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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Interview wit Ignacio Pérez; Lead Designer C3 (2/2)
TAFN - Will there be more animal interaction in Commandos 3? Will the horse from Commandos 2 be used?

Ignacio - Not much animal interaction. We have preferred to put all the effort on the military side. Now we will have changing environment, enemy reinforcements, alarms, paratroopers, etc... to create a much more dynamic experience.

TAFN - What was your toughest problem in the process of developing the game? How did you solve it?

Ignacio - The main problem has been on the design on finding the way to create many different game situations and different mission content respecting Commandos spirit. This has been finally achieved through thousand of hours of game testing and balancing.

TAFN - At what point is it you realize the game is ready to release? When will the game go Gold, any estimates?

Ignacio - The game is nearly ready and we are just working on the final mater. We will go gold on the next couple of weeks for a release on the 7th of October in the US and on the 10th in the rest of the world.

TAFN - What is it that makes the newest episode in the series stand out from Commandos 1 and 2? In what ways is it innovative?

Ignacio - I think that it is a synthesis of both previous Commandos games and new at the same time. I think that the most innovative part is on the gameplay side and on the mission design. While Commandos 1 and 2 had a single game mechanic or to explain it a single way to play through it, Commandos 3 is much more varied with missions and game mechanics very different from one mission to the next.

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
TAFN - Were any elements from the Praetorians engine hybridised with the C2 engine to create the new engine, if yes, which ones?

Ignacio - Not really, the games are so different that they required very different technical approaches.

TAFN - What are your plans for the continuation of the commandos saga, is and expansion or Commandos 4 a possibility? What are your plans?

Ignacio - We do not know what will come next but definitely it will be a very different game from what we have done until now even if we keep the Commandos universe. Expect some surprises.

TAFN - Considering the fact that media/war-footage/information available on the eastern front of assault is less, relative to what is available on the western front, what were the inspirations/derivatives you looked into to develop the eastern or the "cold" campaigns are they are called, in Commandos 3?

Ignacio - I think that although there is not as much information there is still quite a lot of documentation around the eastern front specially about Stalingrad campaign. On top of that movies like Stalingrad and Enemy at the gates have been a good inspiration.

TAFN - Another question on the same lines, have you/or the publishers taken any special initiative to promote the game in New Europe/CIS/Russia, taking into account the background of the campaigns in Commandos 3?

Ignacio - I do not know if it is because of Commandos popularity or because of the fact that you mention but this time we are making for the first time in the Commandos games versions of the game translated into Czech and Russian due to the expectation generated on this two countries. We are also making a Polish version but that was also done for Commandos 2.

TAFN - Well, a personal question.....If you had the chance to explain to my parents [ actually all parents who want their kids to have C3 :) ] why the game is worth getting, what would be your reasoning?

Ignacio - Games are not only a very good way of having fun(a great way indeed) but I think that specially in the case of Commandos type of games is a way of having intelligent fun. Also games gives the player the opportunity to participate on a very active way which is something that does not happen with music, cinema or even literature.

Great answers there :) Our regards to Ignacio Perez & his team at Pyro Studios for spending their precious time with us.
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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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