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Walkthrough - Commandos 3
Normandy - Cripple nazi support

Normandy Part 1

Ho, ho! This is the best mission on the game! Why? You get to blow up tons of stuff! Lupin has smokes. Toss them on the X area so S1 is attracted. Whack him, and have Lupin continue up to O2. Switch to Inferno. Tie up S1, take smokes, take uniform. Carry him up between buildings and wait. Meanwhile, Lupin ties up O2, carries him towards S3, cracks S3, ties him up. S3 doesn't even look your way, so don't sweat him. Watch both men. You can work with Lupin, but you don't want to miss S4 when he gets to where Inferno can nail him.

Throw smokes and you'll get a similar situation to my picture 3. Whack him over the head, take his uniform. Lupin can nail all five mechanics with little difficulty. They will run at him one at a time, and you can just take them out really easy. Once Inferno is done with S4, have him run into the munitions building with Lupin. Take everything you can out of the crates, but leave one bomb set inside. Now Inferno runs back to where he left S4 and S1. Give Lupin ALL ten grenades in the building. In picture 5, Lupin can hide behind the chest and when S1 is at the end of his route close to the door, you can just come up behind him without the louie seeing him. You can't get in on the louie, but no one is down here now anyway, and you're inside, so just spray him.

Inferno should take out all the soldiers in the barracks close to the half-track yard. Mask up, toss in one gas, crawl in, lay everyone else low with more gas, and tie them up. They go down real easy. Strip 'em, crawl Inferno around the building and have him wait just on the other side of the fence from the half-tracks, at the end of the arrow. Lupin should poke his head out the window marked with an 'X'. If you crawl out this and drop, you'll actually be IN the tank yard... with ten grenades... near fuel barrels... heh, heh, heh. Avoid the searchlight but try to use the grenades in the spots marked in picture 6. Blowing up the fuel barrels will cause the tanks to light up in one hit. You'll want make sure you nail the group, and anyone who comes into the yard with Lupin. You'll plenty of grenades. When it's safe, flip-flop between the two. Inferno can light up the halftracks close to him with molotov cocktails, and he can reach the distant ones with his bazooka. The enemy soldiers can not pinpoint your location when firing the bazooka, so just stay down and go to town. If Lupin saves just one grenade he can chuck it over the fence at the fuel bladder, and then you can switch to Inferno, detonate the munitions depot, and the mission will end assuming you already killed the vehicle quota. Short and dirty, the way I like 'em.

written by : Rick
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
Commandos Imperial Glory Praetorians Eidos Pyro Studios
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