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New Wii title in development - 25 Dec 2006

Pyro Studios is currently working on a new game for the Wii, as reported by Luis Fernandez (project leader of the game) on a Spanish radio station. The only details we have as of yet is that it's an adventure game and that the game is targetted for a 2008 release.

Really, that's all we know.

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Pyro Studios signs deal with AGEIA - 08 Nov 2006

Pyro Studios has signed a deal with AGEIA, in order to use AGEIA PhysX in its ambitious next generation game (remains unannounced as of yet), using top technology realistic physics.

AGEIA is dedicated to delivering dynamic interactive realism to the ever demanding complexity of next generation games. Its flagship solution, AGEIA PhysX, is the world's first dedicated physics engine and physics processor to bridge the gap between static virtual worlds and responsive unscripted physical reality. AGEIA PhysX allows developers to use active physics-based environments for a truly realistic entertainment experience.

For more information on AGEIA, please visit their website. And be sure to check out the gameplay videos of games using AGEIA PhysX and technology demos to see its power!

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CSF Difficulty Mod - 27 Jul 2006

Again we have a nice little mod for you to enjoy! This time the game has been made a whole more difficult because we have removed most of the information displayed on the radar screen. The only info that remains is the position of the primary and secondary objectives. We have created this mod after receiving numerous complaints from people that the game was way too easy because you can play the game ‘from the radar.’ With that we mean that you could see exactly on the radar where enemies are located and which way they’re facing, even though they were in another room, on another floor or alike. We’re sure this mod comes as a warm welcome to those who have requested this. The mod will work fine in combination with our previous released No Intros mod created by Slippery Jim and the All Missions mod which comes from our hand also. We have included a little ReadMe which contains some installation and removal details (MultiPlayer mode might not work with this mod installed, but you only need to swap a single file to make it working again.) So yeah, give it a try and see how you like it! It will surely change your whole style of playing the game and we hope it will appeal to all! Be sure to keep checking in to our site as we have some more modding plans coming up, and also a little guide how to do some modding for yourself.


But first head over to our Downloads dB and download the mod!

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Contest Winners - 17 Jul 2006

The following persons have won a 6 foot Strike Force poster and an official strategy guide of the game:

1) Jorge Moniz
2) Ravana Markunas
3) Eugene Kramer

The following persons have won an official strategy guide of the game:

4) Carl Stern
5) Bjørn Dustin
6) Steve Davids
7) John Mulder
8) Yannick Simmons
9) John Unterwald
10) Bijay Pokhrel

All winners will receive e-mail notification to check postal details. Congratulations to our winners and thanks to all who have taken part in the contest!

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Contest closed - 14 Jul 2006

The contest has officially come to an end as yesterday was the last day we accepted contest entries. We thank everyone for participating in our contest and prize winners will be announced this weekend. Stay tuned as you might be among one of the 3 lucky winners picked to receive a 6 foot banner and an official strategy guide, or one of the 7 runner-up winners to receive a strategy guide! Winners will also receive an e-mail notification to check if postal details are correct.

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Contest continued - 13 Jun 2006

Hello there after having only posted a couple of days ago that you had a very high change of winning we've noticed that there has been a problemw ith the mail server. So, we don't know when it originated, we that not all entries are lost but I'd advise to re-enter anyway just to be on the safe side. Same adress and name, no problem should your name then pop up twice as we why. It's a problem on our end so no worries!

To enter you need to go to the contest page, a picture of the prizes can be found here.

I hope this plagued contest will finally get to a proper end. The contest will be extended by a month thus making the end date 13 July 2006.

Good luck!

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Still alive - 06 Jun 2006

Just to get some bit of news here, and to reassure you, we are in fact still alive. Granted there hasn't been any news lately because there was nothing to report about so for now I'd suggest you enter the contest as the winning change is very very high at the moment.

So hopefully see you soon with some new Pyro Studios news!

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Contest! - 03 May 2006

Well hello there!

If you want to win some giant CSF poster, or a strategy guide head over to our Contest Page and enter. If you have all questions right you're likely to be the winner

Pics of prizes can be found over here.

Good luck!

Everyone who has submitted his/her answers before this red line appeared in this news post should submit them again. There was a minor problem but everything has been fixed now.

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