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Walkthrough - Commandos 3
Stalingrad - Kill the traitor

Stalingrad Part 3

The last part isnít a whole lot harder than the first parts. Tiny starts off alone in a room. When the interrogator comes in, simply crack him. Then go out the door and crack the mechanic. Walk in and get Inferno and Duke. Walk all three down the corridor to the next room. The two guards out in the main room donít need to be bothered with. Search all the rooms up off these. There are crates in them, and you want the gear, specifically, the two gas grenades. They make your life much easier. Clear the rooms with Tiny. Only mechanics populate them, so again, you can just walk at them with your knife and butcher them. Once the three rooms off the prison main are clear, take out the two guards with tiny in the level you must climb down to and gather everyone to go into the next room where Spooky awaits. Poke your head through the top after the spiel. Wait until the Nazi party disperses and all troops head to their posts, if they have not already. Give Spooky a uniform so he can go upstairs and distract S1. Tiny can then come up and remove #1 from play. Drop him down the manhole and move Spooky into the building door left of the guard shack. You can just poison (only enough to knock out) the three soldiers within that room, taking the officerís uniform. Now you can order S2 away from the sight of others and Tiny can get him, and then S3 with the help of Spooky. Dump Ďem in the manholes. Spooky must then go distract S4 and have him look in the direction of the tank. Put the proper gear with Inferno and have the other three now crawl around the barb wire and behind the wall of the construction area. When S5 and S6 are approximately on top of each other, gas them. Then gas S7. Tie them up, remove their possessions and loot the explosives boxes. Have Tiny take out S8 when the other guard further along behind the buildings is walking away, and hide the bodies behind the walls of the site. Move Inferno back up to the wall where S3 stood. Test the best place you can reach with a grenade and cancel the countdown. A soldier will come back into the street you just cleared after you cancel the countdown. Spooky can remove him so Inferno can get away easy. Have Spooky go back to distracting S4 after that. Again, look towards the tank.

written by : Rick
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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