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Commandos Strike Force demo overview (page 2/6)
A detailed CSF demo report

Guess who's coming tonight

The Commandos Strike Force demo was officially -and painstakingly- released this week and so far has received positive comments. Could this be true? There was a kind of awe when I downloaded (thanks to our great site here) and installed the demo. Could the wait have been worth it? Could there be a new experience behind all this? Could the experiment actually work somehow and not be a “letdown” again? Commandos 2:MOC sure was worth the wait and a really long one that was. Commandos 3:DB was a joyful and painful memory simultaneously, which sadly ended our beloved strategy series. But Commandos Strike Force is something completely different. And the question remains: Can strategy elements be applied to a FPS game?

Restore Pride

I am glad as a commandos’ fan to say actually… YES to all these questions. The adrenaline rose high when I saw the Green Beret flipping his knife. Could this be true? The only other game I have played where in first person view there was a knife to actually kill someone was in Half Life: Opposing Force, but all you could do was slash here and there. No way sir! Not in commandos. In commandos you can slash, but you also see drops and ripples of blood here and there on the body parts of the enemy you hit. But that is not all. In commandos there are the now called “killing techniques”, where you can actually see your character perform the killing. And that is not all still… three commandos equal three different killing techniques. Yes, I am pretty sure that Commandos Strike Force strikes back and… with a vengeance!

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios

Baptism of Fire

The Commandos Strike Force demo has actually given me hope that the actual game will be so much awesome. In the demo we only get a brief glimpse of the actual in game experience. A really tiny snack that cannot even whet our appetite… only makes us salivate even more. It looks that the game is purely story driven, like an actual movie with a plot, twists, surprises, a magnificent cast and so much more. But all this makes real sense, as you are about to play mission after mission. What the demo offers is two brief mini missions actually of the huge missions to come.

All I can provide here is a brief description of the mini missions (in the demo you can play any mission as you choose): Mission One: The first mission involves using the Sniper and the Green Beret to overcome the defenses in a German outpost at the Norwegian coast. The overview of the mission parameters indicates that this is the opening prologue of a major commandos’ mission to sabotage a power plant controlled by the Germans.

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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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