The Commandos FAQ -
Version: 5.0
Updated: 20/10/2004
Created: 03/05/1999
Author: Awpy (original version 3.2)
Co Author: Iakovos (updated version 4.0)
Maintainers: Awpy/Iakovos
Major Contributors:
xcom01 (Tips on C2, Tips on C3, Questions on Tactics)
1shot1kill (Tips on C2, Questions on Tactics)
Miss V (Newbie Guide, General Terms)
Rayvin (Answer to the Bonus missions)
Phoenix AG (Tips on C2, Tips on C3, creator of AGC IRC Channel)
Jim Morris (Links' section, C2 high scores/rank)
Tom Trude (Tips on C2)
Gunnar Harboe (Faq pointer)
Mack the Knife (Commandos 2 Patch News, Tips on C2)
Threo (Commandos 2 Patch News)
LuckyBob1985 (Easter Eggs)
Wouter (AGC IRC Channel Details)
Yakkalot (Easter Eggs)
Christopher Lew (The Brandeburg Commandos' History details)
n_lewendon1 (Books on tactics and strategy details)
Mike Souto (Eidos Interactive Technical Support)
kkoutbox (C2 bonus missions)
Jem (C2 gameplay issues)
Grey Mouser (Eidos Interactive Technical Support)
Ragsy (Questions on Tactics)
Bart Dumon (Hints and Tips on Commandos 2)
@m (Forum mod & webmaster of TAFN)
Ashwin (Questions on Tactics)
Mr 47 (C3 music tips, Mission Creator)
Bertie (C3 quick reference hotkey chart)
DCasso (Tips on C3)
Rufus (Tips on C3)


Posting-Frequency: Once a month or whenever
Changes since last post: COMPLETE MAKEOVER.

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1. Introduction
1.1 Pre-History of AGC - History of the AGC FAQ*
2. Where can I get the FAQ?*
2.1 Why should I read the FAQ?
3. What versions of Commandos are there and does the FAQ cover them?*
4. What is Commandos?*
4.1 Where do the Commandos belong to?*
4.2 What about the real Commandos?
4.3 Were there any German Commandos?
4.4 How about some books on strategy and tactics?**
5. When or is there going to be a Commandos 2?*
5.1 A Brief History of a nervous breaking game?**
6. When or is there going to be a Commandos 3? A Commandos 4?**
6.1 Which movie titles or film stories were featured in all four Commandos?*
6.2 Any Easter Eggs?
7. Patches: C:BEL/ C2:MOC/ C3:DB**
8. Alt.Games.Commandos Glossary and Newbie Guide
8.1 General Terms
8.2 Rules of the Newsgroup
8.3 Commandos' Games-Terms
8.4 Commandos' Characters-Terms*
9. Missions' Namelist: Brief Description Summary*
10. Major Gameplay Issues in the Commandos series*
10.1 CBEL Issues**
10.2 CBTCOD Issues**
10.3 C2MOC Issues**
10.4 C3DB Issues**
11. Commandos Ranking System*
12. Hints and Tips on Commandos 2
12.1 Multiplayer Help
12.2 Commandos 2 High Scores
13. Hints and Tips on Commandos 3**
13.1 Multiplayer Help**
14. Frequently Asked Questions on Tactics*
14.1 CBEL Questions*
14.2 CBTCOD Questions*
14.3 C2MOC Questions*
14.4 C3DB Questions**
15. The hot keys*
16. Cheat codes*
17. Level Codes (Passwords)
18. Can anyone be a real expert on everything concerning Commandos?**
19. Links or Where can I go for more information?
19.1 I'm confused: aren't there already other Commandos' FAQs around?
19.2 Forums and Newsgroups
19.3 Commandos' Related Links
20. The Alt.Games.Commandos Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Channel & MSN
20.1 Making an Entrance in #altgamescommandos
20.2 Logging In
20.3 How to actually enter the Room
21. Credits*


1. Introduction

Welcome to the Commandos Frequently Asked Questions List. This document has been created for the newsgroup Please read this FAQ before posting to the newsgroup as it may well answer one, some or even all of your questions straight away. This Faq does not mean " IT Solves All Problems", because in a unmoderated group such as this one, it is the group which controls the ethics, environment, and direction of the newsgroup, and that means lurkers as well as posters.

The purpose of this FAQ is to answer as many questions concerning the Real-Time Strategy (RTS) games of Pyrostudios ("Commandos Behind Enemy Lines", "Commandos Beyond the Call Of Duty", "Commandos 2 Men Of Courage" and "Commandos 3: Destination Berlin") as possible, and do this as objectively as possible. Nevertheless, wherever deemed appropriate or helpful, we have added some personal comments, so some degree of subjectivity is bound to sneak it's way in.

AGC is an unmoderated Usenet newsgroup for discussions about the commandos series. Since this newsgroup is frequented by both young and old people from all over the world, we should all keep good Netiquette in mind. :-) The language in AGC is English, although you can ask a question in your own language if you think that someone might answer it.

By writing this FAQ we do not mean to imply to be the Ultimate Authority on "Commandos", or on any matters surrounding the Usenet and the newsgroups. We borrowed from a number of sources, including reviewing and adding key parts of other "Good" faqs around (see end of this FAQ for more info) wherever needed, went from memory here and there, or plainly made it up, as long as it sounded good, or heroic (Just kidding!) (No, really!).

This FAQ is not here to replicate, in it's entirety, what is already included in the documentation supplied with each game.

1.1 Pre-History of AGC - History of the AGC FAQ

The birth of Alt.Games.Commandos has been dated to the early midsummer of 1998. The first post ever to appear here was on the 7th of July 1998 by a guy called Stand-fest. His topic's title was "Pass-words" for Commandos BEL and included codes for levels 2 up to 7.
This Ng was created by two Commandos fans, Pablobob and Scott; one who posted in alt.config the request for an AGC group, the other for creating it just for the game. Thank you both.
At this moment it would be memorable to read the topics on this matter (the whole subject brings tears to our eyes :) :

Date: 02/07/1998
Topic's Title: "Re: PROPOSAL:"
Newsgroups: alt.config
Message posted as follows:
For stratedgies, help with missions and different tactics for MP.

Date: 02/07/1998
Author:Ruediger Landmann
Topic's title: Reply to previous message.
Newsgroups: alt.config
Message posted as follows:
Hi Bob.Your proposal should have a little more to it-
(1) A Charter, defining what's appropriate and not appropriate for posting to the group.
(2) A Justification of Readership with some recent figures about how many posts there are about this game on already existing groups. You can research this at Dejanews.Good luck with your proposal.

Date: 02/07/1998
Topic's Title: Reply to previous message.
Newsgroups: alt.config
Message posted as follows:
Thanx, never done this sort of thing before and I love the game... :)
I'll research it a tad more, then see if I'll come back for another shot

A simple sentence, a weird message - proposal composed of exactly 10 words was the birth sign for this Ng. Pablobob promised to do more research on the subject but he was cut short. Another more ambitious fan of the game, frustrated about the obvious (it takes a long time to create a Ng these days) decided to do it himself. And he was successful. Even himself, back then, could not believe what he had accomplished. Now, in retrospect, even ourselves can not believe what we as fans have accomplished through the years.
The Ng was created without a Charter and a Justification of Readership (two very important things today for the god-administrators) but from the pure love for the game. It is the thing that purely pinpoints every commando fan out there. The AGC was born. And the Newsgroup was lucky. From the early days on the Ng got the attention of fans and Eidos itself.

Date: 06/07/1998
Author: Scott
Topic's title: "WOW 1 group i created that's working out fine ;)"
Message posted as follows:
well i saw the post from some guy in alt.config and thought this games cool i played it at me m8's and i hate the way these ppl in alt.config think about new groups so stuff them one control message later a NEW newsgroup for all these commando fans and EVEN a post from edios themselves wow ;)
Scott if that doesn't work

Date: 06/07/1998
Author: Pablobob
Topic's title: reply to previous message
Message posted as follows:
Yah man, when i posted that msg at alt.config, I had absolutely NO idea of what I was doin... Just liked the game :)
And hey, whatya know, they made it for me!

The post of Eidos that Scott refers to was made by an Eidos Producer of Commandos who visited the Ng and gave frequently advice on the game. Sadly he has stopped posting since the summer of 1998. All the Eidos support this Ng had officially was gone with him.

Author: Eric Adams
Topic's title: "Hello from the US Producer"
Message posted as follows:
Thanks all for creating this group. It is terrific to see all the commandos fans. I plan to monitor the group from time to time and give you all inside scoops and help. I can limitly help on technical support and gameplay questions. However, I cannot respond to all questions.
Our first US review: 93%
Eric Adams
US Producer

We do not have any information on this producer being part of the Commandos 2 team but we know that Eric W. Adams is credited as a US Producer in both CBEL and CBTCOD. More info on old AGC posts can be found on

The birth of Alt.Games.Commandos Frequently Asked Questions has been dated in the early beginnings of 1999, 11 months after the release of the game and the standalone addon. The first post ever to appear here asking for a faq on the game was on the 26th of April 1999 by a guy named Dolph. His topic's title was "Does this NG have an FAQ?" with a simple Yes/No as message body.
Dolph was kind enough to explain what a faq really is. After that moment (and an unhappy jdc replying bitterly that there is no faq around) two main people were involved in creating the faq, Iakovos who got things going (as usual) and Awpy who kindly responded and got to work.

Date: 28/04/1999
Áuthor: Dolph
Topic's title: "Re: Does this NG have an FAQ?"
Message posted as follows:
Basically, a groups' FAQ contains the protocols for that group. So yes, it will contain questions like those suggested by you. It also contains the most frequently asked questions (strangely enough), such as "where can I get a patch", "where can I get a walkthrough for...", "what are the cheats for..."
The theory behind the FAQ is that it gets posted once or twice a week, and is also available online, so anyone new to the group can read it before they start posting. For an example see, the FAQ.
It helps keep a group a bit fresher, rather than it being filled with the same questions over and over and over and......
So, does this group have one or not?

( O O )
Remove *'s to reply - Commandos BTCD

Date: 30/04/1999
Author: Iakovos
Topic's title: "Re: The FAQ, an open invitation."
Message posted as follows:
from all my knowledge in this NG there isn't still a NG FAQ available here.
As you say it takes a lot of hard work and time to create and maintain a faq, especially if one doesn't exist yet.
It would be great if someone (or a group of people) is willing to gather all the available information and create the commandos FAQ. Although I haven't got the time to be an active member of this Project ( exams come first) I am inviting anyone who has the power, the will and the necessary time to spend to be a pioneer and create the Faq of commandos.
I am able though to provide all the information I've got concerning the games of commandos and other Faqs I've taken from other newsgroups to the ones who are willing to undertake this diffucult task.
Thank you all for listening,

Date: 03/05/1999
e-mail: [not active now]
Topic's title: Reply to previous message.
If fellow posters can help out with bits and pieces then I can have a go at sticking something together. It will take a while to get it up and running.
If people like yourself can offer any information it would be gratefully received.

Ironically the day Awpy posted his reply that same day the faq was created. The Commandos FAQ Under Construction Version: 1.0 Created: 3/5/99 was barely a 3-page document. It covered basic things about the game and was followed by a lovely suggestion: "As the FAQ is currently in its infancy please check back regularly for updates."
And so the journey begins... and continues :)
The Newsgroup now has a faq of its own, a charter and a Justification of Readership that surpasses the 20.000 posts in the 7 years of its existence.


2. Where can I get the FAQ?

The FAQ will be posted to once a month.
The FAQ will also be available on the World Wide Web as soon as Awpy gets a chance to upload it all and provide a better look for it.
Version 4.1 is available here:
(go to the Newsflash Section, issue 13, November 2001)

Reposts of this Faq will be available after great (or general) demand.

2.1 Why should I read the FAQ?

You should read the FAQ for your OWN sake, because it will help you to:
- Understand the rules and conventions that apply to
- Learn the abbreviations and special terminology used there.
- Avoid asking a frequent question and annoy everyone.
- Learn interesting and little-known facts about Commandos.

You don't have to read the FAQ in its entirety. You should however read
its Subjects 8,10-14 before the first time you post. It would be wise to look over the table of contents before you ask a question to see whether it might be answered in the FAQ. If you familiarize yourself with the topics covered by the FAQ, you can use it as a powerful reference tool.


3. What versions of Commandos are there and does the FAQ cover them?

At the moment there are four (4) Commandos' titles available and this FAQ includes all four of them.
They are...

Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
Publisher: Pyrostudios, Eidos Interactive
Time of original release: Summer 1998
Type of game: Real Time Strategy
Format: PC, on 1 CD-ROM

The first release, comprising of twenty missions and 6 trainer missions.

Commandos: Beyond The Call Of Duty
Publisher: Pyrostudios, Eidos Interactive
Time of original release: January 1999
Type of game: Real Time Strategy
Format: PC, on 1 CD-ROM

Again this is a stand alone program with 2 training missions and a further eight missions. Where generally the scenarios are bigger than in Behind Enemy Lines. Extra features added like the ability to knock people out and then take control of them. Also some extra weapons.

Commandos 2: Men Of Courage
Publisher: Pyrostudios, Eidos Interactive
Time of original release: September 2001
Type of game: Real Time Strategy
Format: PC, on 3 CD-ROMs, PS 2 and XBox versions

The second Major Release, comprising of 2 training missions, 10 original missions and 10 bonus missions. The scenarios are bigger than in Behind Enemy Lines and Beyond the Call Of Duty combined together.
A lot of Extra features were added like the ability to order people around and the invention of inventories for each commando, plus the going into buildings 3d view. New techniques and lots of extra weapons. Plus two new commandos were introduced and an entire different theater of Operations, the Pacific Theater. On the side of the bad guys Japanese happen to be the second villain next to the Nazis.

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin
Publisher: Pyrostudios, Eidos Interactive
Time of original release: September 2003
Type of game: Real Time Strategy
Format: PC, on 3 CD-ROMs

The third Major Release, comprising of 2 training missions and 12 original missions (1 of them is a timed mission set to 15 minutes). The scenarios are bigger than in Behind Enemy Lines and Beyond the Call Of Duty but smaller than in Commandos 2. A lot of Extra features were added but the hot keys were taken out. New techniques and lots of extra weapons were added. Two commandos were cut out (Natasha, the Driver) and three separated but linked campaigns were introduced. On the side of the good guys the Russians were introduced.

Demo versions are also available for the titles of BEL, BTCOD, C2MOC and C3:DB.
The C:BEL demo consisted of two missions, 1 and 3 from the full title.
The C:BTCOD demo is mission 5 from the full title.
The C2:MOC demo is mission 8 from the full title.
[Note:This version was released ONLY to major gaming magazines and sites. This demo version was never introduced officially to the fans, although some got hold of the demo by unproper channels. The demo of Commandos 2 was not officially sponsored by Eidos, as it was a beta version of the game.]
C3:DB demo consisted of mission 4 from the Europe Campaign.

Although not all weapons and features are available on all demos.


4. What is Commandos?

Commandos is a real time strategy game set in World War 2. You take charge of a small number of men and are given specific objectives in enemy territory. Your tasks vary from rescues, assassinations, stealing various objects and destroying various structures and vehicles. Many war theatres are also covered like Europe, Africa, the former Soviet Union, Asia and the Pacific Islands.

