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Walkthrough - Commandos 3
Normandy - Storm the beach

Normandy Part 3

Part 3 of Normandy gets the gold for most anti-climactic ending of 2003. Itís very easy. You get to make like Capt. John Miller and storm the beach on D-Day. If it could have been this easy in real life, the Allies would have been some happy little buggers. As soon as you break the first line, they may as well just give up. And breaking the first line is not hard at all. Tiny's path is the green arrow. Use the allied soldiers to do the other routes. Have the red route soldier crawl up to the machine gun nest, picking off S1 and G2 (for gunner). He can wait there, prone after that. Next take the blue route fellow and crawl him up from the other side, picking off S3 and S4 when they stand up to switch poistions and check the base of their nest for enemies. Have him wait prone. Tiny can easily retrieve the box contents now, which includes some grenades. Have him run and then crawl toward nest 5. As soon as he's in range, have him chuck a grenade at N5, killing everyone there. The route for the purple Infantryman is now safe, and he can use his superior range to pick off S6, 7, 8, and G9. As soon as the last gunner falls, the sapper truck will head up top and clear all the mines and maybe even run over an enemy. Once the truck is done, use the infantry to pick off stragglers. The allied troops will advance to positions on the ridge. Crawl all your men to the hole in hte wall to the leftmost of my map. Get them all through and out the other side, where a soldier can nail O10 and S11. About this time, the troops in area 12 and 13 will know that the allies are in their perimeter and they will post themselves in such a way as to make Tiny's lone approach extremely difficult. Again, use the soldiers. The game does not tell you this, but the Allied Troops, like the enemies, have superior ranges to the commandos. Rally at the end ofthe first arrrow, send a soldier up to the roof to pick off whoever he can (especially the guys who post on the rook across from him on the center bunker). Use one soldier with a second covering him in cover mode to pick off all the soldiers before they can even find you. If one dies, you have 7 more! Once you clear the path to the bunker, Tiny can easily get in there and go to town. Clear areas 12 and 13, and then move to 14. Then Tiny can just jump down into the trench, chuck his second grenade into the bunker first, and then go finish off survivors with the rifle. Game over man, game over!

written by : Rick
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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