level go down faster. They have a wide coverage like pistols where rifles are a bit narrower. “M” is universal to point it and it is shot with LMB.

All the guns are aimed using the above keys but to hold them in cover fire arcs press the “X” key. Any enemies that get in range will be fired upon. HINT- It is a good idea to create cross cover firing arcs so one commando protects another and don’t forget to cover all entrances to buildings and rooms, especially those behind you.

WINE BOTTLES- while the in-game manual seems to say you can hit an enemy with a wine bottle you can’t. Only Natasha can do it.

CIGARETTES - packs can be used to throw and distract enemies- not too useful. Use “T” key

FISH FOOD - can be used to attract schools of fish to hide in as you move by sharks or close to enemy divers. By the time you fool with it you can usually make the kill without all the fuss.

WIRE CUTTERS - snip all barbed wire but beware of mines! All commandos can use them. Use “I” key

BINOCULARS - can be used by all to see detailed info about enemy soldiers using the “B” key. Not too useful.

CANNED FOOD - “V” makes any commando eat a can of food to replenish his health. Each can makes the health bar increase upward. It depends what level you are playing since in higher levels the health bar goes up less so more food is needed to get back to 100%.

MED KIT - “C” will give a shot to any commando increasing his health bar much more than food will including the commando with the med kit. Again higher levels need more shots to get to 100% health. Only the Normal level allows you to bring dead commandos back to life.

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Written by: Twitch

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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