4.1 Where do the Commandos belong to?

The commandos of the game belong to the Commandos Unit formed by Lieutenant Colonel Dudley Clark around 1940. Their Training center is the Scottish Castle of Achnacarry while their Headquarters is stationed in the Combined Operations Headquarters in IA Richmond Terrace, Whitehall, S.W. 1.
They were originally six but 3 more (two humans and a dog) were introduced in Commandos 2, making the legendary half dirty dozen to a total number of 9. In Commandos 3 however, three of them (Natasha, the Driver plus the dog) were left out, bringing their number to the legendary half dirty dozen again.

4.2 What about the real Commandos?

The term commando was firstly introduced in South Africa and it means "silent warrior". It was used to describe a unit of the Boers tribe. Later on it was used to describe the commandos we know today.
The term commando can be found in the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary: The dictionary entry reads:

Main Entry: com·man·do
Pronunciation: k&-'man-(")dO
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -dos or -does
Etymology: Afrikaans kommando, from Dutch commando command, from Spanish comando, from comandar to command, from Late Latin commandare ( < cum + mandare = together + I allow/command/permit ) commando (Spanish) < verb commandar < commander (French) < commandare (Latin) < cum+ mandare
Date: 1884
1 South Africa a : a military unit or command of the Boers b : a raiding expedition
2 a : a military unit trained and organized as shock troops especially for hit-and-run raids into enemy territory b : a member of such a unit

The first Commando operation in the world was the seizure of Troy with the ploy of the "Trojan Horse", inspired by the cunning king of Ithaca, Ulysses.

During the great war of 1940-1945 Commandos units were formed by both sides, and the term Special Forces was introduced as well.

The Term Commando historically signifies a small, elite military raiding and assault unit or soldier. Although the word was coined in the Boer War (1899-1902), the role is as old as battles themselves. In 1940, when the British organized a number of such units, the term came into wide use. Made up of hand-picked volunteers, specifically trained for dangerous work, these units were employed in missions throughout World War II, including the raid on Field Marshal Rommel's headquarters (1941). The U.S. Army's ranger battalions were also popularly called commandos. After World War II the British army's commandos were disbanded, but the British Royal Marine Commandos were employed in the Korean war and the Suez operation, and the elite Special Air Service has engaged in extensive action against the Irish Republican Army and other non state-sponsored commandos. The United States has active commando units, such as the Navy Seals and the Army's Rangers, Green Berets, and Delta Force. Some of these forces were used in the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, and numerous counterinsurgency operations. Soviet commandos (Spetsnaz) fought in the Afghanistan War. Israel and Vietnam have particularly proficient commando units. Commandos today often use special weapons, such as satellite communications, silenced small arms, exotic explosives, and delicate sensors.

Above excerpt from the online encyclopedia:

See J. Adams, Secret Armies (1987); M. Klare and P. Kornbluh, ed., Low Intensity Warfare (1987).

For the history or Army Commandos in the British Forces (as the commandos in the game are a British Unit) go to:

4.3 Were there any German Commandos?

Due to a topic on Commandos vs German Commandos these are the real facts:

The German Forces also had their military outfit of Commandos.The Brandenburg Commandos as they were called were the warrior spies of the Abwehr, Germany's intelligence agency. During World War I, the legacy of German General Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck's superb guerrilla war in East Africa and T.E. Lawrence's use of Arab hit-and-run tactics to fight the Turks in the Middle East made a profound mark upon one of Lettow -Vorbeck's junior officers, a young captain named Theodore von Hippel.

Finding a place in the German intelligence community after the war, Hippel proposed utilizing small, elite units to penetrate enemy defenses before hostilities or offensive actions had begun. However, the idea ran afoul of the stiff-necked Prussian sense of honor. Such units, the majority believed, would be an infringement of the rules of war, and furthermore, such saboteurs were not worthy of being called soldiers. Hippel persevered, however, and when he became an officer in the war ministry's intelligence agency, Abwehr, his ideas finally found a home.

The Abwehr got its name from the compound of ab-, meaning away or off, and -wehr, which implies defense. This deceptive name was born in the days of the Weimar Republic during the 1920s, when Communists and dissidents were spied on to prevent uprisings. The Abwehr evolved over the years, first under Captain Konrad Patzig and then under Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, to become an espionage agency that worked for the German military. The German high command allowed Hippel to form a battalion to do what he had proposed--sabotage the enemy's ability to respond to German attacks by capturing roadways and bridges ahead of the main force and securing strategic targets before they were demolished. Known as the Ebbinghaus battalion, the unit performed magnificently during the Polish campaign, though it was dissolved shortly afterward. It had not failed, however, to gain notice. Admiral Canaris gave Hippel the opportunity to form a unit like the Ebbinghaus group for the Abwehr. On October 15, 1939, the Lehr und Bau Kompagnie z.b.V. 800 (Special Duty Training and Construction Company No. 800), which consisted primarily of the former Ebbinghaus volunteers, was officially founded in Brandenburg, where it would adopt the shorter name of Brandenburg Company.

Recruitment methods for the elite Brandenburg commandos were almost directly contrary to those of another elite unit, the SS. Instead of seeking out soldiers with Nordic features, blonde hair and blue eyes, Hippel scoured Germany's borders to find Slavs or other ethnic groups. Every member of the Brandenburg Company had to be fluent in a foreign language, whether it be Czech, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, Estonian, Polish, Ukrainian or Ruthenian, and they had to know the country's or region's customs as well. Instead of being more "racially pure" than their enemies, the Brandenburgers had to be the enemy--they had to blend in to be effective saboteurs. They had to know not only the customs of the area they were to infiltrate but also the local habits and the mannerisms of the natives. In the words of one Abwehr agent, a Brandenburger in Russia would have to "know how to spit like a Russian."

The Brandenburgers would also receive extensive training for their missions. Self-reliance was the key, for they would often work alone. On May 10, 1940, German troops poured across the Belgian and Dutch borders, ending the period called the "Phony War." Two nights before, on May 8, the Brandenburgers had donned Dutch uniforms and secretly crossed the border. One of their targets was the bridge over the Meuse River at the town of Gennep, Netherlands. At 2 a.m. on May 10, Lieutenant Wilhelm Walther led his eight-man detachment in an attempt to capture the bridge intact after obtaining information about where demolition charges had been placed. Disguised as Dutch military police escorting a number of German prisoners, the Brandenburgers took the defenders of the bridge by surprise. Two guard posts were immediately destroyed, but three Brandenburgers were wounded, and the posts on the far side of the bridge were not yet under German control. Wearing a Dutch uniform, Walther advanced boldly, and the defenders hesitated. Capitalizing on this mistake, the rest of the Brandenburgers destroyed the remaining guard posts and seized the detonator just as the first panzers rolled over the bridge.

Adolf Hitler turned his attention south toward the Balkans in Operation Marita and, again, the Brandenburgers--now organized as a regiment--paved the way for his armies. On April 5, 1941, one day before Hitler's invasion of Greece and Yugoslavia, a 54-man detachment from the 2nd Battalion secured the docks at Orsova, on the Danube River. With the Balkans in German hands, the Fuhrer made final preparations for a major assault on Russia.
Considering all their accomplishments, it would be difficult to declare one mission more impressive than another, but there was one occasion when the Brandenburgers seemed to outdo even themselves. In early August 1941, a Brandenburg detachment of 62 Baltic and Sudeten Germans led by Baron Adrian von Folkersam penetrated further into enemy territory than any other Brandenburg unit. Nicknamed "the wild bunch," they undertook to secure the oil fields at Maikop. Using Red Army trucks and the uniforms of the NKVD, the Russian secret police, Folkersam infiltrated the Soviet lines. The Brandenburgers immediately ran into a large group of Red Army deserters, and Folkersam saw an opportunity to use them. By persuading them to return to the Soviet cause, he was able to join with them and move almost at will through the Russian lines.

Pretending to be a Major Truchin from Stalingrad, Folkersam explained his role in recovering the deserters to the general in charge of Maikop's defenses. The Russian general believed Folkersam and gave him a personal tour of the city's defenses the next day. By August 8, the German army was only 12 miles away, so the Brandenburgers made their move. Using grenades to simulate an artillery attack, the Brandenburgers knocked out the communications center of the city. Folkersam then went to the Russian defenders and told them that a withdrawal was taking place. Having seen Folkersam with their commander and lacking any communications to rebut or confirm his statement, the Soviets began to evacuate Maikop. The German army entered the city without a fight on August 9, 1942.

By autumn of 1944, the Brandenburgers had been officially dissolved, but not before they had earned more decorations and commendations than any other single unit of comparable size in the German army.

4.4 How about some books on strategy and tactics?

Guess it depends if you want to learn about tactics & strategy for specific games ('when the computer does this, then do this'), or obtain an overview of 'the art & science of warfare'.
For an overview we would suggest just a few introductory books, authors and websites:

John Keegan - A history of warfare -

Erik Durschmied (ok, bring on the flame throwers..) wrote about 'The Hinge factor' - now, I hesitate to quote this in front of the group, however the books do provide (for the absolute beginner) an approachable if somewhat dramatised, introduction to tactics as employed by commanders, in real situations.

Bryan Perrett - 'Last Stand!: Famous Battles Against All Odds' - how to obtain glory by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This author also wrote 'The Battle Book' - mini reviews of most major battles since the beginning of recorded history.

The above books might provide a beginner with a good read (and hopefuly encourage further investigation), and by no means are intended as a comprehensive list..blah, blah, standard disclaimer, etc..<:-)

Some Websites:
Jim Dunnigan's web site - - he wrote the 'Complete Wargamers Handbook'

William R Trotter - his Desktop General reviews for PC gamer are worth a read each month


M. EVAN BROOKS - his website contains an enormous number of reviews - See also the section marked 'A GAMER'S ESSENTIAL MILITARY LIBRARY'

You can go to Google - select groups, and do a search for any particular wargame, there's usually a wealth of info to be had from this groups comments, reviews - and the occasional flame!
And finally, pick a game, and play it! Persistance in the face of continual slaughter will eventually provide you with a good grasp tactics.


5. When or is there going to be a Commandos 2?

Well, we knew there was going to be a Commandos 2. Titled Men Of Courage. When was the question on everyone's lips back then.
As far as I am aware late 2000, February 2001, June 2001 and the end of July 2001 were THE estimated release time. That changed again (it did change a few times) as it was supposed to be released over a year ago.
The game was officially released in USA and Germany on the 21st of September 2001. On the 28th of September it was released in England and the rest of Europe. On the 11th Of October it was supposed to be released in Australia and India.

5.1 A Brief History of A nervous breaking game?

It all started even prior to the release of CBTCOD. A commandos 2 game was in the mind of Pyro's programmers back then, near 1998. CBTCOD was released a few months after CBEL, around January 1999 as an experiment to test the existence and faithfulness of the Commandos community. As the original was released in the Summer of 1998 Pyrostudios had only the sales figure to make an estimate on the Commandos fans. The official release of C2:MOC on the 21st of September 2001 makes the game a "two years old" anticipation. Was it worth the wait? Yes and No as it seems that the game is unstable in machines mostly with the ME of Windows. A patch was on the works by Pyrostudios and was released on 02/11/2001.


6. When or is there going to be a Commandos 3? A Commandos 4?

Well, we knew there was going to be a Commandos 3 after Commandos 2.
The first bit of knowledge on a Commandos 3 game had been confirmed by Jon Beltrand, lead programmer of Commandos 2. The same thing Gonzo Suarez stated before quitting Pyrostudios (a rumour also confirmed by Jon Beltrand).
No official title had been given at that point except that it was planned to be the last in the series. The official title of the game is Commandos 3: Destination Berlin.
The rumour around on a Commandos 2 add-on had officially been declined. The C3 game uses an improved version of the C2's engine.(For old news head over to the Commandos Dropzone to read the full transcript of the chat of the Commandos 2 Festival with Jon Beltrand). The BREAKING News happened when the C3 trailer was released in the official site of Pyrostudios, that re-opened.
Not more than one minute long, the trailer was awesome. And it proved that the C3 game was really on the works. Two more game trailers followed.
Nobody knew when but speculations were tempting. As far as I am aware late 2002, February 2003, June 2003 and the end of July 2003 were THE estimated release time.
That changed again and again till the demo version finally arrived. Confirmation on a release date was for summer 2003 by 2 Spanish Sites. According to GamesDomain the release date was on the 24th of September 2003, almost two years since the release of C2:MOC.
The game was officially released in USA and Germany on the 24th of September 2003.
On the 29th of September it was released in England and the rest of Europe.
On the 11th Of November it was supposed to be released in Australia and India.
A fan made Mission Editor rumour was still around, till a beta version of it appeared on the web.
You can download it here:
Magic Mission Creator for C3 v:0.6.5. Beta
As for Commandos 4, the only bit of info we do have comes from a list of new Games by Eidos Interactive where it lists Commandos 4 as a 1st Person Shooter. More news as they become available.

6.1 Which movie titles or stories were featured in all four Commandos?

Pyrostudios had announced that some of the missions in Commandos 2 will be inspired by actual movies.
Boy they were right. Movies originally spoken were:
The Colditz Story (1955)
The Bridge On The River Kwai (1957)
The Guns Of Navarone (1961)
The Great Escape (1963)
Hannibal Brooks (1969)
Where Eagles Dare (1969)
Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Later on these films were added:
Das Boot (1981)
Is Paris Burning (1971)
There were no movie titles used in BEL.

In CBTCOD we have:
mission 7: The Great Escape Refers to the film of same name (1961).

In C2MOC we have:
Mission 2: Das Boot (,Silent Killers)
Pyro uses only the title of Das Boot (1981).
Mission 5: Bridge Over the River Kwai
Refers to the film of same name (1957).
Mission 6: The Guns of Savo Island Refers to the film Guns Of Navarone (1961).
Mission 8: Saving Private Smith +Bonus Mission 8 (Invasion) Refers to the film Saving Private Ryan (1998).
Mission 9: Castle Colditz Refers to the film The Colditz Story (1955).
Mission 10: Is Paris Burning? Refers to the film of same name (1971).
In C3:DB we have:
Stalingrad Campaign (all missions) Refers to the film Enemy At the Gates (1999).
Europe Campaign (all missions) Refers to the film The Train (1964).
Normandy Campaign (all missions) Refers to the film Saving Private Ryan (1998).

6.2 Any Easter Eggs?

An Easter Egg is a well hidden secret inside a game, usually put in by the programmers while bored. Recently, eggs have been thought up by the whole development team. An easter egg has "just been discovered" in CBTCOD.
Go to "The Great Escape" level. That's mission 7 of BTCOD.
Click on the little question mark at the top of your screen.
Position your cursor over one of the prisoners.
(It'll more than likely be the one toward the South-Western section of the prison camp).
Click on him, and read the name that appears (for those who don't want to go through the drill of installing the game just to see a name tag the name that appears is Steve Mccqueen. As you well know Steve Mccqueen was one of the main cast in the film The Great Escape. The title of the mission is The Great Escape. Cool ehh? For about three seconds ;-)
Aren't those programmers clever?
A second Easter Egg has been discovered in Commandos 2.
In Das Boot, when in the subpen, if you sneak into the little control room to the north of the building, and go inside, there is a map on the wall. Look closely, it is a map of pearl harbour and the locations of all the ships before the attack.
Still the major references are the injokes about movies, real persons and TV series.

