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Praetorians Section Launched! - 24 Jan 2006

Today we have launched our Praetorians section, the last Pyro game for which we still didn't had a fansite running. Even though the game is out for a couple of years already, it's still worth checking it out as we also have some never-seen-before materials posted (at least, so we think/hope. ) Not so surprisingly though, I mean c'mon, it's TAFN you're visiting; always on front when it comes to the latest news.

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System requirements test - 18 Jan 2006

sick has discovered a test put out by Eidos and system requirementslab but in his enthousiasm to post it on the forums he must have forgotten to post it here

You can find the test here it's recommanded you run this test as this is the best way to see if you'll be able to run the game, and if not, you'll see what your bottleneck is.

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Looking for Prey staff! - 15 Jan 2006

Well look at that it appears that we haven't wished our visitors and everyone else a Happy New Year so of all people I have to wish you [fill in whatever it is you wish here].

With that out of the way it's time to move on.

We are looking for staff to help us to start and maintain a new site for our network.

The game would be Prey a very promising title developed by Human Head in co-operation with 3DRealms (you know Duke Nukem and formerly know as Apogee which we have all played some game from when we were young(er).

Our placeholder site is already up @

Now onwards to the positions to fill in, shameless copy/paste from Rutam coming up:

Since this is a full fledged fansite, not just forums.. our focus will be on developing quality content. The network webmasters will assist the staff in filling up the content, but still the site will need a Webmaster to co-ordinate things. Here are some reqs. expected from the Webby  (the webmaster will appoint a co-webmaster if need be)

  • A veteran of the 3DR community, someone who knows everyone well..
  • Should be a good linguist - The network will extend it's gaming/press contacts to the webmaster, so this is a MUST!
  • Should have decent amt. of knowledge about the game, it's history.. (this is a no-brainer actually..)
  • Has to have basic HTML knowledge
  • Has to be 18+ and <50
  • Needs to have some experience with HTML editors and scripts
  • Should be of a sound mind
  • Should be a non-smoker (naah.. I am just kidding :P)

Apart from the Webmaster, the site will need quality news posting from News Posters. Some reqs. as follows :

  • An active member of the community
  • Should be a decent writer. ( One of the news posters will handle the game review as well {hopefully a preview too} )
  • Smartassness and a good sense of humour (unlike mine) will be a plus!
  • Should have decent amt. of knowledge about the game.
  • Has to have basic HTML knowledge ( most news posting will be done through a script.. so this isn't mandatory )
  • Should listen to Heavy-Metal ( wtf )

This core staff will later appoint forum moderators. After the launch, the network itself will have limited control over the site. It is upto the Webmaster, Co-webby and the news posters to take it wherever they want it to go. There won't be any creative restrictions, or censorship over the content thereafter.

Interested? Contact us at: , we're looking forward to your mail!

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Merry Christmas!! - 25 Dec 2005

The TAFN staff would like to wish a Jolly Good Christmas to all of our visitors (and Happy Chanukah to Dave.) May Santa and Rudolf the red nose alcoholic (sorry, couldn't resist ) reindeer bring you all the presents you hoped for, and we wish you moments of joy, pleasure and good health!! We also hope you'll have a white Christmas (even you, Rutam. )

It's a pity that this great period of the year is always over too soon. It has one upside though; you won't have to suffer from all those annoying Christmas songs on the frickin' radio stations anymore.

Happy holidays!!!

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CSF Preview soon - 23 Dec 2005
Nothing new really, but just to break the silence; we'd like to inform you that the TAFN staff should get their hands on playable code of the game pretty soon. We're not talking about a demo here, which should be released about a month before the game release (which is currently scheduled for March) but about a version which we're gonna write a kick-ass preview about for you guys. So be sure to keep checking this page once in a while because it's going to be big and special.
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Change in forum registration - 17 Dec 2005

Hello all,

I've decided to change the forum registration a bit after we've discovered an increase of people registering just to have a link in their profile to some website. Now if they would pay us to put their ads up we'd consider it (hey it helps fund this thing + gets you guys & gals free stuff) but now it's just a big nono, we don't want people spamming their link in our community.

Therefore now when you register you'll have to await admin approval for your account. We'll be checking this on a regular basis in order to make sure that those who genuinely want to be part of the community don't encounter problems.

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New CSF Trailer - 09 Dec 2005

Eidos has decided to spoil us even more by releasing another trailer. It showcases some of the sweet skills Green Beret will have in the game, like swimming, throwing knives, handling 2 machine-guns at once...actually why i am telling you all this? You have to see it with your own eyes! Believe me there is more!
Grab it here!

Additonally before we forget to mention it, regarding those exclusive screenshots. For those who wondered they were taken @ 1152x864 resolution at default settings, meaning no AA or AF or other fancy stuff.

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CSF Website Goes Live! - 08 Dec 2005

Guess what fellas, Eidos has decided to surprise us today by finally launching the Official Commandos Strike Force website. Obviously we don’t need to tell you the reasons to check it out, but if you still thinking if it’s worth the click (since you can get enough information at our website) here is what will help you decide:

  •  Lots of commandos goodies:
                Screenshot gallery 
  • Interesting press section with good to read quotes.
  • General info about commandos, briefing, features etc.
  • And the most interesting thing is historical backgrounds about commandos and Europe in 41-42.

Anyway here's a pic of the layout:

Prey Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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