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Commandos 2 Editing Article (page 4/4)

In the Anim folder, you will find files with two extensions; .ani and .an2

.ani These files define 3d files

.an2 These are files defining 2d files

These files will define what unit uses what model, .ani files may only replace .ani files, .an2 files may only replace .an2 files. If you want a the thief to use the model of a doberman, take the Doberman.ani and name it Ratero (Ratero is the name used to designate the thief). If you understand this, then you can exchange any unit, you can also use the new units to replace old ones. Beware though, models do not have all the animations other may have; you will never see a penguin raise a gun or sit in a boat. Because of this the game may freeze when model exchanges are made.

Here is a list of some of the names in the Anim file:

C2 ANI List (.doc | will open in new window)

The models themselves can be found in the Abi folders, you do not need to replace these as it is the .ani and .an2 that tell the game what models to use. I hope you see how easy this really is, I hope you slap yourself and say: "Damn, why didn't I know this before, it is sooo easy!". Anyway, go make some cool mods now will ya?


  • .abi Model file
  • .an2 These files define 2d files
  • .ani These files define 3d files
  • .bas ?
  • .bri Briefing files
  • .dat Editable text files that serve different purposes NO ENCRYPTION
  • .fnm + .fnc Font file types that can be exchanged to a certain limit
  • .grl Graphics files (most likely some type of interactive graphics format that can also store several images), it is used by the menus and to store interface graphics.
  • .gsc These files work in conjuction with the .mis files, the .gsc though do not decide the positions of the soldiers but their animations and patrol routes. ENCRYPTED
  • .h2o Defines where water is on a map
  • .ma2 ?
  • .mac Macro files (define object variables) NO ENCRYPTION
  • .mis These files decide; the positions of soldiers, night or day (also sepia for the most knowing of you). ENCRYPTED
  • .msb ?
  • .sec + .mbi Files define 3d interiors.
  • .str Mission objectives text file NO ENCRYPTION
  • .y64 Map file

That's it for this introduction to Commandos 2 editing, there might be more to come, so stay tuned!


If you feel like messing around with the files in the data/misiones folder of your game, make sure you backup them first.

1. If you want Night of the Wolves to used a full map just rename the Sb.y64 to Sb_n.y64.

2. You can also try out renaming Sb_n.y64 to Sbc00.y64.

3. The one I like best is putting Ry.y64 into the Sb folder and naming it into Sb_n.y64.

4. For everything to work you also need to replace the .ma2 and .h2o files associated with the levels, otherwise collisions do not work properly.

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Written by: Snowden

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