Movies/TV Series: Except the titles of the movies we have:
In Mission 5: The Bridge Over the River Kwai the Colonel's name is Guiness.
A cool reference to the actor Alec Guiness,who played Colonel Nicholson in the actual film.
In Mission 6: The Guns of Savo Island the Allied Pilot, the sea plane and the Gold Monkey statue refer to the old but famous TV Series: Tales of The Golden Monkey.
In Mission 6: The Guns Of Savo Island we find a shipwrecked person named Wilson "The Castaway".
The name Wilson refers to the film The Castaway, in which Tom Hanks stars. The main character names Wilson one volley ball he finds in the island. "The Castaway" refers to the obvious.

Real persons:
The new commando character Paul "Lupin" Toledo comes from the name of a Programmer of the Pyro team, Pablo Toledo. He worked in the BTCOD game.


7. Patches: C:BEL/ C2:MOC/ C3:DB

For CBEL Pyrostudios released a European patch:

Patch Installation:
Copy the file to your desktop and double-click to install.
The patch will find where you have installed Commandos and patch it.
Version 1.1
File size: 531 kb

There are two patches available:
a) The International patch
Location 1:
This patch comes from Eidos Germany but will work on international editions of the game. The patch addresses installation issues with certain CD-ROM and DVD drives, some crash problems, and various graphics glitches.
Location 2:
This patch upgrades the retail version of Commandos 2: Men of Courage to version 1.01. It fixes a problem which caused the game to occasionally crash to desktop without error.Multiplayer has also been improved.
b) the German patch
For the german version you can download it here:

Patch Installation:
Copy the file to your desktop and double-click to install.
The patch will find where you have installed Commandos 2 and patch it.
Version 1.20
File size: 4 MB

There is one patch available:
This patch upgrades the retail version of Commandos 3: Destination Berlin to version 1.42. It fixes a lot of problems but it did't add hotkeys to the game as speculated! :-(

Patch Installation:
Copy the file to your desktop and double-click to install.
The patch will find where you have installed Commandos 3 and patch it.
Version 1.42
File size: 6 MB

There will be no American versions of the patches as Eidos states that the international versions are good enough. No more new patches (covering other problems to gamers) will be introduced.

Fan made Patch:
This patch was created by commandos fans in China. It adds hotkeys into the game, something which was badly needed for this game.

Patch Installation:
Simply put the file in the output folder
EX: C:\Program Files\Commandos 3\Output\

V - for the new rifle
Ctrl+S-Quick Save
Ctrl+L-Quick Load
.... exactly like commandos 2
For the hot keys, simply move your mouse on the icons in game to reveal.


8. Alt.Games.Commandos Glossary and Newbie Guide

These are terms and abbreviations you will see come up on AGC that have special meaning here. Read them carefully, study them and learn them by heart (ok, don't study them :)

8.1 General Terms (acronyms)

- RTFM: "Read The Fine Manual" (or any other F-word of your own choice)
- snip: content removed from quoted text
- OT: Off Topic. Discussions about something not intended to be covered by the newsgroup.
- Re, Sv: in connection with, answering a previous message
- Fw: Forwarded message
- AGC:, this newsgroup
- ROTFL: Rolling On The Floor Laughing
- ROTFLMAO: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Arse Off
- ROTFLMAO....: variations of the above (i.e. UICB - Until I Can't Breathe)
- g: Grinning
- AFAIK: As Far As I Know
- LOL: Laughing Out Loud
- IMO: In My Opinion
- IMHO: In My Humble Opinion
- IMNSHO: In My Not So Humble Opinion
- IIRC: If I Recall Correctly - FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions, a list answers to commonly asked questions. This group's FAQ is here
- Troll: an intentionally provocative post, or someone who makes one
- alt.troll: a newsgroup dedicated for trolls. Don't crosspost to this Newsgroup
- Flame: to deliberately insult another poster, or a post which does this
- Flamer: a poster who flames
- ICQ: a chat program (you can get it at ) that allows us to talk to people from all over the world. And it is free. :c)
- MSN: another chat program (you can get it at ) that allows us to talk to people from all over the world. This one is also free. :c)
- ATTN: short for "attention"
- Repost: A Story-comment-post that has been posted before, natch.
- AKA: Also Known As
- FPS: First Person Shooter, like the action games Doom, or Quake.
- FS: For Sale
- FT: For trade
- TBD: To Be Decided
- URL: Universal Resource Locator. An Internet address for a resource, such as a Web page or a file.
- WTB: Want To Buy
- ng: (Usenet) News Group
- RTS: Real-Time Strategy Game
- FANFIC: Fan fiction
- WEB: Notice of new web sites, updates, etc.
- MISC: Anything else that doesn't fit into the above.
- BCAAFAQ: Being Categorized As A Frequently Asked Question.
- BCFAQ:Being Categorized (As) (A) Frequently Asked Question.
- AGCAR:Alt.Games.Commandos ARchives.
- ACAR: Alt(.Games)Commandos ARchives.

- Emoticons:
:-) or :) Happy > add this to signify you made a joke
;-) or ;) Sarcasm > add this to signify you don't really mean what you just wrote
:-( or :( Unhappy > express your dislike of whatever you just wrote about
:-| Resigned > if you're not sure how to react to something, this might do it
:-/ Similar to the "Resigned" sign; perplexed(?)

8.2 There are a number of common-sense rules for the group (follow them if you want):

If you are using Microsoft Outlook Express, or any other email program that can produce HTML emails, ensure that the option is switched off. This will prevent a large number of complaints. Many of us use simple text-based programs to read news, and posts with HTML formatting can be very difficult to read. You can generally turn off this behavior from the "Preferences" or "Options" section of your newsreader. For some newsreaders, you will need to change more than one setting to completely eliminate this behavior.

When replying to posts, always add new content at the bottom of any quoted text, as this makes the flow of discussion easier to follow.

Do not post ANYTHING that could be construed as being a spoiler for Commandos stuff we have not yet seen around. That includes episodes, books, comics, TV movies etc... Oh, POST EVERYTHING you want, I am overmyhead obviously...

Do not cross-post to other groups, be they Commandos-related or not. They may have different Posting Rules to this group, and you'll probably get in a lot of trouble. DON'T DO IT IF YOU ARE NOT SURE!!!!

Do not post binary files to the newsgroup. This is a text-only newsgroup, so programs, images, sounds, html etc...are not allowed. Most people get a first chance, but it's a real easy way to get killfiled, and you will probably be flamed for this as well. Binaries should only be posted in binaries groups (alt.binaries.*, plus a few others). There are a few reasons for this. Probably the most important is so people can avoid downloading large binaries that they may not want. As well as it also being considered abuse of the Net, and one can lose their account over it. Such posts will be cancelled by the misplaced binary bots.
If you want to post some commandos related binaries, post them to an appropriate alt.binaries.* group, or put it on a web or FTP site, or a wargame Web site. Inform the group that you have binary files to post, and then post them here if you want.

Never reply to a piece of spam or a trollish statement (a deliberately antagonizing post). It will only prolong the thread. Just ignore it.
(unless it really needs it :)

You can look for more information on netiquette (and on Usenet in general) in the news.announce.newusers newsgroup. It contains many, many helpful articles, which are posted every few days so as to be perpetually available.
Everyone who wants to post to Usenet really ought to read them all at some point.

8.3 Commandos' Games-Terms

- C1: Commandos 1 (refers to the original)
- C:BEL: Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines
- CBEL: Commandos Behind Enemy Lines
- BEL: Behind Enemy Lines
- CAddon: Commandos Add-on (refers to the first expansion of the Original)
- ADDON: Well, the word says it all.
- C:BTCOD: Commandos: Beyond the Call Of Duty
- CBTCOD: Commandos Beyond the Call of Duty
- BTCOD:Beyond the Call of Duty
- BTCD: Beyond the Call (of) Duty
- C2: Commandos 2
- C2:MOC: Commandos 2: Men Of Courage
- C2MOC: Commandos 2 Men Of Courage
- CMOC: Commandos (2) Men Of Courage
- MOC: Men Of Courage
- PYRO: PYROstudios
- EIDOS: Eidos (Interactive)
- C3*: Commandos 3 (wrong reference to Commandos 2 , as the first expansion of the Original, Beyond The Call Of Duty, being a stand-alone product was considered to be Commandos 2)
- C3: Commandos 3 (the new awaited game by Pyro)
- CIII: Commandos 3 official logo from Pyrostudios
- C3:DB: Commandos 3: Destination Berlin
- C3DB: Commandos 3 Destination Berlin
- C3B: Commandos 3 (Destination) Berlin
- DB: Destination Berlin
- C4: Commandos 4
- CSF: Commandos Strike Force aka C4

8.4 Commandos' Characters-Terms

Reference on the Character of the Green Beret:
- Name Check: Jack "Butcher" O'Hara or Jerry "Tiny" Mchale
- GB: Green Beret
- TINY: Tiny
- Tiny
- Butcher
- O'Hara

Reference on the Character of the Diver:
- Name Check: James "Fins" Blackwood
- MAR: MARine
- Marine
- Diver
- Fins
- Blackwood

Reference on the Character of the Sniper:
- Name Check: Sir Francis T. "Duke" Woolridge
- SN: SNiper
- Sniper
- Duke
- Sir Francis
- Woolridge

Reference on the Character of Spy:
- Name Check: Rene "Spooky" Duchamp or Rene "Frenchy" Duchamp
- SPY: Spy
- Spy
- Spooky
- Frenchy
- Rene
- Duchamp

Reference on the Character of Sapper:
- Name Check: Thomas "Inferno" Hancock or Thomas "Fireman" Hancock or Russel
"Fireman" Hancock
- SAP: SAPper
- SAPPER: Sapper
- Sapper
- Inferno
- Fireman
- Inferno
- Hancock

Reference on the Character of Driver:
- Name Check: Samuel Brooklyn or Sid "Tread" Perkins
- DR: DRiver
- DRIVER: Driver
- Driver
- Samuel
- Brooklyn
- Perkins

Reference on the Character of Natasha:
- Name Check: Natasha "Lips" Van De Zand or Natasha "Lips" Nikochevski or Natasha "The Seductress" Nikochevski
- Nat: Natasha
- NATASHA: Natasha
- Natasha
- Lips
- Lip(p)s

Reference on the Character of the Thief:
- Name Check: Paul "Lupin" Toledo
- THIEF: thief
- Thief
- Lupin
- Toledo

Reference on the Character of the Dog (Whiskey's gender has been a debate recently :-):
- Name Check: Whiskey or Whiskey Duchess Of Kennelborough
- Dog
- Whiskey

Reference on the Character of others:
Commandos Behind Enemy Lines
- Name Check: Shotdown Pilot (Mission 10: Operation Icarus)
- Pilot

- Name Check: The Informer (Mission 12: Up On the Roof)
- Informer
- Resistance Leader
- Prisoner

- Name Check: Prisoners, Claude Gilbert, Collaborators (Mission 17: Before Dawn)
- Prisoners
- Gilbert & Co.
- Collaborators

Commandos Beyond The Call Of Duty
- Name Check: Partisan Leader Dragisa Skopje or Yugoslav Partisan Dragisa Skopje or Major Dragisa Skopje (Mission 2: Asphalt Jungle)
- Partisan
- Skopje

- Name Check: Eric the dog (Mission 3: Dropped Out Of the Sky)
- Eric
- The German Dog
- Name Check: The Prisoners Of War (Mission 7: The Great Escape)

- POWS: Pows
- Pows
- Prisoners

Commandos 2 Men Of Courage
- Name Check: Captain, The Crew (Mission 2: Das Boot, Silent Killers and Mission 3: White Death)
- Captain
- Crew
- Sailors
- Sub crew

- Name Check: Ghurkas(Mission 4: Target: Burma)
- Ghurkas

- Name Check: Spike "The Rat" (Mission 4: Target: Burma)
- RAT: rat
- Spike
- rat
- The Rat

- Name Check: Fatman (Mission 4: Target: Burma)

- Name Check: Colonel Guiness or Guiness (Mission 5: The Bridge Over the River Kwai)
- Guiness
- Bogey (an injoke from Alec Guiness' character role in the film "The Bridge On the River Kwai")
- Nicholson (an in-joke from Alec Guiness' character name in the film "The Bridge On the River Kwai")

- Name Check: Wilson "The Castaway" (Mission 6: The Guns Of Savo Island) - Wilson

- Name Check: Allied Pilot (Mission 6: The Guns Of Savo Island)
- Allied Pilot
- Jake (an in-joke from the Character role in the TV Series " Tales of the Golden Monkey")

- Name Check: Private Smith (Mission 8: Saving Private Smith)
- Smith
- Bryan (an in-joke to the Character of Ryan in the film "Saving Private Ryan")

- Name Check: Allied Soldiers (Training Mission 2, Bonus Mission 4, Mission 8: Saving Private Smith)
- Allies
- Ally (single soldier)
- Allied Soldiers
- Soldiers
- G.I.s

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin
- Name Check: General O'Donnel (Stalingrad Campaign)
- General
- O'Donnel
- Traitor

- Name Check: Russians (Stalingrad Campaign)
- Russians
- Russkies
- Ivans


9. Missions' Namelist: Brief Description

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines

Mission 1: Baptism Of Fire
Objectives: Blow up the Relay Station In the northwestern island.
Team: Green Beret, Marine, Driver

Mission 2: A Quiet Blow-Up
Objectives: Blow Up the fuel depot within the walled compound
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, Driver

Mission 3: Reverse Engineering
Objectives: Blow up the large dam
Team: Green Beret, Marine, Sapper, Spy

Mission 4: Restore Pride
Objectives: Blow up the German HQ's building
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, Driver

Mission 5: Blind Justice
Objectives: Blow up the radar station in the mountaintop base
Team: Green Beret, Spy

Mission 6: Menace of the Leopold
Objectives: Destroy the Leopold Cannon
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Sapper

Mission 7: Chase of The Wolves
Objectives: Set off explosives on the two submarines at dock.
Team: Green Beret, Marine (team one), Sapper, Driver, Spy (team two)

Mission 8: Pyrotechnics
Objectives: Blow up the water tower and fuel storage tanks at the German Supply Depot
Team: Green Beret, Sniper

Mission 9: A Courtesy Call
Objectives: Destroy the communications building, the antenna, the weapons store, the command post and the bunker
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Sapper (team one), Driver, Spy (team two)

Mission 10: Operation Icarus
Objectives: Rescue the downed pilot, destroy the weapons store and blow up the two JU-87 Stuka dive Bombers
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Sapper, Driver, Pilot (Joins later)

Mission 11: Into the soup
Objectives: Destroy all four oil rigs on the map
Team:Green Beret, Sniper, Sapper, Driver, Spy

Mission 12: Up on the roof
Objectives: Release the Informer and get him and the commandos to the Kubelwagen (car) which will take them to safety
Team:Green Beret, Sniper, Spy, Informer (Joins later)

