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Walkthrough - Commandos 3
Europe - Stop bomb deployment

Europe Part 3

This is probably the hardest mission on the game. You have a stressful time limit, and Tiny is alone. The only thing I can suggest is that (A) you should go towards the side where the tank IS NOT patrolling first, as it is easier without the good gear, (B) you can be pretty noisy, but you still have to be careful. Take out a few guys silently, set yourself up to be noisy with a rifle, and mow down everyone in the area that comes running after the first shot. You wonít attract the whole map, so thatís why itís safe. (C) thereís longer range weapons and grenades in the boxes. (D) it say to destroy the vehicles, but you donít have to blow any vehicles up. Not even the tank, which I originally read the you did. You have to kill almost all the soldiers, particularly the mechanics, who are acting as sappers. Since they have no weapons, you can basically stand out in the open and let five see you at once and Tiny becomes a whirling dervish with his blade. (E) once you move to the side with the tank patrolling, the first act of violence should be to whack the patrol while they are in gaggle. Remember, you donít have to save grenades to destroy the tank, so feel free to use them on soldiers. Anyone who can do this mission from start to finish without reloading is a God. There is no best way to do this, because you have to wipe out everyone, and you can be fairly violent. The guy by the start can go first, as you can take his uniform right away. Sneak up so that you can get in behind S2 when three moves away, stand, knife S2, snag box contents, snag S2ís rifle, and hide up by the top of the screen. You got an assault rifle out of that box, so you can use that to mow down some guys that come too close to investigate S2ís entrails. That will most likely be S3 and S4 as marked. You can use the rifles to pick off guys near the edges. Some will come running, others will not. Just try to use your rifle only one other firearms users. The mechanics will run at you to punch you, but Tiny can take a lot of punches before dying, and he can usually knife them before they do any damage. Youíll see that you can flip between being noisy and silent until youíve picked off most of them. Donít forget to get the guy in the watch tower. Donít stop to think about your next moves. You have to be fast! If the guys behind the wall and kind of difficult to get, you can go back for them! The only other important thing is that when you venture into the lower part, with the tank, make sure you cream the patrol (20) with a grenade first. Watch out for the louie (21) seeing you and drawing others, and then you can just stand in the open and let mechanics run to their cold steel death in areas 22 and 23. There are two crates that have rifles in them and you can go prone and pick off the four soldiers in area 24 before any can hit you. Saves you two bullets for the guys inside the compound too! Move the truck of the tracks after you clean out area 24 or just before and if the mission hasnít ended, just clean up stragglers until it does.

written by : Rick
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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