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Feb2005 Interview, (page 1/2)
Please tell us who you are and what your function is at Pyro Studios.
We are different people answering these questions:

- José Manuel García works as Project Lead for Commandos Strike Force
- Íñigo Vinós works as PR and Marketing Manager.
Aside from the three main characters, will there be for example, allied soldiers which you can team up with and which you can take control and accompany you through a few missions?
JM: Along the three campaigns we will count with the help of allied troops (Russian and American) and also with the French resistance. These will be key for the mission success although the player will not be able to give orders to them.
How many missions will the game feature and what kind of mission objectives will the player have to face? What is your favourite mission and why?
JM: One of our obsessions from the beginning of the development has been to find new game experiences. In CSF you will find all types of missions: from missions where your main objective will be to attack a position, to others where you will be defending, using infiltration tactics, stealth approaches, or missions where the player will have two characters in control, being able to swap between them at anytime he or she wishes.

To talk about a specific one, we have designed a mission in which you are a sniper at the rear of the enemy position. You have a limited amount of bullets, and you have to carefully select your targets. Each of them has a different score value, and you have to reach a minimum number of points to complete the mission. It’s sort of the typical hunting day for a sniper in the raw Stalingrad.
Do you think the variety of mission objectives will attract audiences that prefer action (like CoD) as well as audiences that prefer stealth (like GR) and other play styles?
JM: Time will tell, but I would bet on both. We have tried to have the right balance of each of them, combining them during the whole game. There will be missions in which the game will demand action from the player and others in which the key to success will be the tactical approach.
What is the estimated play time of the game? Does it differ a lot when you play on different styles, and can every mission be finished on a different approach?
JM: It’s difficult to say but our estimation is around 15 hours of gameplay. It will depend on the way the player chooses to play, both missions and objectives. Almost 100% of missions will support all types of gameplay including action, stealth and infiltration. It will depend more on the character you are controlling, the weapons you have, and on the equipment at that moment.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
WW2 FPS games attract big amount of people these days. Do you have any plans to release bonus material, modding tools and maps to keep the community big and alive? We are especially interested in the ways the game can be modified.
JM: We are studying the type of bonus materials that we could develop although maps will probably not be among them. As in Imperial Glory the complexity of the maps have ups and downs. Among the ups, the final look of them in the game, among the downs, the impossibility of letting players to modify them.
What modes will be available in multiplayer? How many players will it support? Will you concentrate much on this part of the game with development, as it’s getting more and more popular amongst the community? Are there more ways to connect to a game instead of GameSpy?
JM: We are working in four different modes. Two of them are quite standard (although very fun): deathmatch and team deathmatch and the other two focus on the abilities of the commandos. We call them Sabotage and Postmen. As with everything we do here, we are putting our souls on the multiplayer, others will judge the results. Multiplayer will support 16 players on PC and 8 on PlayStation 2 and Xbox. The PC version will connect through Rendezvous.
Do weather conditions, if present, have any influence on the game play? Does the landscape play a role in the different campaign locations?
JM: No, weather does not affect gameplay. If we had random weather conditions the player will probably wait to have a good condition and it would be boring. I’m not sure if I fully understand your second question. The terrain obviously plays a role as you may hide behind objects, go inside interiors, etc., but not sure how the landscape could affect it.
We heard the famous pack of cigarettes will make its return, are there more abilities that will make a comeback? Can you tell us about some new abilities?
JM: Of course, the packet of cigarettes is back. The player will have a large equipment in order to choose the way he wants to play. So apart from the cigarettes we will have a coin to distract, smoke grenades, gas grenades, enemy uniforms, etc. There are several elements from the previous Commandos saga.
Driving tanks and other vehicles in CoD was a lot of fun, will our Commandos also have to chase down the enemy and crush everything in their path?
JM: We are not planning for the player to be able to drive vehicles, unless we consider a rowing boat a vehicle. In exchange what we are offering the player are open maps for him or her to decide they way of solving the missions.
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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