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Commandos 3 FAQ:
Who is making Commandos 3?
A Spanish company named Pyro Studios is developing the game. The publisher is Eidos.

Pyro Studios website.
Eidos website.
When will the game be released?
The game has been released world wide. You should be able to buy it at your local games shop or through any internet based games store.
What are the system requirements?

Microsoft Windows 98SE/2000/XP (Admin rights required)
Pentium® III 700 Mhz (or Athlon(tm) equivalent)
128 MB on Windows 98SE, 256 on Windows 2000/XP
32 MB DirectX 9 compatible 3D Graphics card (nVidia GeForce or Ati Radeon Chipset)
Windows 98SE/2000/XP-compatible sound card (100% DirectX 9-compatible)
Quad-speed (4x) CD-ROM drive
2 GB free disk space
100% Windows 98SE/2000/XP -compatible mouse and keyboard


Pentium® III 1.0 GHz (or Athlon(tm) equivalent)
256 MB RAM
64 MB GeForce or ATI Radeon equivalent
LAN, ADSL or Cable Modem

Pentium® 4 2.0 GHz (or Athlon(tm) XP equivalent)
512 MB RAM
128 MB GeForce 4ti or ATI Radeon 9xxx equivalent
Who are the characters in the game?
Commandos 3 features six of the old commandos characters; Green Beret, Sniper, Sapper, Thief, Spy and Diver. The Driver, Whisky (not the drink, the dog) and Natasha will not be in Commandos 3.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Is there a multiplayer mode?
Yes. Commandos 3 will feature both deathmatch and capture the flag modes along with the normal single player objectives mode (co-operative play just like in commandos 2). You can play the modes either commandos vs. commandos, commandos and allies vs. commandos and allies. One option is based on credits; you get an amount of credits that you can spend on different troops.
How will multiplayer work?
Each commando will have a FOV (field of vision) cone, which will be the only area he can see. This prevents players from being able to see each other all across the map.
Where can I find the demo?
You can download it from one of the following sites: Gamershell
Will there be a demo?
Yes. Please see above.
Will there be a multiplayer demo?
Will there be any new weapons?
Yes. Commandos 3 will feature a large range of weapons including mortars, heavy machine guns and artillery. They usual arsenal of world war 2 guns will be present as well.
Will the AI be improved?
Soldiers will continue to react as realistically as possible, but their reactions will differ and be more complex. Normal soldiers will have an average intelligence whereas the new class of German paratroopers will be more advanced and will know when to be careful. The AI will depend on the type of soldier it is.
Will Commandos 3 use the same engine as in Commandos 2?
Commandos 3 will use an improved version of the Commandos 2: Men of Courage 2D outdoor engine, and will have a completely new indoor engine. Indoor environments will be fully 3D, and 360 degrees rotatable in all directions, including zoom in and out.
How many missions will there be?
There are 12 missions split up into three distinct campaigns. These campaigns can be played in any order and are the following; Stalingrad, Central Europe and Normandy. There will also be a tutorial (as opposed to Commandos 2).
What will the commandos be able to do?
All the commandos will be able to throw grenades, use heavy machine guns, run, walk, lie down etc. Every commando will have special abilities on top of this, such as the Green Beret being very strong or the Spy’s ability to disguise himself.
What genre is Commandos 3: Destination Berlin?
It is a real time tactics game, known as RTT.
Will there be a Commandos 4 or an expansion?
Commandos 3 was the end of the series as we know it. Pyro & Eidos decided to go for a different approach with Commandos Strike Force, check our site for more content!
Will there be a mission editor?
How long will the Commandos 3 gaming experience be?
Due to the small amount of missions but mainly because of the size of maps, experienced players will be able to finish the game in a week (or less).
My question isn’t answered in this FAQ! What do I do?
Look around TAFN. There are trailers, screenshots and more to take a look at. If you still haven't gotten an answer go to the TAFN forums and ask us, we will then add your question to the FAQ.
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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