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Review & trailer time - 11 Apr 2006

Some fresh new reviews are in, so go check 'em out.

IGN review

1UP review

Justpressplay review

That's it for the reviews now for some more stuff, trailers!

Iakovos has found some new ones on the official website, so head over there and check them out. There's one final trailer showcasing the game some more and an additional cinematic trailer. And if that's not enough there's also a screensaver!

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CSF, out in US! - 07 Apr 2006

Commandos Strike Force, the intense stealth combat game is on its way to retailers today, and tomorrow the Strike Force team will be waiting for your command. Commandos Strike Force fuses the first person action shooter genre with intense stealth combat to give you a brand new World War II experience unlike any other game. Using the unique skills and abilities of the three different members of your elite Strike Force team, infiltrate behind enemy lines and strike your foes when they least expect it.

The Green Beret, Francis O’Brien, specializes in offensive tactics, utilizing skills such as dual wielding his machine guns or getting up close and personal with his melee attacks. William Hawkins, the Sniper, brings the word precision to a new level as he can hold his breath to line up the perfect shot. The Spy, George Brown, is the epitome of stealth combat as he can use various disguises to sneak his way into enemy territory where he can set up a vicious strike. Switch-on-the-fly between the different commandos on your team and devise your own personal style of strategy and tactics to get the mission done. Commandos can do what armies cannot, and the choice will be in your hands tomorrow, April 5th 2006, when Commandos Strike Force will be waiting for you on the store shelves!

It's out today so not tomorrow, just a bit late with posting it

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Review and Q&A - 07 Apr 2006

Actiontrip have posted their review of CSF, snippet below:

"Commandos: Strike Force is not a bad game. In fact, it's a pretty good game. It does offer LAN and WAN compatibility, so Commandos is another aspect you should take into consideration. Is it worth $30 bucks? I believe so. Would I buy it? Not entirely sure. Even though the game itself is good, I'm too tired of the WWII setting to even considering purchasing a game set in the period. If you are not yet sick to the point of vomiting until you dry retch at the mere thought of yet another WWII shooter then you may want to give this one a shot. Likewise, Commandos fans that are willing to experiment, however, should pick this one up. I think they might enjoy certain segments of the experience."

And there's a Q&A over at Shacknews featuring Pyro Studios' Íñigo Vinós talking about CSF main features.

This is an interesting read for the people in the US, since the game was just released there!

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Soundtrack for sale - 28 Mar 2006
For those of you who enjoyed the brilliant music in the game and would like to hear it whenever they want you should check out the following ebay item, the CSF soundtrack by Mateo Pascual.
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Eurogamer review - 28 Mar 2006

Eurogamer has reviewed CSF and gave it a 7/10.

"Despite my grumbling I am glad I stayed the course: Commandos does entertain, especially as it becomes more ambitious, and more recognisable as a Commandos game. Each of the three commandos has his moments of heart-stopping heroism and extreme tension (although the spy is the most entertaining). There have been several crucial moments that made me laugh out loud, and others that made me feel a sense of cerebral accomplishment - feelings that are all-too rare when playing an FPS."

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CSF developer diary 3 - 24 Mar 2006
Eidos have released the third installment of the Commandos developer diaries.  There's bits about keeping the game in the spirit of the originals, multiplayer modes and how the testing of CSF is carried out.

Video Diary 3

Since I'm now a news poster I'll tell you myself instead of asking someone else to do it for me! Hey guys :-)
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CSF No Inros Mod - 24 Mar 2006

Forum member Slippery Jim has created a nifty tool to disable the intro movies at the start of the game. This is what he has to say about it:

"This tool will shut off all the annoying intro movies that are shown before the game starts up. This is an extremely simple "mod" that automatically finds the path to where you installed the game and renames all the intro videos that are found in the VIDEOS folder of Commandos Strike Force. You could of course do this manually but for those that can't be bothered here is the tool to do that."

The tool has been tested and confirmed to work. Go grab it now from our Downloads dB and be sure to bring the author's website a visit.

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CSF All Missions Mod - 22 Mar 2006

TAFN is proud to present you the first modification for Commandos Strike Force. We bring you the All Missions Mod; a little mod which unlocks all available missions in the game, including the "Commando" difficulty mode, which is otherwise only available when finishing each mission with a 5 merit rating. Oh yeah, all artwork in the extras menu has been unlocked too.

The mod can be downloaded from here. Be sure to check out the ReadMe file for installation notes. G'luck, soldier!

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