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Commandos 2 Extended Modding Guide (page 2/2)
This is an alternate point of view on modding


These are located in the SONIDOS folder and are simple .WAVs. Any freeware sound editor can modify them. Play each and see what they are then change the ones you want. The ESA subfolder contains the commandos’ voices with each in its own folder. All sound effects made or saved and the music must play at 11025 Hz and all voices at 22050 Hz. ARIFICIERO is Inferno, COMANDO is Green Beret, CONDUCTOR is Tread, ESPIA is Spooky, FRANCO is Duke, LADRON is Lupin, LANCHERO is Fins and NATACHA is Natasha.

All sound effects and music must be in the SONIDOS folder and voices in the proper sub-folders.


All animation control files are in this ANIMS folder. If you want to see what things are by file name put one in renamed as something you will be able to see easily, like ALEOFI is German officer. Then you can start any mission where you can quickly see an officer like Das Boot, and see what the new animation looks like. Be warned that every person animation is not compatible with another due to complex coding telling an officer animation to do only certain things. The game will crash if the new animation is asked to do something it can’t do. This will give you an idea of what files are though when you look at the officer.

Exchanging Tread for Inferno, for example, will work somewhat but the bazooka, flame thrower and mine detector will be invisible when used. Making a penguin a German rifleman will not work. Some vehicles will exchange.

The cars all exchange. Their names are KUBEL for the Kubelvagen, WILLIS.ANI for the US Jeep, SCOUT.ANI for the car in Kwai, COCHEJAPO.ANI for the Burma tyrant car. If you rename COCHEJAPO to KUBEL you’ll get the tyrant car in place if the Kubelvagen in all missions and etc. Trucks will not exchange for cars or each other. Something to do with the way they move on the screen.

Tanks can exchange limitedly. The Tiger can be switched for the Type 97 but the Tiger will not take the Type 97’s place. The Panzer III can become a Tiger but the Tiger will not become the Panzer III. The SDK armored car will not switch with anything. The Type 97 will exchange as the Panzer III and vice versa however.

No tank can be exchanged for a car or truck. Again, something to do with how they move. The names of the files are TANKE97.ANI, PANZER3.ANI, TIGER.ANI, SDK.ANI. The amphibian in the bonus mission will not exchange with anything.

The airplanes do not exchange. Some of the civilians will exchange. The Japanese Kwai torturer will exchange for the German in Smith and jailer in Das Boot and vice versa. The Japanese guy can become a Colditz civilian or even child. The children will work as the Japanese guy but can’t punch and use a pistol. The Colditz adults can be the Jap torturer and will punch but can’t use a pistol. Some exchanges can be made with Ghurkas, prisoners and others to change the look but function will be the same. Whiskey will exchange for other animals. The penguin is fun!

One of the soldier changes that seems to work OK is the MP-40 soldiers for the guys that patrol with the SS in gray coats since they both use the same weapons. The White Death uniforms work when used on the same type of soldier and regular ones in the Antarctic. Any changed soldier will still have his same old uniform in his pack though. Can’t change them.

The boats will freely exchange but ones with motors in place of rowboats will not have power and the Japanese patrol boat will not have useable guns. The motor boat in Burma can replace the one in Das Boot and vice versa. The Zodiak can switch for the rowboat on Kwai and vice verse. LANCHA_MOTORA.ANI is the Das Boot motorboat, PATRU.ANI is the Japanese gunboat, BARCAZA.ANI is the Burma boat, BARCA_ISLA.ANI is the rowboat in Kwai and ZODIAK>ANI is the Zodiak.

Many of the animation files dealing with Germans have “ALE”- shot for the Spanish Aleman= German. Many of the Japanese ones have “JAPO” in the names.

If you open the file MISIONES.DAT you can change the stupid codes to something you can easily remember instead of the 3HYSX or whatever so you can run any mission without looking up written down codes. Below are the lines concerning the Das Boot and White Death. Where you see the green text I changed the number and letter codes to simple things for normal, hard and very hard levels= 1,2 & 3. This file when opened in Notepad or another editor will stretch way out to the right on the page. It doesn’t look the same on WORD with margins and such.





The GLOBAL.STR file can be easily opened and read in plain language. You can change mission names or commando names and more.

In the folder INTERFAZ is the file MANUAL.TXT for the in-game manual that can be opened with any editor and modified.

Changing things in the MACROS folder unfortunately does nothing. The files deal with how people, vehicles and commandos should act and their skills. You should be able to make big changes there like give a commando a skill but nothing works. Even changes directly in the un-extracted DATA.PCK file passages do not work. $#(#%@&!!!

SO that is most of what I can tell you about C2. I haven’t broken the mission files to change anything there so no night of weather changes. Look at the Commandos 2 Offline or Online Editing Guide for more info.

Snowdens comment : Just like with all other editing quides, we may find ways to change things after time, we may also find ways to do stuff we here say is impossible. If you feel you don't understand or think something should be added, go to the TAFN modding forums and ask us.

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