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Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos 2 FAQ
Who is making Commandos 2?

Pyro Studios is developing the game. The publisher is Eidos.

Pyro Studios website
Eidos website

When will the game be released?

The game has been released world wide. You should be able to buy it at your local games shop or through any internet based games store.

What are the system requirements?


Pentium® II 300Mhz or equivalent processor
Windows 9X/ME/XP
4x CD-Rom Drive
DirectX® 8.0 or higher
100% DirectX® 8.0 compliant video card w/ 12MB VRAM
100% DirectX® 8.0 compliant sound card
2 Gigabytes Free Hard Drive Space


Pentium® II 450Mhz or equivalent processor
Windows 98SE/ME/XP
8x CD-Rom Drive
DirectX ® 8.0 or higher
100% DirectX ® 8.0 compliant video card w/ 32MB VRAM
100% DirectX® 8.0 compliant sound card
3 Gigabytes Free Hard Drive Space

Note: The game should work without trouble on a newer OS such as Windows XP. It supports resolutions from 640x480 up to 1280x1024.

Who are the characters in the game?

Commandos 2 lets you control 9 commandos characters (including a dog); Green Beret, Sniper, Sapper, Thief, Spy, Diver, Driver, Whisky and Natasha.

Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Is there a multiplayer mode?

Yes. In Commandos 2 you can choose to play all of the solo missions together with your friends in co-op mode. All players choose one or more commandos that they will control. The players then try to complete the objectives together. However, there is no deathmatch mode.

Where can I find the demo?

There is unfortunately no official single player or multiplayer demo for Commandos 2.

What weapons are there?

There is everything from grenades that your sapper can use to molotov cocktails, smoke grenades and gas grenades for your driver. The different commandos can use weapons depending on what skills they have. The sniper for instance is the only one who can use sniper rifles. Other weapons include submachine guns, pistols, lethal syringes, rifles and bazookas.

What vehicles are there?

The Axis troops use Kubelwagen cars, Panzer tanks and Sdk's. Some vehicles can often be controlled such as the Willis jeep, some tanks and even a motor boat.

What does the AI have in store?

Soldiers will react as naturally as possible to the actions of the commandos; amongst others they patrol, talk to each other and even take a smoke. Depending on which difficulty you play on they will react differently.

What kind of engine does Commandos 2 use?

The Commandos 2 engine uses 2D for outdoor environments and 3D for interiors.

How many missions are there?

There are 9 missions, 9 bonus missions and 2 training missions.

What are the skills of the commandos?

Every commando is specialized in one domain. The Spy is excellent at infiltrating, just like the Thief. The Sapper is an explosives expert and does all the blowing up in the game. The general skills of the commandos include walking, running, crawling, using rifles, driving vehicles and more.

What genre is Commandos 2: Men of Courage?

It is a Real Time Tactics game, also knows as RTT.

Is there or will there be a Commandos 3?

Yes. See the Commandos 3 FAQ for more information.

Is there a mission editor?

No. Some minor modifying is possible, take a look at the Commandos 2 Editing Tutorials to find out more.

My question isn’t answered in this FAQ! What do I do?

Look around TAFN. There are trailers, screenshots and more to take a look at. If you still haven't gotten an answer go to the TAFN forums and ask us, we will then add your question to the FAQ.

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