Mission 13: David and Goliath
Objectives: Sink the Bismarck II and destroy the fuel tanks
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, Driver

Mission 14: D-Day Kick Off
Objectives: Destroy all four coastal guns
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, Driver

Mission 15: End of the Butcher
Objectives: Kill the SS Grupenfuhrer and destroy the HQ's building
Team: Sniper, Marine, Driver, Spy

Mission 16: Stop Wildfire
Objectives: Kill all German Sappers before they can blow up the bridge over the river Maas
Team: Sniper, Marine, Spy

Mission 17: Before Dawn
Objectives: Free Claude Gilbert and his four collaborators and get them all to safety
Team: Green Beret, Marine, Spy , Claude Gilbert and Collaborators (Join later)

Mission 18: The force of Circumstance
Objectives: Destroy the bridge over the river Maas
Team: Green Beret, Marine, Sapper, Sniper, Driver

Mission 19: Frustrate Retaliation
Objectives: Destroy all three V2 rockets and their launch pads
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper

Mission 20: Operation Valhalla
Objectives: Blow up the HQ in Gundelfingen Castle as well as both V2 missiles
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, Driver, Spy

Commandos Beyond the Call Of Duty

Mission 1: Dying Light
Objectives: Blow up the antenna, the lighthouse, and all five of the antiaircraft gun emplacements
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper

Mission 2: The Asphalt Jungle
Objectives: Rescue the partisan leader Dragisa Skopje before the firing squad executes him
Team: Green Beret, Driver, Spy, Partisan Leader (Joins later)

Mission 3: Dropped out of the Sky
Objectives: Recover the navigation system of the HS 293 bomb and exit the German camp
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Driver

Mission 4: Thor's Hammer
Objectives: Destroy the rail gun and the armored train
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Sapper

Mission 5: Guess who's coming tonight
Objectives: Capture the German Colonel and release Spooky
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Driver, Spy (Joins later)

Mission 6: Eagle's Nest
Objectives: Infiltrate the German airfield and destroy all the prototypes
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Sapper, Enemy Pilot (captured he joins later)

Mission 7: The Great Escape
Objectives: Release the Green Beret and Driver as well as the rest of the Allied troops being held prisoner.
Team: Marine, Sapper, Green Beret (Joins later), Driver (Joins later)

Mission 8: Dangerous Friendships
Objectives: Contact Natasha and have her get the secret documents from the German general at the nightclub
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Marine, Natasha (Joins later)

Commandos 2 Men Of Courage

Training Mission 1
Objectives: Neutralize all the enemies at the border gate.
Secondary objectives: Obtain the contents of the wooden box.
Team: Sapper, Thief

Training Mission 2
Objectives: Rescue the allied soldiers who have split from their unit.
Team: Green Beret, Sapper, Driver, Allied soldiers (Join later)

Mission 1: The Night of The Wolves
Objectives: Contact the wounded ally, steal the office key from the General's assistant, steal the Enigma's machine from the General's safe, decipher the message using the Enigma machine and use the radio. The thief must hide under a bed.
Secondary objectives: Steal the security papers.
Team: Thief, Whiskey ( Joins later), Natasha ( Joins later)

Bonus Mission 1
Objectives: Neutralize the soldiers at the guard post, get the mine detector and deactivate all of the mines on the track. Escape by using the enemy vehicle.
Secondary objectives: Neutralize the enemy patrol. Team: Thief, Sapper

Mission 2: Das Boot, Silent Killers
Objectives: Deactivate the underwater mines, find the prison key and rescue all the allied sailors. Call the Green Beret using the radio. Open the hangar door. Get the Enigma codes. Rescue the Captain.
Secondary objectives: Destroy the torpedo, the AA guns and the fuel tanks. Escape in the sub.
Team: Marine, Sapper, Spy, Thief, Whiskey, Green Beret ( Joins later)

Bonus Mission 2
Objectives: Complete the circuit before time runs out.
Secondary objectives: Complete the circuit in the quickest time possible.
Team: Marine

Mission 3: White Death
Objectives: Contact the Sapper. Rescue the Green Beret. Recover the three parts of the Enigma machine. Rescue the Spy, the Thief and the allied sailors. Rescue the Captain. Use the radio in the camp. Destroy the engine. The Green Beret and the Spy must use the plane to take the Enigma machine to the HQ. All the others must escape in the sub.
Secondary objectives: Disable the bow gun, the central gun and the stern gun.
Team: Marine, Sapper (Joins later), [Evil Twin Sapper: KILL Him] , Green Beret (Joins later), Spy, Thief (join later)

Bonus Mission 3
Objectives:Escape with all of your men in the vehicle via the track.
Secondary objectives: Neutralize the enemy sniper and the grenadiers.
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Marine, Driver, Sapper

Mission 4: Target: Burma
Objectives: Rescue the spiritual leader and arm the Ghurkas. Order the Ghurka to operate the radio. Eliminate the tyrant and escape on the barge with the spiritual leader.
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Thief, Driver, Spike (Joins later), Spiritual Leader (Joins later), Ghurkas (Join later)

Bonus Mission 4
Objectives: Resist the Invasion
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Driver, Sapper, Allied soldiers

Mission 5: Bridge Over the River Kwai
Objectives: Rescue Guinness. Obtain the explosives. Find the bridge's weak spot by taking Guinness to the model and plant the explosive trap. Summon the train by sending a telegraph.
Secondary objectives: Rescue the prisoners.
Team: Green Beret, Marine, Driver, Thief, Spike, Guiness (Joins later)

Bonus Mission 5
Objectives: Neutralize all of your enemies.
Secondary objectives: Switch off the spotlights.
Team: Sapper, Thief

Mission 6: The Guns of Savo Island
Objectives: Rescue the Allied pilot. Get the explosives and destroy the guns. Escape in the seaplane.
Secondary objectives: Steal the golden monkey and blow up the wall behind the golden monkey.
Team: Green Beret, Marine, Sapper, Driver, Wilson (Joins later), Allied pilot (joins later)

Bonus Mission 6
Objectives: Cut the fence. Deactivate the mines. Neutralize the enemy forces. and get all of your men into the truck.
Secondary objectives: Get the enemy codebook.
Team: Green Beret, Driver, Spy, Sapper (Joins later)

Mission 7: The Giant in Haiphong
Objectives: Contact the Sapper and the Thief. Find the explosives and destroy the large fuel tanks and the small fuel tanks. Infiltrate the aircraft carrier.
Team: Green Beret, Sapper (Joins later), Thief (Joins later), Natasha (Joins later)

Bonus Mission 7
Objectives: Sabotage the rudder of the Zeros. Call by radio to notify the position of the carrier. Leave the two white prototypes undamaged and pilot them to escape.
Team: Green Beret, Sapper, Thief, Driver

Mission 8: Saving Private Smith (+ Bonus Mission 8)
Objectives: Heal Smith. Steal the radio codes from the safe. Smith must radio HQ. Resist the invasion (bonus). Destroy the tanks (bonus).
Secondary objectives: Free the Green Beret, save the Sapper and rescue the Sniper. Prepare your men for the incoming invasion (bonus).
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Sapper, Thief

Mission 9: Castle Colditz
Objectives: Rescue the Thief from certain death without setting off the alarm. The code template has been hidden by General Heinz. The code book is kept by Field Marshal Desfell. The encrypted plan is kept by Major-General Rudolf. Join the three parts of the secret plan and transmit via the allied radio. Escape in the balloon.
Secondary objectives: Distribute the enemy uniforms to the prisoners so they can escape (58).
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Driver, Spy, Thief

Bonus Mission 9 (This mission is mentioned as Bonus Mission 8 in the game)
Objectives: Destroy all enemy vehicles.
Secondary Objectives: Eliminate all the enemy grenadiers.
Team: Sapper, Driver

Mission 10: Is Paris Burning?
Objectives: The Sapper must disconnect the detonation device in the general's office. Contact Natasha and use the radio at the top of the tower.
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Marine, Sapper, Driver, Spy, Natasha (joins later), Thief, Whiskey

Bonus Mission 10 (This mission is mentioned as Bonus Mission 9 in the game)
Objectives: Escape using the enemy car.
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Thief, Driver

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

Training Mission 1
Objectives: Eliminate all enemies.
Team: Green Beret, Sniper, Sapper

Traning Mission 2
Objectives: Get the papers from the German Embassy.
Team: Spy, Thief

Stalingrad Campaign

Mission 1: Kill the Sniper
Objectives: Eliminate the enemy sniper before he finishes off all your Russian Allies.
Team: Sniper

Mission 2: Protect General O'Donnel
Objectives: Protect General Franklin O'Donnell. Get all your men to the plane.
Team: Green Beret, Sapper, Sniper

Mission 3: Kill the Traitor
Objectives: Find your comrades. Kill the traitor before he reports to the enemy.
Team: Sapper, Sniper, Green Beret, Spy

Europe Campaign

Mission 4: Infiltrate the Station
Team: Thief

Mission 5: Board the Train
Team: Green Beret, Thief, Spy

Mission 6: Stop Bomb Deployment
Team: Green Beret

Mission 7: Take Control of the Train
Team: Thief, Spy, Green Beret

Mission 8: Take Control of the Town
Team: Sniper, Sapper

Mission 9: Ambush the Convoy
Team: Sapper, Sniper, Allies

Normandy Campaign

Mission 10: Cripple Nazi Support
Team: Thief, Sapper

Mission 11: Destroy the Warships
Team: Marine

Mission 12: Storm the Beach
Team: Green Beret, Allies


10. Major Gameplay Issues in the Commandos series.

General Issues

I have problem installing/running my game. What should I do?

- Check the box for minimum requirements.
- Try following the game documentation as literally as possible.
- Check for readme.* or info.* files on the CD and in the folder the game installed itself to.
- Are patches, tech tips or game FAQs available for the game?
- Do you have latest drivers for your sound and graphic cards installed?
- Check the card manufacturer's web-site.
- If the game uses DirectX or Quicktime, try using the latest version first. If that fails, use the version included with the game.
- Before starting the Win-9X game, exit or stop all programs running in the task bar.
- If you have bought the game (even as a used game) you are entitled technical support from the game distributor (or publisher/developer).
Use it! For all gameplay issues review the Eidos faqs first:
- Does the game have an official home site on the net? If so, check it's FAQ or tech info page. See links below.
- Post a question to AGC. Don't forget to include any error message and some details about your system.
- Generally speaking for C2 if you can't get your game to run try exchanging your disks for new ones at the store you bought it, this worked for alot of other people. Also make sure you updated your soundcard, videocard and motherboard drivers, have installed directx 8.0 and the patch, all that might solve the problem.
- Generally speaking for C3 if you can't get your game to run make sure you updated your soundcard, videocard and motherboard drivers, have installed directx 9.0 and the patch, all that might solve the problem.

b. How can I take a screen shot picture from the game?

Use the Print Screen key, then exit the game, open a screen shots' program (like Irfanview or Paint) and paste the pic there. Save it.

10.1 CBEL Issues

Are Windows 2000 supported for Commandos BEL?

Yes, they are. After numerous requests, Pyro Studios programmer Jon Beltran, has sent us a patch that will allow Commandos BEL to be installed and played on Windows 2000! The setup menu is in english, but this installer works with all versions of Commandos Behind Enemy Lines. For those of you who may not be familiar with Win2K, it is the upgrade for Windows NT 4.0 which was designed as a business platform.
The Installer is located here:

10.2 CBTCOD Issues

I have installed CBTCOD but when I play the game it says Load Game Disc?

If you have difficulty with CBTCOD asking for the game disk when you start the game the patch available will fix it.

10.3 C2MOC Issues

a. Why does the game not play when I insert disc 1?

When starting the game, you will receive an error requesting that you insert the correct disk in the drive. Commandos 2 uses the third disk for launching the game. Please ensure that you have disk three (3) in the drive prior to starting the game. Disc 1 is not the game disc. In the UK version of the game you do not need a disc in the CD-ROM in order to play the game.

b. How can I unistall the Commandos 2 game after a failed install?

This should work for Win 95/98/ME...I don't have XP to mess around with so if you have XP these instructions may not work.To remove Commandos II after a failed install, or if the game was Deleted rather than Uninstalled:
Start>Run>Regedit>OK Open H_KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE>Software>Highlight and Delete the Pyro Studios folder/key. Leave Pyro alone if you also have CBEL and/or CBCOD.
Exit Registry Editor.
Next open My Computer>C:\drive>Program Files>Delete the Commandos II folder if it is there (if you installed to other than the default directory, go there and make sure to Delete any Commandos II related files).
Next, Still in C:\Program Files...look for the InstallShield Information folder. If you don't see it go to Tools>Folder Options>View and click Show Hidden Files. Then go back and look in C:\Program Files for InstallShield Information. Open it and Delete the file/folder that begins with "F7963BA0-EE...". Don't delete any others!
For safety's sake Restart Windows, then hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to see the Close Program box and End Task on everything except Exlorer and Systray.Next...reinstall Commandos II. Then install the Patch. Then play.
Hope that helps anyone unable to reinstall Commandos II. In truth, the newest version of InstallShield seems a bit flaky.

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for any liability, damage to machines, or problems arising from using this suggestion, it is undertaken completely at the reader's own risk - my advice would be if you're not sure, call the support line!

c. Are Windows XP supported for Commandos 2?

What follows is the official Eidos Windows XP support statement:
Windows XP Compatibility for All titles.
You may not have any problem running any game published by Eidos Interactive using Windows XP. There are a few things that we want you to be aware. Many of our games were developed for Windows 95/98 long before the release of Windows XP. Many of our games were developed using the DirectX API. While Windows XP does support DirectX, many hardware manufacturers may not have drivers that support the version that is included with Windows XP. It is common that some hardware drivers have not been brought up to the WHQL specifications required for Windows XP. Thus games that use DirectX will not function correctly or at all.
We can only warrant and support our products when they are run using the operating system for which they were designed. These specifications are clearly listed on the product packaging or at our web site.
Older DOS games (Such as Tomb Raider) will not function and are not supported.
Ultimately, it is the responsibility of Microsoft and/or specific hardware manufacturer to provide for backward compatibility with Windows XP; this is to insure that the device drivers are compatible.
At this time we do not have plans to change our older titles to make them Windows XP compatible for the reasons above. We realize this may be a problem for some users. If you have Windows XP on your machine, and the game will not function, your best course of action may be to return the game to the place of purchase.

d. How can I delete a saved game for Commandos 2?

Go to Program File, under Commandos 2, there is a file called Output, see numbers at end in order of P0001000.sav and so on. In save Game menu, match the one you want to delete and delete it.
Below you will see Qs0001.sav It means quick save.
10.4 C3DB Issues

a. How can I unistall the Commandos 3 game after a failed install?

