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Commandos 2 Hints & Tips (page 3/3)
This document takes a look at many tips, some of which are missed out in the manual.


Normal level of play is somewhat easy but not as a beginner, of course. You can bring dead comrade back to life with the med kit. As you move to higher levels this is not the case so be very careful. Guards patrol and are in different places sometimes and there can be additional enemies above “Normal” level.

The + and – keys allow zoom in/out. Arrow keys move the screen view but ALT and left or right arrow move the view 90 degrees.

Hitting certain # keys will allow immediate control of that commando. 1 is Green Beret, 2 is Duke, 3 is Fins, 4 is Inferno, 5 is Tread, 6 is Spooky, 7 is Natasha, 8 is Lupin and 9 is Whiskey.

Press the Enter and \ keys together or the ~ key next to the number 1 as a toggle to clear the screen of all commando icons or to display them. Either set of keys work. If you click RMB over the face of a commando in the lower right of the screen his backpack contents will appear. Things in backpack can be exchanged with nearby commandos this way. Clicking LMB will show all commandos at the top of the screen. Click on any one of those to control that commando.

F1 brings up the in-game manual. F9 brings up the map. F2 through F7 shows split screens of different map areas. It can be overwhelming with almost too much information so practice till you are comfortable

F11 outlines all enemies in red on the map. It works if you are looking into a door or window too but will not show interior enemies if you are not.

The Space bar toggle makes commandos lie down and stand up. If lying down and the key to put on a uniform is made the commando will stand up. They can take off the uniform still lying down though. Double click LMB pointing to a location and a commando will run to it or swim fast. Draw a box with RMB held down to select a multiple number of commandos to move together,

“W” is the examine key so commandos can look in boxes, cabinets or at neutralized enemies.

“X” makes commandos exit any vehicle. If swimming they will submerge or surface using the “B” key.

Press and hold Tab as you click LMB on an enemy and you see his field of view. The eye icon does the same thing

If you wish to get along with the scoring system you must punch your way through all of the missions to not kill as many enemies as possible. Certainly this is not realistic but we’re stuck with the scoring. If you kill any enemies with knives it lowers the score some and if you shoot many it will lower it more. The score affects ranks as you move up through the missions.

Time is another factor. Quicker times mean higher score. There is no number score at the end of the missions just how you did in various areas with one to 5 stars. Be sure to look in every box and cabinet to get a higher “Areas Visited” score. Secondary objectives play a role in the score too. The Bonus Missions must simply be completed to get the little medal for it.

All that said, once you go through all the missions you can relax and play them again trying different ways of achieving mission goals and to just have fun. Most missions allow several approaches and tactics. You can “feature” one commando to see how far he can get until he needs help to get to a goal. You can assault locations from different directions. You can kill every enemy on the map. You can avoid as many as possible to accomplish mission goals. The variations are endless.

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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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