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Walkthrough - Commandos 3
Europe - Take control of the town

Europe Part 5

You now have to take control of the town the Nazis want to move the art through. Eliminate the soldiers working above your start area first. S1 can be lured with the smokes, and then you can take down the one armed guy in the area. S3 and S4 may see you, but again, no guns, and they just run at you and let you punch them. Tie 'em up, hide em, and wait for O5 to walk by you (have on the uniform), knock him down and stash him in the building too. Now, the bikers don't watch really any of the other guys in their area, and so you can pretty much drop soldiers over their with Duke's rifle with impunity. I suggest the two at the base of the stairs first, but whichever order looks best to you. If you manage to take out soldiers 6, 7, and 8 without the louie or mechanics noticing, you can crawl Inferno up nice and close and throw a cocktail into the sidecar, nailing the mechanics and one convoy warning system in one swoop. If you then switch to Duke real quick you can drop L9 and S12 and S13 (in the first map) as they come to see waht the hell just happened. Despite the fact that you just chucked a molotov cocktail and made an explosion, they are considered silent, so no one else that didn't actually SEE it will be alerted. S13 (second pic) can now be lured out of otehrs' vision with smokes, and 14 and 15 can be dropped now. Wait for 15 to go check on 14 before you take him down. Slug L17 when S18 is at a far end of his route,and then chase him down and do the same. Hide them both. Add the crate to your arsenel. Use Duke to take out the sniper on the second story who faces out in your area. Lure 19 well away from his post with the smokes, and slug and stash him. Gas patrol 20 and strip them of weapons and equipment (after you gas the patrol, you can just slug the louie). Get the crate. Molotov cocktail the bike. That's two. Duke can now go get the rounds the sniper left and he'll have quite the supply of rounds. Looking through the arch S19 was guarding, he can pick of the soldier closest to S19 in my picture when he comes over to talk to him, and then take out anyone who comes over to investigate. The alarm will not sound. Once as many guys as possible are down, move forward, sniping leftovers. When Inferno gets close enough, toss a cocktail on the sniper on the inside of the square, and then on the sidecar. Mission didn't end, huh? I know. It's because there are still troops inside that must be killed to "take control of the town". Plant anti-personnel mines outside all doors, and then the remote bomb in the square center. Move far away, like back up towards the patrol. Blow the charge, and you'll take out a ton of guys with the mines as they run out. Mop up with Duke and call it a day. well, not quite yet. There is the last part.

written by : Rick
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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