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Commandos 4 conceptual artwork - 20 Jul 2014
It's been about 5 years since rumours first started to emerge about the possibility of Commandos 4 being in the making. Unfortunately these rumours never solidified and there's no sign that Pyro Studios will indeed revive the Commandos series anytime soon. We did however come across some older Commandos 4 artwork (dating at least 4 years back) which shows that Pyro Studios was in fact working on the game (with the emphasis on was based on our current intel).

commandos 4 artwork

We found the pictures on former Pyro Studios employee Angel Roman (visit website), who worked there as a Sr. Character Artist from 2007 until 2010 based on his résumé. As Commandos Strike Force, the last in the line of Commandos games, was released in 2006, this seems to be enough proof that Pyro Studios was doing more than just toying with the idea of making another Commandos game.

Interestingly the characters seem to have aged considerably. The pictures include the Green Beret, Sapper, Driver and Diver. Pyro Studios possibly planned a setting in the Vietnam war, which took place years after WW2 ended. This is nothing but a guess though, but it might explain the notable aging of the dirty half dozen.

The full set of pictures can be found in our image gallery. Please realise that these pictures are quite old and that there's no indication that Commandos 4 will see the light of day any time soon.

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