In your regedit (start->Run->type "regedit" press OK)
This will bring up your editor screen, folders down the left side beginning with HKEY and a blank windows on the right side.
Go to the EDIT menu at the top of the page, then FIND and type "Commandos 3" or "pyro" in the bar and press FIND.
This will start the search. The key thing to remember is the search only finds ONE file at a time, so even if there are several files listed on the right-hand side, only the one that is highlighted in BLUE can be deleted otherwise you run the risk of deleting a file that has nothing to do with Commandos 3 and thus causing a whole world of pain for your computer!
Then after you delete the one file, press F3 which will start searching for the next one etc.
If at this point you notice on the left, a folder called "Commandos 3" you may also delete the folder but ONLY that folder.
Eventually you will get a message which says "Finished Searching Through The Registry". Then there is one more file you need to delete in the registry.
Go back into your folders list of Regedit (you might need to collapse the folders back to their original state as they tend to expand through the regedit process). There should be 5 folders beginning with HKEY. Double click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, then SOFTWARE then Microsoft then Windows then Current Version then Uninstall and delete the key beginning {C270BC04-1540-4673-960F-A546B2C860CD}.
Exit out of the RegEdit and see if the game has been removed from the control panel's Add/Remove Programs list.
Then go to your My Computer screen and type "C:\Program Files\installshield installation information" with spaces included into the browser bar at the top. This should bring up several folders. Delete the folder beginning with "{C270BC04 ". If for some reason you cannot gain access to this folder (Installshield Installation information) bear in mind it is a hidden file and would also require full administration rights to access and edit - try going to the TOOLS option at the top of the explorer bar then "Folder Options" and then "view" and selecting "show all hidden files and folders".
NOTE: If for some reason you cannot find this file or folder even after making sure hidden files are visible, just ignore it and then try to re-install the game.
Then once this folder has been deleted, you can try re-installing the game if needs be.

Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for any liability, damage to machines, or problems arising from using this suggestion, it is undertaken completely at the reader's own risk - my advice would be if you're not sure, call the support line!

b. How do I make the game run in a higher resolution (instead of 800x600)?

This change is not possible, the game can only be run in 800x600.

c. How do I run the game in a window?

There is no available solution at the moment for this issue.

d. How do I change the hotkeys?

Changing the hotkeys is not possible.
However the use of the fan made patch can probably allow you to do that [link under patches].

e. My savegames disappear, what do I do?

You can either download the patch or use this work around:
- Rename your QS0001.sav to QS0001.bak
- Move perfiles.dat to back-up folder (like you did before)
- start the game, create new profile, call it like you called it before.
- start new game, tutorial and immediately quicksave.
- exit the game and go to Output folder.
You should see a new perfiles.dat and a new QS000#.sav file.
The number at the end may vary.
-rename this new SAV file to smth else, like QS000#.txt
-give your .BAK file the name new SAV file originally had.
Hope you understand what I am talking about here. For example the game created: QS0002.sav
You should change QS0002.sav to QS002.txt
And QS0001.bak to QS0002.sav
Now, theoretically, if you start your game and go to start game->quickload, it should load your old quicksave. If it doesn't work, well, I guess they changed something in the full game. It does work with the "official-final" demo.


11. Commandos Ranking System

As you well know the ranking system of Commandos (all three games) is taken from the ranks of the British Army. Be informed that there are no advantages in getting promoted. The promotions only give you the feeling that you belong in the army. IMHO I think that the designers wanted to comply with the motto: "The higher you get more confident you feel ".
(Personal Note: Believe me or not I feel more satisfaction when I finish the particular mission (and kill a lot of enemies or outsmart them)and not the rank at the end).
You can also find these specified ranks in the readme file of CBTCOD:

1. Lance-Corporal (Start, All Games)
2. Corporal
3. Sergeant
4. Quartermaster
5. Lieutenant
6. Captain
7. Major
8. Colonel
9. Brigadier
10. General
11. Field-Marshal

To get promoted each time you need 6 stars.


12. Hints and tips on Commandos 2

a. How do I gag soldiers?

By Shift+Clicking on them. Note: Lupin and Natasha can't do it.

b. Where do I find bonus books?

Usually, they are hidden inside buildings, in cabinets, boxes, etc. If you can not find all the bonus books press and hold F10 to see what cabinets/boxes you have not looked in yet: the ones that are bright yellow are the ones you have not looked in yet, the dark yellow ones are the ones you already looked in.
c. Ok, I need to know the exact location of all the books.

You can use this handy page made by Xcom: or read below!

The exact locations of the bonus books in each mission are:
There are 5 bonus books in mission 1:
one in the room where all the people eat, one in the bath-house, one in the house where Natasha is and two in the house where you can find the phone.

There are 11 bonus books in mission 2:
one in the torpedo-hall, two in the house of the commander, one in the house where the phone is, one in the bath-house, one in the bunker, one in the watch-tower close to fuel depots, two in the submarine and two close to the cell where the captain is kept in.


There are 6 bonus books in mission 3:
the first and the second one in the submarine, the third in the house with the radio set, the fourth in the bow room, the fith in the crew accommodation and the last one in the anteroom of the bridge.

There are 9 bonus books in mission 4:
1 - you find one book in the rooms that are directly under the hall of the spiritual leader.
2 - Another one can be found in the main building (opposite to the Buddha statue) in the second floor.
3, 4 - Directly next to the main building is a house with a roof similar to the roof of the house where the spiritual leader is located. Inside you will find a library that holds two bonus books.
5, 6 - On the other side of the main building, connected to it with an arc is a tower where you can find the next two bonus books (in the tower and the neighboring rooms).
7 - One book is located in the building with the radio set.
8 - In the ground floor of the building with all the monk-like people in it is another bonus book.
9 - And the last one can be found in the house, which kind of stands in the middle of the whole complex (between statue and monk-house) in the room with the 3 soldiers in it.
Itīs quite complicated to explain all the locations, hope you can find them.

There are 7 bonus books in mission 5:
one in each of the huts close to your starting position,
one on the bridge (check both positions for the explosives)
one in the room with the bridge model
one in the house which is build close to the cliff on the medium platform above the prison.
Two in two of the houses surrounded with the barbed wire fence.

There are 10 bonus books in mission 6:
1, 2, 3: at the village at the bunker entrance (in the 2 big houses and in the house which is a little aside of the others close to the beach)
4: ammunition depot (connecting two hights subterraneously)
5, 6, 7: in the headquarters, where the commander is (all of them in his room)
8: in the meeting room
9, 10: where the cannons are.

There are 14 bonus books in mission 7:
1: in the small house close to the Green Berets starting position (left one, entrance to the street)
2, 3: in the first big house from his starting point
4, 5: shop (where you meet your contact-person)
6: house left to the shop (the one with the yard, DIFFICULT room!)
7: house in the leftern corner of the map (where the sniper stands on the balcony)
8: house where you can find Natasha (ground floor)
9, 10: warehouse where you can find you two missing team members
11: in the room at the top of the gate
the remaining 3 books are all in the buildings right next to the white house where you can find Natasha:
12, 13, 14: there are 4 buildings in this complex: I will call them A, B, C (the one with the green roof), D (white, Natasha). One book can be found in building A and two books in building B.
If you want to have any chance of finding these books without creating to much noise, you will need to have Natasha attract the attention of one of the soldiers and the thief needs to use his mouse to draw off the attention from his person when he climbs through the window.

There are 6 bonus books in mission 8 to activate what I would call an epilogue:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Easy to find: two in the house were the green beret is imprisoned, one in the house in which you find the sapper and two in the house with the sniper.
6: in the crashed plane in the river (Dive into it or use the welding torch: the soldier in the separated room within the green beret-house has it).

There are 30 bonus books in mission 9:
1, 2: the first two are in the factory close to the Green Beretīs starting position (called Farben AG). Both of them are in the building with the chimneys
3, 4, 5: the next three books can be found in the factory on the opposite side of the map (close to the Sniperīs position, black smoke comes out of the chimneys). The books can be found on the building where a Nazi thug with a shirt looks out a window.
6, 7: are in the small building right next to this factory (right infront of the main gate)
8, 9, 10: very close to this building is another small building with three bonus books inside (I think there has been no enemy in this building). There are 3 cupboards with one book each
There are 7 books in the bar-building (close to the other to buildings mentioned above):
11, 12, 13: 1st floor
14, 15: 2nd floor
16, 17: 3rd floor
The remaining books are in the castle. First get all the parts of the code. Then go ahead to the rest of the castle, because no books can be found in the part from the castle entrance to general Rudolf. Pass the tower where a sniper is positioned and now it gets interesting:
18: book 18 can be found in the room behind the theater stage (get access through the door on the stage)
19, 20, 21: from this room move upstairs twice to find another 3 books in the cupboard and on both shelves.
22, 23, 24, 25: can be found in the third floor in all the cupboards.
26, 27: go through the door and find a room with a choir of prisoners. one can be found in a compartment in the wall and the other one in the piano.
28: Now go to the court yard and enter the 2 storied building right next to the building where you found the previous books (the one with the oriel). You will enter a kitchen where you find another book
29, 30: From the kitchen move downwards to the cellar and find the remaining 2 books.

There are 17 bonus books in mission 10:
1: Trash can in the subway
2, 3: Cupboards, 2nd floor
4: Desk, 3rd floor
5: Cupboard behind the counter, ground floor
6: commode, 1st floor
7: commode, 1st floor, officerīs room
8: commode by the canopy bed, 2nd floor
9: commode, 2nd floor, officerīs room
10: barroom, ground floor (shelves next to the bar)
11: entrance hall, ground floor
12: desk, 1st floor
13: bookcase, 2nd floor
14: secretary, 2nd floor
15: rack, 2nd floor
16: commode, 2nd floor, adjoining room
17: painting room, 3rd floor

d. How can I exchange items with other commandos?

You need to examine them. This will open inventory windows for both.
Then, simply drag items from one to another.

e. Why is there always one (1) sleeping pill remaining?

Unknown. Probably a bug.

f. How can I pick up the zodiac again?

You can't. You cannot pick up the zodiak (the inflatable boat) once you have it deployed.

g. Does the rank affect the gameplay?


h. How do I control vehicles?

With Arrow keys. Shift+Arrows = faster. Enter+Arrows=superfast. You can also [double]click on the point where you want to go! When using a vehicle use shift to gain extra speed. (really helps on bonus mission 2)

i. How can I shoot from a tank?

You need both Driver and Sapper to be in a tank. To move a tank (or any other special vehicle) you got to get the driver in it and control it with the arrow keys (in some cases you can use the mouse but the arrows work better) to be able to shoot the cannon of a tank you got to get the sapper in the tank and hold ctrl while clicking where you want the tank to shoot.Hold Ctrl and shoot away. The driver can fire the cannon while driving (by holding the Ctrl key) but the sapper must be IN the tank for the driver to be able to shoot as well.

j. The harpoon gun is used only underwater?

The harpoon gun is mainly used underwater. However there is a TRICK available to use it on land.
Select the diver, put on the scuba gear and dive into the water. Select the harpoon gun and resurface.
Now each time you press the Ctrl key a target will appear with the scope of the harpoon gun.
Go near a target and press shift + LMB. Fins will use the harpoon gun and kill the enemy.
The harpoon gun has longer range in C2 than in BEL and BTCOD. REMEMBER that if you use something else as a weapon, or an item (press A for instance to use the knife) the ability to use the harpoon gun will disappear.

k. How do I use the camera?

To turn the camera hold alt (a hand with two arrows appear as a cursor) and press the left and right arrow (or LMB and RMB), outside you will make 90 degree turns, inside you can rotate to whatever angle you want (360 degrees angle).

l. Ohmygod, this map is huge. Where am I supposed to go to finish objective X?

If you don't know where you got to be to complete an objective click on it in the objectives' book to see where you have to be to do it.

m. There are so many items. But I want to use only one, how to do that?

Shift-click on items that you can have a greater number of in your inventory (i.e. rifles, ammo, clothing) to only select 1 so you do not have to distribute all of them.

n. Damn I haven't a key and Lupin is busy. How can I open doors differently?

You can use the green beret to kick open doors, this does not work on all doors though, to do this put the green beret a small distance from the door and double click on the door to let him kick it in if possible.
(really helps on mission 8)

o. I love the music in C2. Is there a way to save it as MP3's in my PC?

To extract the music of C2 you need pck extractor, available at:
Then you need to unpack data2.pck. The music files are all in wav format and their names start with M_. (ie. M_pa_int.wav). You need about 300 mb extra drive space.
We counted 38 music files (maybe missed some).
For the info, all music files upsampled to 44khz and converted to 128 kbps MP3's take about 40 mb.
Now to be able to find which MP3 (or wav. file) belongs to which mission use this list:
SBN - Night of the Wolves
SB - Das Boot
HL - White Death
BU - Burma
KW - Kwai
IS - Savo Island
PT - Haiphong
RY - Saving Private Smith
CZ - Colditz
PA - Paris Burning?
M_ indicates music (obvious)
BH, INT, AGU - indicates where it plays (intro, underwater <- this is my guess, btw).

p. Is there a way to avoid the animation when I tie up and gag enemy soldiers? When I disable mines? When I climb down ladders?

If you want to speed up processes a little, then when you set a commando to tie up a person, shift-click on him, then as soon as the commando starts tying, right click. This will tie the person up, but will skip through the animation. Skipping the animation can be accomplished in this way too: while the commando is tying the enemy you shift click on the enemy. The cursor will change to a "pick up icon" and the commando will pick the enemy gagged up thus skipping the animation. When you disable mines if you click the disable icon to a second armed mine, while the sapper is disabling the first one, the sapper will move to the second without getting to the long process.
When climbing down ladders if you right click the commando will slide down and not go thru the long process. But do this when you are reaching the ground or else your commando wiill receive dammage (in other words, don't use this in big ladders). These really help gain those extra seconds...and may save your life....

q. Can Natasha carry a body? She is so skinny.

ALL commandos can carry a body since the body in question is dead/gagged/tied up.

r. How can I assign a hotkey for an allied soldier, please help?

All you have to do is click ALT + a number. And afterwards if you want to select them shift + chosen number.

s. How to play only the bonus missions?

Thanks to kkoutbox there is a way now to play only the bonus missions.
Download URL:
1. Download the archive file.
2. Rename your "OUTPUT" folder under Commandos II installation path Usually C:\Program Files\Commandos II\Output )
3. Extract the archive, overwrite the OUTPUT folder.
4. Start game, select the default user "".
5. Now you can select saved games from "B-01" to "B-10".
For the eighth mission:
Smith has send out telegram, and the enemies is coming. I'd gathered explosive from battle field, our soldiers are waiting your orders now.
After you have arranged, click the icon "LAUNCH INVASION" right below screen...

t. Can I toggle through the portraits (faces) of the commandos?

As the manual specifies you can do this by clicking on the portrait of the "active" commando on the lower right.

u. Is it possible to change the angle of viewing of allied soldiers when in coverage mode from windows?

Yes. You can do this by pressing CTRL and clicking in the direction you want the selected commando to face.

v. Can I use the cursor of C2 as my mouse cursor?

Thanks to Bart Dumon, we have a solution on this: Bart made a screenshot of the game, modified it in photoshop and saved it as a windows bmp file. Then he leeched a simple icon editor, imported the image, set the transparent background and saved it as a .CUR file. And then you can use it as a mouse cursor in windows.

The above is a windows desktop theme, this sounds easier because most people tend to use the desktop theme manager in the control panel. You can apply the theme with the modified cursor with this tool. Both files have to be in the same directory.

