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A detailed report from Strike Force at Games Market Europe: Part 1

It is however not the end of the report as Mike introduced us to the Brand Manager of the Pyro Games Adrian Arnese, who showed us the game on PS2 and XBOX. He helped me getting started with the game but eventually I ended up asking if he could show the game as I wasnt getting anywhere (never touched a console before). He took us through the game, showing the controls and gameplay while mentioning that the more enemies you kill the more points you get which will make it possible to unlock certain features.

The following Adrian showed was distracting a soldier with a coin, it was funny to watch the soldier turn into the direction where the coin landed, it is also possible to use a pack of cigarettes as well. After that he showed us the cleverness of the AI. The objective was to keep the Germans from crossing the bridge. To do this he used the sniper to take out the upcoming Germans, the AI however realizes that its not going to be possible to cross the bridge that way and will try to flank you. You are warned of this event by a small window that pop ups on your right and shows the upcoming enemies. Later on as he picked up some additional ammo and placed some mines on the bridge he explained that the best way to take out tanks is by hitting them at the back with your Panzerfaust.

While discussing the attention of detail Adrian pointed out that later in the game in the destroyed city of Stalingrad you will see soldiers moving around, trying to repair things, for instance they will change the light bulbs in the searchlights. That's the amount of detail which went into the game.

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios


Commandos Strike Force is looking and playing very good. The code we saw and played was alpha code and it already was an amazing experience. To sum it up: great gameplay/graphics HUD/animation/music & sound. The Commandos are back with a perfect mix of new and old elements. CSF is scheduled to release at the end of February, a date which according to Mike is very likely to be reached. Put your money aside and mark the month on your calendar, its coming.

This concludes the report I hope it was informative and helpful. Keep an eye on the site as well be releasing more info when Tom is back from the show. And of course to read the latest, see the screens and trailers.

Id like to thank Michael Souto and Adrian Arnese for spending a lot of time to guide us through the game. It was very nice to meet the both of you, talk to you, as you were both really friendly and nice :) I was happy to be there and had a great time. Thanks again!

While Im thanking people I should also mention the people who organised the event as they did a very good job. It was fun.

Update: We've uploaded the pictures we took, so check them out here!


Mateo Pascual


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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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