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A detailed CSF demo report

More enemies means that quicker my team is dead and buried. Could there be an actual strategy element here? This is a commandos’ game, so it had to be. And gladly there was. This game has written “Commandos Strategy” all over it. Very subtly, but previous experience with the series identified for me these elements. Right at the start of the mission move the GB on the very left, have him jump from the boat to the icy rocks, then onto the back of a shack. This is an observation small house, overlooking the dock, with one sub-officer in it. By moving further left and into crouch position have him lie there. Change into the sniper and drop at least 2 smoke grenades from the top of the boat, where you are positioned, to the snowy dock below. The enemy will be confused. Be aware of your men. If more than five are killed mission ends. You can finish the mission with at least two, but that does not mean that they should have to die. Nobody stays behind. Not if you are commando. Have the sniper into sniper mode and take out the ones you can see through the smoke, but be alert, because there is an observation house up on the mountain with a machinegun mounted on the window. Primary function of the sniper will be to take out anyone who tries to use it. For me at least 3 men took over and started firing.

Change into the GB as soon as you see men climb down the mountaintop. Ambush this convoy of… men (at least seven soldiers came down from there) by taking them out as they descend, plus kill the sub-officer in the front side observation post (the shack) with the GB, either with a gun or with a knife. Then… all is quiet. Noise seems to be important. The less noise you make (especially by blowing up barrels) the less alerted would other enemies be. The con in this mission is that you have no direct control over the friendly A.I. As soon as every enemy in the front side dock is killed they move as they please to the next phase/part of the mission. You cannot control them by giving them simple orders like stay or follow. This can be real troublesome if they get killed while you try to progress your mission. At this point on there are several paths that you can follow. Still, there is one German hiding into a building at the front side dock. If you kill him your men will move forward and you’ll loose the element of surprise. Still, you need to be cunning. Let him be at the moment. Get additional ammo for your weapons for both your commandos and…

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios

Different variations/strategies:

a. In this variation the sniper holds still, while the GB moves: Move your GB in a crouching position to the upper path that leads to the back dock. Position your sniper at the very right of the bridge cabin of the boat. Now have your GB run and place him into the back of the nearest building on the far right (you move forward, then go right). Do not go down the stairs. Germans will be alerted, your men will follow and take positions at the dock and troops will move onto the balcony of that building. You can either snipe them one at a time (using bullet time), or ambush them from behind by using the GB. At this very balcony-ledge you have clearly a double advantage, either by shooting the officer when he tries to flee or by shooting men who are at the dock and enemies who climb upstairs (you move around of course, you do not stay put). Be sure that Germans will move into your position and en mass. That is guaranteed. This is clever enemy A.I. Plus, the third advantage is that you can ambush the enemies sneakily positioned on the snowy rocks, next to a house, which ambush and decimate your entire squad. This mission has strategy indeed written over it. As soon as everybody is dead, mission is over. By the way, you can kill the escaping officer either on route to the small boat, either on the boat as he escapes, either on the boat as he has already traveled some distance (either using the sniper for a JFK shooting either the GB for a more… mafia shootout). All ways are welcomed.

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written by: iakovos
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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