However, if you don't really need the theme, Bart suggests another way:

Copy the C2.CUR to your C:\WINDOWS\CURSORS\ or C:\WINNT\CURSORS\ or DRIVE:\whateveryourwindowsdirmightbe\CURSORS\ then go to the control panel, pick mouse and then click the Pointers tab.
At the bottom of this window, click Browse and pick C2.CUR, then click Open and then OK and tadaaaa you're done.
w. How can I set the resolution higher than the game's max?

Follow these instructions:
C:\program files\commandos II\output\comm2.cfg
change .modovideo from 2 to 3 for 1280x1024. 2 is 1024x768

12.1 Multiplayer Help

For those of you wishing to play the cooperative multiplayer mode, here are a few guide lines should you get stuck.

First of all one person needs to act as the server. That person needs to start their internet connection and then run the multiplayer server client packaged with the game. There is a link to it in the start menu where the game is also. A DOS type window will appear and display your IP address in the following format note this down and furnish your playing comrades also, you will all need it.

Whilst leaving the server program running start Commandos, all other players can also start Commandos whilst connected to the internet. Select multiplayer mission. When it asks for an IP address, type in the one that appeared in the DOS type window earlier on the "servers" machine.

The first person connected to the game gets "ops", if your familiar with IRC, or control of the game.

Then select your mission, who is going to control what players and away you go.

Note: Only one person has to run the server program. The person running the server has to join the game the same way as all the others. Multiplay can not be saved as in one player missions. It is also very slow over the internet. LAN play should be ok and would like to try if they could change their protocols.

On C2:
There are no servers for multiplayer, to play the game online with someone, one of you got to host the game or you can download gamespy at to find other players.
To host a game you got to enter your own ip in the ip field, the other players that got to enter your ip to log in to your computer.
To chat with the other players press ctrl + enter to open the chat.
If you are running behind a firewall and need to know the port for commandos 2 it's: 13139.
Playing Commandos 2 Multiplayer through a Firewall:
Commandos 2 uses Microsoft's DirectPlay for Internet/LAN Play. In order to play Commandos 2 Multiplayer through a Firewall you will need to open ports 2300-2400 UDB/TCP inbound/outbound and 47624 inbound/outbound. For help with configuring your firewall please consult the documentation that came with your firewall software.

12.2 Commandos 2 High Scores

After consulting with Mike Souto (Eidos Interactive Technical Support) we are able to provide you with the score/rank criteria for Commandos 2. The rank you achieve in Commandos 2 is based upon the score you receive for completing each mission. Below you will find a break-down of the scoring criteria.

1. Complete the primary and secondary mission objectives.
2. Kill as few enemy as possible.
NOTE: Kill the fewest enemies (using any means).

1. Complete the primary and secondary mission objectives.
2. Kill as few enemy without shooting.
NOTE: Kill slightly more enemies (kill the enemy by NOT shooting them).

1. Complete the missions primary and secondary objectives.
2. Using deadly force to kill enemy.
NOTE: Kill enemies freely (kill the enemy using the various methods available).

1. Complete the primary and secondary mission objectives.
2. Killing all enemy by firearm.

1. The faster you complete a mission the more points you score.
2. The fewer times you load the mission the more points you score (i.e. fewer is better).
EXAMPLE: Completing all mission objectives with no loss of life with no loaded saves as fast as possible will give you a very high score.
The difference between two players if this scenario is compared is the amount of time taken to complete the mission.


13. Hints and tips on Commandos 3

a. How do I distract with the spy?

Make sure the spy has a uniform on and then check the action button to the right. One of the icons is of two guys shaking hands and a little talk bubble in between, that's the distract button.

b. What does the small red shirt icon for uniforms mean?
(there are two different numbers associated with the enemy uniforms)

Apart from the spy, the commandos can wear enemy uniforms for a certain amount of time only, this time is represented by the number by the small red shirt icon. This means you can transfer the "time" only and you dont have to transfer the whole uniform.

c. How can I trade only 1 set of clothes to someone if I have 2 or more in my inventory?

Holding the shift button when doing the transaction will only move one of the sets of clothes.

d. How do I drop an item?

First of all make sure the item you want to drop is not in use. Open your inventory, then drag the item from your inventory (out of the inventory) to a spot on the ground.

e. What type of uniform do I need to wear to be disguised against officers and Gestapo soldiers? I am using an officer uniform and they see right through it. Is this supposed to be like this?

Other officers & SS soldiers/officers are un-foolable. No disguises work on them...and as Wade put it: they're like the Spanish Inquisition.

f. When I enter a vehicle the steering wheel icon is displayed but I can't drive the vehicle.

The only vehicles that work in the game are the truck in Stop Bomb Deployment and the cannon in the second Stalingrad mission.

g. I love the music in C3. Is there a way to save it as MP3's in my PC?
You need to extract the particular bits from the data files.
1) Get a .PCK extractor (see above for details)
2) Extract the folder "Sonidos" containing all the music files from it.
3) Get a trial version of Cool Edit Pro
4) Most of the files have to be played at a sample rate of 22050, mono and 16 bit.

h. How do you put the sniper in cover fire mode with the sniper rifle?
I click cover, and set it up, but he doesn't shoot, and he keeps reverting to his pistol.

You cannot do cover mode with the sniper rifle.
The cover mode normally works with pistols, normal rifles and machine guns only.

13.1 Multiplayer Help

a. What do I need to play multiplayer?

You need Gamespy arcade, delivered with the game.

b. When trying to join a multiplayer game, gamespy minimizes, and then Commandos 3 starts loading up, black screen, then all of a sudden freezes, for about 30 seconds or so. It then closes back to windows and Gamespy comes back up. No error msgs or anything.

There is no solution available for this issue at the moment.

c. How do I connect through IP instead of gamespy?

There is no solution available for this issue at the moment.

d. I can't find the multiplayer coop mode in Commandos 3, where is it hiding?

There is no coop mode in Commandos 3.


14. Frequently Asked Questions on Tactics

Here are a few answers to questions popping up fairly regularly in the Newsgroup.

14.1 Commandos Behind Enemy Lines Questions

Mission 3: Reverse Engineering
How am I able to shut down the electrified fence?

In the camp there is a small uninhabited tower with a red light blinking close to the fence.
Move your cursor close to that building and the cursor will change to the activate icon.
Press it and the Spy (or any other commando) will go and shut the electricity down.

Mission 4: Restore Pride
a. At the end of the mission, when I try to make the commandos climb down the ladder they will not move. A bug?

It's a glitch. Move the commando up and down a bit, then have him climb down the ladder.
He will eventually descend.

b. I have placed all my commandos in the boat and the boat does not leave the dock. Why?

Exit all your men, get them in the boat again one by one but make sure that you put the diver last. It's a glitch.

Mission 9: A Courtesy Call
I have destroyed everything but the mission will not end. Where is the escape vehicle?

The escape truck can be found in the west corner (near that big entrance, on the left of the team composed of GB, Sniper, Sapper).
But there is a catch (always is).
Catch No1: When you start blowing things up the escape truck appears. Now the patrol on the southwestern part of the map comes and investigates and obviously sees the truck.And then the patrol opens fire and destroys the escape vehicle or makes the driver of the escape vehicle abandon the area by driving away.
Normally you should get a screen saying "now you don't have an escape vehicle" but this does not happen always. Best advice: Get rid of that patrol first.
Catch No 2: You may think that you've blown everything up BUT this may not be the case. Because this particular mission has plenty of ground targets I suggest you check the map (all designated targets will be encircled) in case you missed something. As far as I recall the escape vehicle appears when you blow up the barracks (this may vary from game to game though).
Catch No 3: This does not work if you have a COPY of the game and not the original CDs. The escape vehicle will not appear, probably a bug. You can bypass the mission by using the passwords only. So, what are you waiting for?
Grab the original!

Mission 10 : Operation Icarus
a. I have used my time bomb and now that I use grenades the weapons store does not blow up. Why?

You need to use the Only time bomb available to destroy the weapons' store. Grenades don't work.

b. I have put all my men in the plane and the plane doesn't fly away. Why?

Exit all your men, get them in the plane again one by one but make sure that you put the pilot last.
It's a glitch.

Mission 13: David and Goliath
a. I have used the torpedoes else where. Will remote control bombs work to sink Bismarck II?

No. The two torpedoes provided in the minisub will sink the battleship. Remote control bombs will only destroy the fuel tanks. They don't work on the ship.

b. How can I fire those torpedoes of the minisub?

Have Fins in the minisub. Press Ctrl (the cursor will change to a target), aim the cursor on the warship and press LMB. The torpedo will fire away. Do it twice (Hold Ctrl + LMB) and the second torpedo will fire away.

c. Are there any tricks to bring all the commandos in the base undetected?

Well guys, if you did not know the Marine can carry your fellow commandos while he can be diving underwater. This requires timing but it is possible.

1. Make the marine inflate the boat on land.
2. Make the commando whom you want to transport stand next to the boat.
3. Make the marine stand a bit far from the boat.
4. Select the hand icon and double click on the boat.Quickly switch control to the other guy and make him board the boat just as the marine is about to deflate the boat.

It will take a few tries to get the timing right. A mental note: As you well see this is a known bug. it will not work in all versions of CBEL

Mission 19: Frustrate Retaliation
How do I get past the guard tower overlooking the escape boat?

Place an explosive under the tower and detonate it. This will not destroy the tower but will kill the guard inside it. To confirm the kill place the eye cursor on top of the tower. The green field of view will have gone. Now you can make your escape.

14.2 Commandos Beyond the call of Duty Questions

Mission 1: Dying Light
a. How do I get on the island?

This can look daunting if you've never played Commandos before and even tricky to those familiar with Behind Enemy Lines. Remember your sniper can shoot from the boat! It helps to take out the guy on the top of the round roof and one or more guys on the pier where the machine gun is. This should give you a start before you give up! :)

b. I have destroyed everything but the mission will not end. What's wrong?

Remember that there are a lot of targets in this mission:
The antenna, which is a two part building (install the explosives somewhere in the middle to destroy both parts of the same house).
The lighthouse.
Five (5) anti aircraft gun emplacements.
Open the map and you'll see the targets circled.

c. How do I get passed the mines with my boat at the end?

One sniper bullet is helpful here to take out the furthest mine and the next one in can be shot with a pistol from the beach.Although it is possible to take out the mines using the diver and pushing the rubber dinghy into them until they explode. Then push the dinghy back to the beech, pick it up and then deploy it again and it's as good as new again! Or you can go all the way around, use a sniper's bullet to explode a single mine (the furthest in the map) at your starting position and...
well row around the island to the buoy.

Mission 2: The Asphalt Jungle
How do I get into the zoo without being shot?

You need to obtain the zoo keeper's uniform so you can wonder around without being spotted. The zoo keeper is the guy in the blue uniform who occasionally leaves the zoo for the house at the bottom of the map. The Green Beret can also gain access to the zoo by climbing the wall into the lion cage.

Mission 3: Dropped Out Of the Sky
How am I going to recover the navigation system of the bomb? I give up!

Select the Green Beret, then use the "Pick Up" key. The cursor will change to a hand.
Move the cursor over the tip of the flying bomb and press LMB.
The Green Beret will pick up the navigation system. He is the only one strong enough to carry it.

Mission 8: Dangerous Friendships
a.Why does the General kill Natasha in the night club?

One of two reasons here. First, Natasha must get into the club without being spotted by any Gestapo officer. Secondly, if the alarm is set off during any part of the mission the General becomes suspicious and he will kill her. So either sneak past the guards or kill them all but do not set off the alarm.

b. How can I take the secret documents?

Use Natasha. Have her walk to the night club and get her in. The general will follow her.

After their "brief" encounter she'll acquire the documents (they'll appear in her knapsack).

14.3 Commandos 2 Men Of Courage Questions

Training Mission 1:
a. Lupin can't tie up the enemy soldiers?

Indeed he can't. Try using the Sapper.

b. How do I get on the other side of barbed wire?

Lupin can climb poles. Shift+Click on them.

Training Mission 2 :
a. Where is the key to the house?

It's with the general, not far from the point where you started the mission.

b. I can't find the 3rd box? Where is it?

It's in the house. Rotate your view (Alt+Arrows) so you can see it. The mines are in the house in a box right of the door.

c. Ok, I used the radio but nothing happens?

You should see white "Launch Invasion" button. You need to click on it.

d. How do I destroy the tank?

Place anti-tank mines on the road.

e. I don't have any anti-tank mines?

You need to find them in the third box. See above.

f. How can I control the Allies?

You can select the soldiers by getting a commando near them and right-clicking on them.

Mission 1: Night of the Wolves
a. How can I complete this mission, if I can't kill anyone?

Well, sleeping pills in a bottle of wine will be your best friend in this mission. Lupin and Natasha can knock out people (Natasha only with a bottle of wine) but not tie them up so you cannot get any guns or kill any soldiers in this mission, it's all about stealth here.

b. How can I "poison" the assistant?

The assistant with the keys is located in the dining room which is located right of the generals office (from the point of view when you start the mission).
Use Natasha to go to the cantina, examine wine case in there, use sleeping pills on it. Enjoy!

Another way is to beat him to death with Lupin, but this has no guaranteed results, for Lupin that is ;-)

c. How do I make Lupin hide under the bed?

Move your mouse cursor over the bed, while holding Shift until cursor changes into a "hole with an arrow pointing inside it". This requires certain precision. If this doesn't work, slightly rotate the view (Alt+Arrows) and try again.
The total absurd thing about hiding Lupin under the bed is that you have to place the cursor on the edge of the bed and not at its side. What I mean is this:

bed [===]

Approach pattern > [===]

Wrong approach pattern [===]

You must have with you (as Lupin): the dog, the enigma machine, the secret documents to end the mission.

d. Where is the switch to cut off the power?

The power can be cut in the building where you find Natasha in the upper right corner.

e. I have the Enigma and the secret documents from the safe but you say there are more secret documents?

When contacting the French Resistance man with Lupin, the one who is wounded and eventually dies, he will pass to you the secret documents and Whiskey. Now if you talk to him with Natasha he will not give the secret documents away. You have to talk to him with Lupin only. Even if you used Natasha at the begining use Lupin to get the documents afterwards (examine the body of the dead Frenchman) or the mission will not end. You need those documents for mission 2.

f. Where is the bed where Lupin must hide?

Beds are located in the first barrack building with only 2 soldiers guarding the hallway.
It's in the same area as Commandant's office.
Note: do not use the beds in the barracks filled with enemy troops.

Mission 2, Das Boot: Silent Killers
a. I don't understand how to complete secondary objective: enter the base as an official?

The Spy must drive a vehicle to the front gate (the one with an electrified fence). Obviously, the Spy must be disguised and have "official" ID papers. The officer will check the ID and open the gate, so you can drive in. If this doesn't complete the objective, try exiting and re-entering the base on foot. The car in question is on the left side of the base (from the point of view when you start the mission).
You will have to put the security papers on whiskey with Lupin.
Then use the dog whistle with the spy, thus taking the security papers from whiskey.

b. How do I disable underwater mines?

