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CSF All Missions Mod - 22 Mar 2006

TAFN is proud to present you the first modification for Commandos Strike Force. We bring you the All Missions Mod; a little mod which unlocks all available missions in the game, including the "Commando" difficulty mode, which is otherwise only available when finishing each mission with a 5 merit rating. Oh yeah, all artwork in the extras menu has been unlocked too.

The mod can be downloaded from here. Be sure to check out the ReadMe file for installation notes. G'luck, soldier!

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IGN Preview - 21 Mar 2006

IGN have putted up their preview of the game so have a look if you haven't played the game yourself yet.

Some excerpts:

"Fans of the franchise will be pleased that the difficulty remains intact even though the title is now a first-person shooter. After completing a mission, you'll feel pure satisfaction, but that's mostly because there are no check points. Die, and start over."

Unless you use the save function of course.

" One of the most impressive parts of the game thus far is the impact of bullets on enemy soldiers and their realistic flops to the ground. As Hawkins, you can train you sniper rifle on a fast-moving enemy and press a button to hold your breath, which will not only steady your aim but also slow down the game for a moment, a kind of Zen-like moment before you unleash a fatal head shot. Needless to say, it looks and feels cool."

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New trailers! - 19 Mar 2006

Commandos Strike Force, the intense stealth combat game, allows you to switch on-the-fly between elite members of the Strike Force team as you travel deep behind enemy lines to strike the enemy where the mass power of an army cannot. Often the only way to achieve this type of destruction is to use your wits, strategize and utilize disguises to sneak your way to a location where you can hurt them the most. When stealth is the task at hand, George Brown, the spy member of the elite Strike Force team, is ready for duty. This latest trailer focuses solely on his abilities, and gives you a good look at how his forte of stealth combat fuses perfectly within a first person shooter based environment.

But that is not all, as this week we are also sneaking our way into Pyro Studios a second time to hear from the art team as they discuss how they have set up the real life members of the Commandos Strike Force development team to accomplish their task in creating the latest installment of the popular Commandos franchise.

Spy Trailer (9.5 MB)
Video Diary 2 (15.6 MB)

Again thanks to out forum member Bertie who always seems to know about a new trailer before we receive an official press release.

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CSF hit's the shelves - 17 Mar 2006

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CSF Open Battlefields Video - 11 Mar 2006

The clock is counting down to the release of Commandos Strike Force, the intense stealth combat game. The latest addition to the Commandos franchise redefines the series by fusing the first person shooting genre with strategic stealth combat. The ability to switch on-the-fly between the elite members of your Commandos Strike Force team allows you to take control of the action and determine which way you want to approach the battle. However, you wouldn’t have the complete ability to devise your own strategy and tactics if you were limited by the environments that surround you. There would need very large open battlefields, which is exactly what we are featuring in this week's video! This video showcases some of the beautiful landscapes that help keep you in charge of pushing the action, the way that you want to. It’s just icing on the cake that they look great too! Go check out the video now over at Eidos Interactive!

CSF Open Battlefields Video (4.2 MB)
Again kudos to Bertie for posting this in the forums.

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CSF Team Tactics Video - 04 Mar 2006

Commandos Strike Force, the intense stealth combat game, not only fuses first-person shooting style gameplay with strategic stealth combat, but also allows for on-the-fly switching between different members of the elite Commandos Strike Force team. This new feature provides you with more options to fit your play style while allowing a completely new element of strategy that puts you in control of the action. To showcase some of the new strategy possibilities by utilizing the different strengths of your commandos, we are bringing you a brand new gameplay video focusing solely on team tactics. Lead a frontal assault with your Green Beret, and take out problematic enemies from a distance with your Sniper; or pick off enemies one by one with your Sniper, and use your Green Beret for protection before they get too close... the choice is yours to decide and the possibilities are endless.

Go download the video now and see some examples for yourself!
CSF Team Tactics Video (4.0 MB) Enjoy!

And also a thank you to our forumer Bertie for posting about it in the forums!

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Developer diary - 24 Feb 2006

Aha! You thought you wouldn't see me posting here today, that you could get away without me reporting something new about Commandos Strike Force.

Well you would have been right if it weren't for Eidos releasing a movie letting the CEO, Producer and Lead Designer taking you behind the scenes.

Check it out, it's the first in the series so there's more to come

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Re: Forum registration - 23 Feb 2006

Heyas all,

I'm getting some bounced e-mails with registration details of the forums in my mail box. In order to activate your account you need to provide a valid e-mail adress.

If you want I can register your account manually and set up the correct e-mail adress. Just drop me a line by clicking the contact button that's somewhere on this page, go on and find it 

We don't sell your e-mail adresses to advertisers or spammers if that's what you're worried about.

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