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Commandos: Strike Force hands on (page 2/2)
A detailed report from Strike Force at Games Market Europe: Part 2

Something where there was put a great amount of work is the realism of the soldiersí behaviour. With that I donít just mean the AI in a fight, but also the things they do when everything seems to be under control (yeah, they wish!!) Soldiers donít just do their patrol over and over again, but they have al kinds of different behaviours. They will smoke a cigarette once in a while, do work-outs, have a beer, chat, warm themselves in cold weather and the list goes on. This gives the feeling that youíre not looking at some computer controlled characters, but as if they are living their own life. I think thatís really cool. Of course in a fight they will react differently. If they canít get a clear shot on you one way, they will try another (you can read about this in @mís report, about the flanking and such.) This gives the element of surprise as you never know what to expect next.

Apart from this mission which I played on the PC, Iíve also been playing on the PS2 and Xbox. Iím no console gamer, so I really had to get used to the controls. (@m gave me about 2 minutes before I would get killed; it appeared to be less than that) (- well you insisted not to play on easy eh? ~@m). It took me quite some time getting used to the controls, but when I got the hang of it, my hands were one with the controller. The first mission I played was PANZERS! In this mission you have to destroy some Panzers tanks, which are patrolling the area. Then you also have this mission where you have to hold off an invasion of Nazi scum (I believe it was called For the Mother of Russia) and the mission with the bridge, where you also get attacked by lots of Jerries. I didnít manage to complete these last two missions I mentioned, so I donít know what comes after youíve repelled the invasion (in the Panzers mission, there were many more objectives than just destroying those mechanical monsters.)

Now, Iím not going to write much more about the game, simply because a lot of info can be found in @mís report, but also because I donít want to spoil anything. I could write another 2 pages about the game, but I wonít, hehe. Let me finish by saying that this is not just another WW2 FPS game. Iíve spent quite a long time playing on the consoles, so Iíve seen pretty much people come and go to play the game on the consoles next to me. Funny thing is that they went off after a couple of minutes because they died quickly and quite often. They probably thought that they could easily run-and-gun through the map, but they were proven oh so wrong. If youíre afraid that this game canít have the strategic elements from the original game, then I think ďyou have not a single clue what awaits you.Ē This is still Commandos, but then from another perspective. It has everything from the original game plus a big list of new things. There are many many things to discover on the map, things that youíve never seen in any other game. This will make this game unique. Its about time to learn how to be patient!

Also let me thank Michael Souto and Adrian Arnese. Thanks for all the explanations and such, it was really nice to have a chat with you. Also thanks to the other Eidos chaps I talked with, I really enjoyed it a lot!! And muchos gracias to Pyro for creating another damn fine game!!

Alright, the end. But not before youíve checked out some pictures I made (unfortunately, Iíve lost some.) Iíve also included pics of the famous Tower Bridge and the Big Ben, as well as a pic of Simon Wells (with the F.E.A.R. shirt.) He used to work for Eidos, but later moved to Vivendi Universal. It was nice to meet you too, Simon!!

Ok, itís really the end now, hope you enjoyed it. More detailed info in a month or two when we receive playable code to preview the game. :)




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Written by: sick

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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