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Re-launch anniversary! - 26 Nov 2005

Well look at that, it's been a year since me and sick reported about the re-launch of TAFN and what a year it’s been.

Let’s sum up the most interesting parts:

IG interview

IG Preview

IG review

CSF interview

CSF Hands on report

More CSF Hands on

That concludes the list of articles but there’s more to say. With the re-launch we decided to make TAFN focus on more than just Commandos and cover other Pyro Studios games as well. The first game to get the honour was Imperial Glory. Sick integrated and extended his already existing fan page into the TAFN design. The integration proved to be a success as at the moment the IG section is more popular than the CSF section. This can partially be explained by the fact that CSF is yet to be released but mainly by the huge amount of mods for IG that the modding community provided to us. Those mods would of course not been possible if Pyro and Eidos hadn’t released the documentation for the interesting file formats.

Normally I hate numbers and everything accompanied by it, but for this one time I’ll make an exception and throw a number at you, namely the amount of unique hits our domain got in one year. It’s a stunning 62075 according to our server tools.

That leads me to end with a big thanks to all the people who visited the site, suggested improvements, made contributions in the form of mods or in another form. Not to forget to thank Jovan and ziili for who this is what the first year as a staff member. Just like all of us, they've done a tremendous job, you might not have always noticed it because it was a lot of behind the scenes stuff.

And of course none of this would be possible without the superb help we received from the Eidos UK (ex-)employees and Pyro Studios guys (you all know who you are  ), all those articles in the list above wouldn’t been possible without their help. So a lot and a lot of thanks go to them as well as they’re the reason we could make those articles

In order to continue the quality of the site and to make sure we have the latest news we have also two new members. iakovos a well know Commandos veteran who has already helped us many times in the past and will now help even more. Officerpuppy who's mods are the main reason the IG section is so popular will now inform you about his latest progress.

That’ it for now, we’ll continue to bring you the latest news so enjoy your stay!

Prey Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
New team member - 26 Nov 2005
We are pleased to announce that iakovos will be joining the staff.

iakovos has been a well known member amongst the Commandos community and we are happy that he will help us to make TAFN even better.

His past experience includes working for the higly respected - and still source of information - Commandos Dropzone where he was in charge of the well known "News Flash".

Prey Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
GME report: part 2 - 26 Nov 2005

As we promised quite some time ago, here is sicks report from GME. If you dont care about the reason it was delayed so much go and read it here. But for the currious ones, there is periods in life when you have no free time to spare for certain things... and as you guessed sick had such period. Dont worry he is not pregnant
Anyway here is the link again if you misssed it.
We shall have some pics from him very soon too.

Here are the pics as i said before. Enjoy!

Prey Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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