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Walkthrough - Commandos 3
Normandy - Destroy the warships

Normandy Part 2

This mission is the only one with Fins, so that sucks. It is fun, and can be done totally stealthy, so thatís a plus. Also, the good part about this is that there isnít anything the game doesnít tell you up front or that you are surprised to learn after the fact because itís not included in the manual. The only thing I experienced is that I kept dying underwater because I thought I was donning the diving gear when I actually wasnít. So make sure you do that. The sailor (S1) that walks towards the stairs going down to the water where you can initially swim to can be made to come down the stairs far enough that he can be knifed out of view of S2 and S3. Take his stuff and dispose of him in the water when the coast is clear. Don his uniform when you prepare to make the next run. When O4 and S3 are looking away from S2, and S2 moves to go stand between the shipping containers (you may have to wait a bit for the perfect time), run over to S2, take him down via knife, and grab his body and stash it between the containers. Then dash over to the crates and get down. When S2 walks back over to that area, you can get him too. Hide him, and walk into the building he was guarding. In that building are three sailors, with no arms, so you can take them out pretty easily. They are also just lounging. In that crate is one of the bombs, and a useful extra knife. Back outside, kill O4 when he is closest to the docks, but make certain L7 canít see you carrying him off. You can kill S5 while youíre back down here while youíre at it. May as well. S8 may see S5 dead and come to check on him. So wait him and then get him with your second knife. S6 is very easy to sneak up on, and you might as well remove him as he can cause problems later. The map is so small and itís so easy to remove everyone that you can just do so. Inside the building O4 was outside of, there is another bomb. However, it is protected better. Two guards with weapons are inside the door. When A and B soldiers are both walking away from the door (peek in), step inside and dispatch A. Hide him and you behind those crate and when B returns, you can get him too. C may see you, and if he does, just take him out with knife #2. Retrieve your knives, and if you throw them at D and E, F will be stunned and looking at his buddies dying when you cold cock him. The bomb is inside the room, but peek in first, and when the lone troop in there is looking away, knife him as you step in. Once you have those items, sneak up behind L7, take him down with a knife, and crawl up behind O9 and knife him too. Throw a grenade on the sailors and their officer, and when S11 runs to check for survivors and is screeching about the alarm, he wonít realize heís actually all alone until you surprise him with a rifle shell in the nogginí., or maybe even grenade number two. Then you donít even actually have to open the gate, as you can don the diving gear and climb right down the ladder by S11ís patrol route. When you get back out of the water, you need to move pretty far away from the ships before the detonator appears and you can blow them up.

written by : Rick
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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