Have Fins (aka Diver, Marine) dive and Shift+click on a mine. When disabled, they'll float away!

c. I can't get to the radio station. Nazis keep noticing me.
Actually, there is a second radio in this mission. It's in the small building near the front gate with electrified fence. Use the spy disguised.
d. Where is the damned key for the crew? And where is the damned crew + captain?

The keys can be found on the roof, the patrolling lieutenant (black clothing) on the roof got them, you will have to take him out and take them from his inventory.The sailors can be found in the building near the ramp to the sub and you need the key to open the door to it. The captain is located in the building opposite of the door leading to the sailors.

e. Ok, I got everyone in the sub but the mission won't end.

Check if you've done the following: completed all the objectives, used the radio to contact GB and have him parachute down, rescued all sailors and the captain (they are in separate locations), have really all commandos and sailors+captain in the sub (some sailors may be still standing outside), that's:8 sailors, 1 captain, the spy, the green beret, the sapper, Lupin, the diver and Whiskey, opened the hangar door (there are 2 doors which can be opened), disabled the mines and have the dog with you.
Plus eliminated all enemies in the sub.
NOTE: The sailors can get stuck on some hatches on the sub (the ones without a ladder) just load a saved game and take another hatch or if you don't got a saved game near that point use a grenade to kill that sailor.

Bonus Mission 2:
How on earth am I going to finish the race in under a minute? The stupid boat is too slow.

Press the Shift key and use the Arrow keys to drive the boat. The shift key is the "Turbo boost".

Mission 3, White Death:
a. I can't find my Marine, where is he?

He is in the small room (kitchenette) and you can't see him in the beginning. Either press [3] key to highlight him or rotate your view (Alt+Arrows).

b. Who is that second Sapper?

When you have rescued the sapper 2 of them will appear. As soon as you move the sapper, kill the one you cannot control, it does not affect your score in any way, it's a bug.

c. Ok, I got GB and Spy in the plane and everyone else in the sub but the mission won't end.

Check if you've done the following: completed all the objectives; Spy or GB must have the Enigma Machine (give to one of them all 3 pieces of the enigma machine, do not give to one of them 2 pieces and the other 1 or it won't work); you rescued all sailors and the captain (they are in separate locations), didn't forget any sailor on the way (they seem to have problem climbing ladders and such, sometimes) and eliminated all enemies in the sub.
The cannons on the destroyer are disabled by placing the explosives in the destroyer under the guns (the round cog like things).

Bonus Mission 3
I completed all the objectives and escaped in the truck but the mission won't finish!

You need to escape in the amphibious vehicle.

Mission 4, Target: Burma
a. Where the heck are the Ghurkas?

In the sewers.

b. How do I access the sewers?

Either from under water (press F10 to highlight the entrances) or through a secret (hatch)passage in one building.

c. Ok, I found Ghurkas but I can't select them.

You need to arm them (at least one of them) first. To do it, examine a Ghurka soldier and drag a rifle to his inventory (you got to have a rifle in your inventory and equip each of them with one. To do this use shift-click on one rifle to only distibute one at a time). After this, all of them will become selectable and can be controlled like all other allied troops.

d. How can I control the spiritual leader?

Talk to the spiritual leader to be able to control him, he is in a building near the budha statue.

e. Hmm, notepad says: "Eliminate the Tyrant" but there is no Tyrant to be found.

Don't worry, he'll come as soon as a Ghurka soldier uses the radio. The tyrant is the person who arrives in the car after you used the radio with a ghurka, to make him leave his car you got to wait till he reaches the budha statue and he will get out himself or you got to kill or knock out one of the soldiers guarding him. Another tactic is to kill everybody in the bridge.

Mission 5: Bridge over River Kwai
a. How do I control this %@^#$ elephant?

A. Only Lupin (thief) can do it. B. Use Arrow keys to drive the elephant.

b. How do I rescue the prisoners in the cage?

Use a switch in the arm. This will release the cage and it will drown. Then, make one your men dive (the diver preferably) and use second switch on the cage itself, to release the prisoners. Note: you have 30 sec. to do it.

c. How do I use explosives?

You need to place the explosives into a cabinet which is located somewhere in the middle of the bridge, between some barrels. Examine the cabinet and drag the explosives in there.

Mission 6: Guns of Savo Island
a. What do I need Wilson for?

He can freely move all around the island and distract enemies (with his horn).

b. I can't open the door to the bunker and yes, I do have a key?

There is one door which requires you to use a blow torch on it first.

c. I can't find the pilot. Where is he?

Yes, this can be tricky. Click "Target" button. This will display an arrow, pointing at his location. You might still not see him, but he is there, somewhere in a cage in the water. Click on the cage with the shift button pressed and you see the cogs being activated. The pilot will appear shortly.

d. How can I move out the Golden Monkey?

To get the Golden Monkey out of the mines you got to blow the wall in the room where you find it (press and hold F10 to see which wall).

Bonus Mission 6 How do I get my men on the other side of the wall?

GB should do the job. Equip him with 2 rope ladders (they can be found in the crates next to the truck). Then climb thetelephone pole and move in the direction of the wall. Note: you should see agreen position marker, telling you exactly where you will land (if you fall).
When above the wall, click with RMButton twice (1-to stop, 2-to fall). Then simply use rope ladders on both sides of the wall.

Mission 7: Giant of Haiphong
a. Where can I find the disguise for Natasha?

It's in the same building where you talked to the Chinese Shopkeeper (in one of the boxes backstage).

b. I cannot get my men inside the base because the truck won't move. Why?

If you cannot get the truck at the warehouse to move inside the base anymore, use the other truck just below that one (remember to get Natasha in first and then the other commandos).

c. I can't get my men onto the Aircraft Carrier?

Get Lupin there first (by making him climb the crane). Then use the switch (to activate the ladder) by shift clicking on it.
The switch is near the place where the enemy sniper stood.

d. Ok, all my men are on the Carrier but the mission will not end. Why?

To end the mission you got to get your men into the container on the carrier's deck.

Mission 8: Saving Private Smith
a. How do I heal Smith?

Use a medpack on him.

b. How can I enter the plane? I can't reach the door.

One of the possibilities: from under water on the other side. To get into the crashed plane you got to use the blowtorch on the marked area (press and hold F10) or dive in the water on the other side of the plane to find an entrance.

c. I found all bonus books. Why is there no bonus mission?

As stated in the Manual Addendum, for this mission you get to handle the "Invasion" as bonus.

d. How can I start the invasion bonus?

To start the invasion bonus you got to push the invasion button in the lower right corner after you called the allies on the radio, if the button is greyed out you got to check the buildings and clear them from enemies.

e. All the invading enemies are dead, why doesn't the mission end?

Check all the houses for enemies that are still alive, also check your map for green dots, these might be burried enemies, try to kill them with grenades or load a saved game before the invasion and get rid of them in another way.

f. How many mines are there? Can I use them against the Germans?

But of course you can use them. There are two types of mines, the antitank mines and the antipersonnel mines. For the anitank mines, you can find at least 3 in this mission (Very Hard level), one in a worker located in the house where the sapper is held and two near the wrecked track-drive vehicle near the timber bridge, that the worker is busy on. Mine sweep the area between the vehicle and the trees, and there you should find two anti tank mines. For the antipersonnel mines, you should mine sweep the areas around the river banks (both sides of the river). There are 48+ antipersonnel mines to be found. Use a commando to carry them (except the sapper).

Mission 9: Castle Colditz

a. I am talking to Lupin but he does not move. Why?

Once you try to save Lupin make sure he does not get shot before you talk to him, if that happens you can not free him anymore.

b. I can't use the radio. Help!

Try using it with GB. To end the mission you got to use the radio at the top of the tower, give the Green Beret all the 3 parts of the documents (they will combine to one item taking only 4 spaces in your inventory) and shift-click on the radio.

Bonus Mission 9 (this mission is mentioned as Bonus Mission 8 in the game) There are too many enemy vehicles around, should I really use the Mines and the Bazooka?

In this mission you must destroy 4 enemy tanks, and one armored vehicle. You don't need the mines and the bazooka as you can destroy everything by using only the tank provided.

Mission 10: Paris Burning
Do I get a bonus mission after this mission too?


Bonus Mission 10 (this mission is mentioned as Bonus Mission 9 in the game)
How can I pass the trenches to get the wirecutters? There is wire everywhere.

As you know from training mission 1 Lupin can pass right under the wires.
Eliminate the enemy snipers and use Lupin to get the cutters.

14.4 Commandos 3 Destination Berlin Questions

Stalingrad Campaign
Mission 2: Protect General O'Donnel
How can I get into the plane in this mission?

You just go into the door on one of the sides on the plane. You will highlight it by clicking on F5 (see manual for details). Rotate the screen and you will see the door.

Mission 3: Kill the Traitor
I have killed every Nazi in all buildings, sewers and on the streets including the five on the two roofs. I have acquired the explosives and the snipper's rifle. However, I cannot find the Traitor. I see the automobile drive up and I have blown it up. The truck that drives to the garage has been blown up as well and I have monitored every building for some movement but there are none. Finally the siren goes off and I get a message in red stating that the Traitor has met with the enemy. What am I doing wrong?

He should come out of the building with the 6 gestapo soldiers standing in front of it. Wait until the traitor ENTERS the car. Do not kill the gestapo guards. It seems that as long as they are alive the car will stop and pick up the traitor and then proceed to the meeting place.

Europe Campaign
Mission 4: Infiltrate the Station
a. I've cleared every enemy from the station and surrounding area, but the objective still reads: 'Get into the station without setting off the alarm'.
I have also found the admiral's uniform (although the soldiers seem to see through it). Erm - what now?

There is a hiding place inside the station. Get both commandos in there.

b. I need help on the infiltrate the station mission. What do I need to do?

Try to get inside the station with the truck. You can easily enter the station by eliminating enemies from both sides of the road. Just in front of the damaged building where there is an officer smoking a cigar there is a sewage pipe. Go in there and you'll meet the local resistance inside there.
The rest is easy.

Mission 6: Stop Bomb Deployment
I have killed everybody, destroyed everything (bombs included), I have 3 minutes left and my man is walking around like an angel of death waiting for the time to expire. What must I do here?
Note that not only did I take it off the trucks, but I destroyed it as well.

You should not destroy it. Use the heavy machine gun if you want.
You should kill only soldiers at the East first. Then in the South - West.
And finally in the North.

Mission 9: Ambush the Convoy
I've blown up the tank and one half track, the other half track seems to be disabled from the anti tank mine, none of the trucks are blown up and all enemies are dead. I've got all of the commandos out of the truck and everyone is just standing around waiting for something to happen. Am I not getting a mission completed because of that last half track? It's still in one piece, but when I check the field of view, there is nothing showing, indicating the driver and gunner are dead. What do I do now?

Try throwing a grenade on it (the disabled but not completely destroyed half track) to completely blow it up, after that the mission should finish. You can also use the Bazooka. It has enough fire power to blow up a halftrack.


15. The hot keys.

These are a very useful aid in speeding things up. Racing across to the knapsack to select a weapon uses up time which can be much better employed in the killing of the enemy. Remember certain keys only correspond to certain team members!

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines

Action/Selection Hot Key

Green Beret 1
Sniper 2
Diver 3
Sapper 4
Driver 5
Spy 6
Deselect all 0

A Explode remote bomb
B Release bomb
C Lie down
D Diving gear(Marine)/Distract(Spy)
E Grenade R Sniper rifle
F Shovel
G Pistol
H Hand
I Activate/Deactivate acoustic decoy
J Trap(Sapper)/Harpoon(Marine)
K First aid kit
L Lethal injection
M Sub machine gun
Q Release acoustic decoy
S Stand up
T Release inflatable boat
U Reuse uniform
W Pliers/Cutters
X Knife

Commandos Beyond The Call Of Duty

Action/Selection Hot Key

Green Beret 1
Sniper 2
Diver 3
Sapper 4
Driver 5
Spy 6
Deselect all 0
A Explode remote bomb
B Release bomb
C Lie down
D Diving gear(Marine) Distract(Spy)
E Grenade/Harpoon/Rifle gun/Knife/Trap/Lethal injection
F Shovel
G Release acoustic decoy
H Hand
I Activate / deactivate acoustic decoy
J Handcuffs / Pliers
K First aid kit
N Release inflatable boat
Q Pistol
R Puppet
S Stand up
T Hanger
U Reuse uniform
V Cigarette pack
W Submachine
X Club/Fist/Ether
Y Stone

Commandos 2 Men Of Courage

Action/Selection Hot Key

Green Beret 1
Sniper 2
Diver 3
Sapper 4
Driver 5
Spy 6
Natasha 7
Thief 8
Whiskey 9
Wilson 9
Deselect all 0
Select various characters Number and Ctrl
Sniper Rifle A
Grenade A
Syringe A
Spike A
Shovel A
Knife A
Binoculars B
Swimming (Submerge) B
Swimming (Surface) B
First-aid kit C
Officer uniform D
Divers suit D
Snow clothes D
Natashas dress D
Wire Trap D
Mine Detector D
Stick to the enemy D
Rope ladder E
Order to go E
Fish Food E
Rifle F
Pistol G
Whistle H
Release Whiskey H
Wire Cutters I
Take off uniform J
Zodiak K
Bazooka K
Smoke Grenade K
Harpoon gun L
Blow Torch L
Sheet L
Sub Machine gun M
Sleeping pills N
Mines O
Poison Grenade O
Hit with bottle P
Trap P
Anti-tank mine P
Hit Q
Look above water Q
Look below water Q
Decoy R
Remote Bomb S
Lockpicks S
Lipstick S
Give orders S
Molotov cocktail S
Grappling hook S
Bury Yourself S
Cigarettes T
Put on uniform U
Tinned food V
Examine W
Attack mode X
Exit from X
Time Bomb Y
Order to look Z
Flame-thrower Z

Reveal and Hide control panel `
Enemy view Tab
Stand up and Crawl Space

Keys used by CBEL, CBTCOD and Commandos 2 (variations mentioned)

F1 Help
F2-F7 Activate various modes in game screen
P Pause (the Pause Break Key works in Commandos 2)
+ or - (numerical keypad) zoom in/out
* (numerical keypad) normal zoom level
Tab Move position of knapsack (Enemy view cone in Commandos 2)
Esc Go to main menu
Ctrl + B See a summary of the mission briefing (Not in Commandos 2)
Ctrl + S Quick save
Ctrl + L Quick load
Alt + Click Make camera track designated target (Not in Commandos 2)
Ctrl + Click Shoot from a vehicle or machine gun nest (Not in Commandos 2)
Shift + Click See field of view of selected enemy (Not in Commandos 2)

Commandos 3

Selection Hot Key/ Function/Action

F2/Cycle Window Configuration/None
F3/Tracking Camera/Click on enemy/object
F4/Toggle Map on/off /None
F5/Highlight Enemy/None
F6/Highlight Allied Soldiers/None
F7/ Highlight Interaction Areas/Objects/ None
F9/Quick Save/None
F11/Quick Load/None
TAB/Enemy View/Click on enemy/ground
ENTER/Enemy View/Click on enemy/ground
SHIFT/Scroll Quickly/Move Mouse
ALT/Free Scroll/Move Mouse
ALT/Rotate Camera/ Right/Left mouse click
ALT/Rotate Camera (interior)/ Press Right/Left cursor keys
+/Zoom In/None
-/Zoom Out/None
*/Default game scale/None
\ /Toggle Hide Interface/None
SPACE/ Toggle Lie Down/Stand Up/ None
SPACE/Toggle Swim Underwater/None
Z /Examine/Click on object
Q and W /Cycle through available weapons/None
A Cover Position Select weapon prior to hotkey
X Exit Vehicle None
CTRL /Force Fire/Click on enemy/ground

Most generally used:
Ctrl to fight (q and w to change weapons)
1-8 for selecting people
F9 to quick save
F11 to quick load
Space to lie on the ground
Z to view items

Note: If you use the fan made patch for C3 the hotkeys may be different.


16. Level Codes (Passwords)

This one is a bit tricky. There are going to be different level codes depending on how fast you finished the previous mission, damage sustained and also merits awarded and whether or not you were promoted or not. Also which level of difficulty you chose at the beginning of the game will make a difference. So the following level codes may be different to the ones that some of you may all ready have.
Particularly in Commandos 2 there is a different high score on how you finish each mission by not killing the enemy, by not shooting the enemy and you are awarded medals in the bonus missions.

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines

Mission 2... YS2B7 or 4JJXB
Mission 3... ZDD1T
Mission 4... RFF1J
Mission 5... K4TCG
Mission 6... MIR4M or DT1WN
Mission 7... 7QVJV or X3YWX
Mission 8... K99XC or 7NWJO
Mission 9... AAAX1 or 7LPB8
Mission 10... JSGPW or PSGPW
Mission 11... CMODD or JFOP3
Mission 12... JGHD3 or 4MB4D or MDB4D
Mission 13... PUUWW or BJK4Y or TJK4V
Mission 14... WT348 or 9T348 or 5I8DX
Mission 15... 139PO or 739P0 or 639PM
Mission 16... L9IPV or 99IPV or M34MW
Mission 17... LIMW
Mission 18... YJOJG
Mission 19... YFCWJ
Mission 20... GDKWT

Commandos Beyond The Call Of Duty


Mission 2. H239Z
Mission 3. IR291
Mission 4. NGYA7
Mission 5. 4K4A0
Mission 6. VND2R
Mission 7. Z9ESK
Mission 8. N7SLZ


Mission 2. W8IVM
Mission 3. WLRVL
Mission 4. WUJZR
Mission 5. W3KZ9
Mission 6. VK1YJ
Mission 7. V4WYO
Mission 8. VGG0Z

Commandos 2 Men Of Courage


Mission 1:XHGDR
Mission 2:WKUC4
Mission 3:YSM51
Mission 4:B7D8F
Mission 5:3GHSL
Mission 6:AZLM1
Mission 7:JAHSG
Mission 8:UN63A
Mission 9:VAZ2P
Mission 10:9TT5W


Mission 1:PLKUM
Mission 2:JE5SH
Mission 3:DFY3B
Mission 4:K9D3H
Mission 5:NMWQ9
Mission 6:16G3L
Mission 7:WL3CZ
Mission 8:LPQ6T
Mission 9:SRCM8
Mission 10:PAEN8


Mission 1:PVTSL
Mission 2:SKDJF
Mission 3:3DYNG
Mission 4:9BG3S
Mission 5:KJWJK
Mission 6:E2J7H
Mission 7:ZX78Y
Mission 8:TRIB4
Mission 9:TRD78
Mission 10:1LPQD

Commandos 3 Destination Berlin

There are no passwords available for the missions of this game.


17. Cheat Codes

Before running any cheat, start the game in the usual way. Either start new game, enter password, load game or load quick saved game.

Then select a commando (any of them).

Then type in the following, depending on which title you are playing:
gonzo1982 for C:BEL or
gonzoopera for C:BTCOD or
gonzoandjon for C2:MOC or
soyincapaz for C3:DB.

NOTE: At no stage does a prompt appear to enter the code. Just type it in during normal gameplay.

Whilst entering the code, commandos, weapons and other options may be highlighted or selected. Do not worry, the cheat code contains some of the short cut keys to these items. Once the code has been entered one of your commandos will be active. So do not start wildly clicking around the screen as you may send one of your men into a fatal area!

In BEL and BTCOD to confirm that the cheat has been set-up correctly press and hold the CTRL key and then press the I key and then let them both go.
A red I should appear in the top right hand corner of the screen indicating that you are invincible. To disable invincibility press CTRL + I again. In Commandos 2 instead of pressing Ctrl+ I press and hold the CTRL key and then press the V key and then let them both go. A red V should appear in the top right hand corner of the screen indicating that you are invinsible. To disable invinsibility press CTRL + V again.
Cheat mode can also be activated for C3 during a mission by typing "SOYINCAPAZ" after selecting a commando.

You can now use the following...

Ctrl + I Invincible/God Mode (BEL, BTCOD, C3)
Ctrl + V Invisible (C2, C3)
Shift + X Teleport player to cursor (BEL, BTCOD, C2, C3)
Shift + V See all enemies line of site (BEL, BTCOD)
Ctrl + Shift + N Finish mission (BEL, BTCOD, C2, C3)
Ctrl + Shift + X Destroy Everything (BTCOD) or Kill All enemies (C2, C3)
Ctrl + (-) Show framerate (C2, C3)
Shift+E/Ctrl+E Mission editor (BTCOD)
Shift+F1/F2/F3/F4 Video Mode (BTCOD)
Shift+V Trace User
Ctrl+F9 Show Debug Output (BTCOD)
Ctrl+L Invulnerability (BTCOD)
Alt+F11 Ventana Help (BTCOD)
Alt+I Picte Interface (BTCOD)
Alt+Shift+L Write to MEMLIN.DAT (BTCOD)
Alt+Shift+M Write to MEMACT.DAT (BTCOD)
F9 Terrain Info/Cursor Position (BTCOD)
Esc + L when the mission completed screen appears Skip to bonus mission (C2)
If you can't find the bonus books, then, when the mission completed screen comes, just press the "Esc" key and the "L" key together.
Make sure that you press them exactly at the same time.This will let you go to the bonus mission, regardless of the bonus books.

Remember that in C2 if you use the cheats you loose the rank you have acquired.
There is a mission unlocker for C3 available.
Other key combinations are probably available and will be posted when I find them! :)


18. Can anyone be a real expert on everything concerning commandos?

By definition, a FAQ covers FREQUENTLY asked questions. That means dealing with the most common Commandos questions first and filling in the rest as fast as possible.
Questions like "Who Is the Green Beret?" will receive top priority, whereas if you want to know "How many knives has James Blackwood totally carried?" you may have to wait for us to do a little research, and if you want to know "Which is Natasha Lips' favorite perfume?" you should probably shut down the computer right now and get a date. (Or try to, anyway.)

Keep in mind that not every question has a definitive answer, and the FAQ should be restricted to providing only answers that are documented with reliable sources. In other words, there are some questions that will NEVER show up here. But if everything was covered, there'd be no need for Usenet, would there? Finally, this FAQ is very much a work in progress, and if you feel there's a great question overlooked, we welcome your input. Send in your submissions and if added, you'll be sure to receive credit!


19. Links or Where can I go for more information?

This is a list of links to peoples sites containing information on the Commandos Series and the Commandos active community.
If you would like your site added then send the URL and a brief description of the site to any e-mail address at the top of the page.
Some of the links posted here may be:
1. broken
2. out of date
3. inactive

Sorry for any inconvenience but it's not our fault :-)

19.1 I'm confused: aren't there already other Commandos' FAQs around?

The FAQ logo has started to appear in a majority of sites.
But this doesn't mean that they actually answer frequent questions.
On the other hand there are some faqs around that can be useful to the average player of commandos.

Eidos General Faq
Here you'll find the minimum specs on the game plus pc issues.

Eidos Setup and Installation Faq
PC issues and tech info.

Manual Addendum Faq
The most important faq as it contains new and updated info on the game itself. CHECK it out!!!

Eidos Commandos 2 BBS Faq
xcom01 constructed this faq. There you can find the frequent asked questions on Commandos 2 included here plus other useful info.

1shot1kill's Faq on C2

Commandos 2: Men of Courage FAQ/walkthrough','2817688','700','600'
Written by Nadia Varkovsky. This is more than a faq. A complete walkthrough for each mission plus details contained in the game itself.
A must for the player who wants everything delivered at home ;-)

Eidos Germany Useful Hotkey Chart (FAQ)
A chart that gives more than it deserves. And its official!!

Unofficial Hotkey Chart (FAQ)
A commando fan, Jeff Jones created one reference key chart, in Excel (.xls) format.
The zip file includes the manual in both word (.doc) and acrobat reader (.pdf) format.

Commandos 3 Faqs
Do a search here for commandos 3.

19.2 Forums and Newsgroups

Except for the best Ng available in the usenet there are other forums and Ngs, where you can discuss freely commandos and all its problems and ideas.

a. Usenet

Both newsgroups can be found in dejanews or google

b. Internet

Eidos' Forums NEW updated forums
Commandos Legacy
Commandos 2 Men Of Courage
Commandos Chat
The official forums on all three games.

Dropzone Forums
From the Dropzone site... another place to discuss freely.
The AlliedForcesNetwork Forums
From the TAFN site...
19.3 Commandos' Related Links
And here are links on the game itself. Enjoy!!!


Eidos Interactive
Commandos 2 Patch
International Edition

German Edition

The Commandos Behind Enemy Lines Official site

The Commandos 2 Men Of Courage Official site

The Commandos Centre
Nice site with good walkthroughs, hints, patches and more.

The Commandos Dropzone
Really nice site with near enough everything. Walkthroughs, mods, patches, downloads and more stuff than you can shake a stick at. All pieced together by Jim.

Commandos: MI6
Quality site again with loads of information. Links galore, latest news with Natasha, multiplayer help and even "Top Secret" areas to find! Tom Trude and his magic HTML glue at the controls.

Commandos 2 Game Guide and Walkthrough Walkthroughs online on the new game. A must site for the inexperienced and troubled gamer... for everybody actually ;-)

Commandos Allied Forces

Commandos 2 Fanzone

Commandos Online

Commandos 2 Station

All Commandos

Commandos 2 Fanstage

Commandos 2: Die Deutche Fansite

Commandos Team [Polish]

Baza Commandos [Strefa taktyki]

Commandos 1 & 2 Fanpage

Commandos Zwei

The Dutch Commandos Center

MII Commandos Site

Commandos 2

The Official Commandos 2 Korean Fansite

The Field Marshals


Commandos Net

Commandos "To the Getaway Truck"


The Barracks

A Commandos Page

Commandos Outpost

The Ultimate Solution

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines

Die Waffen SS

Commandos HQ

Unofficial Commandos

Commandos Headquarters

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines

Blue Link

Commandos French Soldier [French]

Die Commandos [German]

SJ's Commandos

Commandos Behind Enemy Lines

Combat Commandos

Combat Club's Commandos

Commandos 2 Born to Kill

Commandos 2 Walkthroughs


20. The Alt.Games.Commandos Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Channel & MSN

Depressive? Can't sleep? Relationship over with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
This is your SALVATION!
Go straigt to #altgamescommandos ! Find your solution here! Come to the NEWEST and FIRST chatroom fully dedicated to serve you and your gameplay.
Come in, tell the others in the room your commandos-problem, get a solution, and continue playing commandos! It's that simple!
For more information on how to get on to IRC, please see the IRC Frequently Asked Questions document, at

Group regulars also tend to use MSN's Instant Messenger service too.
You can dowload this from

Hope to see you there soldier! Here's the little manual for "how to entrance".


You need:

IRC (for instance MIRC): you can download it at:

Download it from the country-site where you live.
Mirc can be found also at

20.2 Logging IN

Once you're in the Connect-screen, go to: IRC-servers.
Select: ALL

1. Under 'All' you have to select Random US DALnet server
2. Under 'All' you have to select Random EU DALnet server


Full name: Enter Your name
E-Mail Address: Enter Your E-mail address
Nickname: Enter Your nickname
Alternative: Enter Your alternative nickname (if the requested one already is in use when you login on IRC)
DON'T click on: Invisible mode

THEN CLICK ON "Connect to IRC Server"

20.3 How to actually enter THE ROOM

Once you're logged in, you'll see a screen with a list of channels. Channels like #CyberChat.
=>Click on " Add "
=>Type in: #altgamescommandos

Click on "Join"

You're in! Enjoy your stay!


21. Credits

A big thank you to the following people who have helped with the construction and maintenance of this FAQ:

Awpy ~ Iakovos ~ Jim Morris ~ Tom Trude ~ Rayvin ~ xcom01 ~ Miss V. ~ Phoenix AG. ~ Gunnar Harboe ~ Mack the Knife ~ Threo ~ 1shot1kill ~ Wouter ~ Yakkalot ~ Christopher Lew ~ Mike Souto ~ kktoubox ~ Jem ~ Grey Mouser ~ Ragsy ~ Bart Dumon ~ @m ~ Ashwin ~ n_lewendon1 ~ Mr 47 ~ Bertie ~ DCasso ~ Rufus/Snowden

Special thanks to:

- Our parents for creating us (Yes, we do exist! We are no computer bots, especially Iakovos as Phoenix AG suggested!)
- Gonzo Suarez for thinking about a game called "Commandos" during the 90's.
- Pyrostudios and their programming team for making Commandos & anyone else who helped make it the great game it is now...
- The Commandos community (apart from that one guy who...) :-)
- Anyone else who helped in making this FAQ, but who I forgot to mention!
- ...

Consulted sources:

- "Commandos Behind Enemy Lines Manual" by Pyrostudios;
Eidos Interactive Limited Publications; First original printing -1998.

- "Commandos Beyond the Call Of Duty Manual" by Pyrostudios;
Eidos Interactive Limited Publications; First original printing -1999.
- "Commandos 2 Men Of Courage Manual" by Pyrostudios;
Eidos Interactive Publications; First original printing -2001.

- "Commandos 2 Men Of Courage Manual Addendum" by Pyrostudios;
Eidos Interactive Online; First original post Online - 18th of September 2001.

- "Commandos 3: Destination Berlin Manual" by Pyrostudios;
Eidos Interactive Publications; First original printing -2003.

- The original Commandos FAQ by Steve Awpy, version 3.2; created in 1999;
HTML version 3.0 was here:

- Our very own personal memory cells which, to our surprise, still work rather well. :-)

If you have anything you wish to add or comment on then please e-mail us at the addresses at the top of this document. The AGC FAQ is posted once a month. If you have any suggestions for new questions or alterations to existing ones please bring them up in the newsgroup and they will be considered. You'll receive notification in the Newsgroup or by e-mail if your new question/inquiry/suggestion/correction did receive the BCAAFAQ logo (Being Categorized As A Frequently Asked Question) or BCFAQ for short and that it was included in the faq.
If you have any real money to donate, or if you found any typos, spelling errors or grammatical "issues", by all means contact me.

[All contributions to the FAQ are appreciated, encouraged, and will be reviewed and properly credited.]

" A hand full of Exceptional Men"
" Something Is Moving"
"Making History"
"Men Of Courage"
"The Eastern Front"

** -
"May you find
the crossroads Of Heavens
in your quest
for the ultimate truth" **

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